GH Update Monday 1/14/08

General Hospital Update Monday 1/14/08


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Jason looks at a picture of Liz and the boys. Max comes in with information about Anthony Zacchara.

Trevor discusses a business deal with Jerry. Jerry says that when the product is in the hands of the distributor the girl will be released. Johnny comes in and Trevor tells him that “Morrow” isn’t happy. Johnny says that they didn’t agree to what he wants. Johnny is upset that Lulu has been kidnapped and is used as leverage to make sure that Johnny cooperates. Trevor reminds Johnny that he didn’t listen to Trevor’s instructions about the meeting. Johnny tells Trevor that he intends on bringing Lulu back.

Two men take Lulu something to eat. Lulu makes threats and says that she wants to go home.

Logan asks Tracy where Luke is because Logan needs to talk to Luke. Tracy asks Logan if he knows anything about why Lulu didn’t come home.

Edward tells Dr. Ford that he and Monica need to talk to him about the board meeting. Regina tells Epiphany that a man is coming in with injuries from a skateboarding accident. A man comes in with a pregnant woman. Regina asks if he got his insurance worked out and he opens his shirt and shows a bomb. Dr. Ford comes over and explains that without insurance they will have to go to the county hospital and the man shows him the bomb.

Liz walks up the steps and hears the smoke detector going off. She tries the door, but it is locked. She goes over to the window and sees fire in the living room. She starts screaming for help while she is trying to get in the door to get to Jake. Someone comes over and asks what happened. Liz tells them to take Cameron and call 911 because Jake is still inside. She keeps trying the door and looks at the window. She grabs one of Cameron’s chairs and smashes a window.

Jason and Max come out and find Spinelli sleeping at the table. Max tells Jason what he knows. Jason tells Max to wake him up somehow and have Spinelli look into Anthony Zacchara’s medical condition.

Johnny gets a gun out of the desk. Trevor says that finding Lulu and crossing Morrow is a big error in judgment. Johnny asks if Trevor knows what they are shipping for him. Trevor says that if they cross him, Morrow will take his business elsewhere. Johnny says that he doesn’t need Morrow’s business, but Trevor says that Johnny is wrong. Trevor grabs Johnny’s arm and tells him that Morrow is a strong ally and they will need him for their war against Sonny. Johnny reminds Trevor that it is his war with Sonny, not Johnny’s. Johnny tells Trevor that it isn’t about business; it is about Trevor’s failed love life. Johnny thinks that Trevor set up both hits to force him into a war with Sonny.

Logan and Tracy discuss Luke. Logan thinks that Luke sent Lulu away to think because Luke saw how close they were getting. Logan explains that he and Lulu were supposed to have a date the previous night and then he got a phone call saying that Luke sent Lulu to see her mother. Tracy tells Logan that she doesn’t approve of him either and leaves.

Lulu sees a rat and jumps on the bed and the bed breaks.

The mayor tells Dr. Julian that he wants to see Patrick Drake. Dr. Julian tells him that Patrick is with another patient, but the mayor insists that they page Dr. Drake.

The man tells everyone to stay where they are because if anyone tries to call the cops they will all blow up. Epiphany says that no one is going to die. His wife tries to get him to just go home, but he says that he is going to get her help. Dr. Julian and the orderly leave the mayor to see what is going on. He tells everyone that either someone helps his wife or he will set off the bomb. Sam comes out and recognizes the man, Joe. Sam asks Joe what is going on. Joe explains to Sam that he is just making ends meet. Edward asks if Sam knows him. Sam tells them that his name is Joe Smith and that he is an auto mechanic. Joe explains that the bank owns his garage now and that their insurance got canceled. Sam explains that they can work something out, but Joe says that he isn’t an everyday hero. He tells Dr. Julian to help his wife, but Dr. Ford says that they can’t do it. Joe threatens to blow the hospital up.

Tracy goes to Coleman and asks him where Luke is. Coleman hits on Tracy and she says that she will check back in an hour. Jax walks in and Tracy makes a toast. Jax asks if Carly has been in there. Jax explains that he thought Carly might be with Jason. Jax and Jerry discuss Alexis.

A security guard comes out of Anthony’s room and Jason walks in. Jason tells Anthony that no one is afraid of him anymore. Anthony suggests that Johnny has Jason running scared. Anthony says that mothers shouldn’t be allowed near their boys until they are 18. Anthony says that Jason wouldn’t know because he isn’t a father.

Liz climbs in the window and rushes upstairs to Jake. Liz grabs Jake out of the crib and realizes that he isn’t crying. She runs out of the room.

Jason tells Anthony that he is crazy. Anthony tells Jason that he can feel his feet again. Anthony threatens Jason.

Trevor tells someone that Johnny is just like his father. The other man explains why Johnny is mad. Trevor explains that Morrow is a smart guy for using their boats. Trevor says that he has to protect Johnny and someday Johnny will realize that he can’t do anything without Trevor. Trevor says that they need to convince Skye to sell them Alcazar’s piers. Trevor gets a call about another situation.

Lulu picks up a board.

Logan meets with Johnny. Logan explains that Luke is missing and that he lied to Tracy about Lulu’s whereabouts. Logan suggests that Johnny is the reason that Lulu is missing. Johnny says that he never wanted Lulu hurt and that he kept pushing her away, but she couldn’t stay away. Johnny says that he would have already found Lulu if it weren’t for Logan. Johnny suggests that they retrace Lulu’s steps and see if she left them any clues.

Max brings Spinelli some coffee and it is almost spilled on Spinelli’s computer. Max tells Spinelli that Jason has something for him to do. Max explains the details to Spinelli.

Monica tells Dr. Ford that they have to help Joe’s wife. Sam tells Joe that he is having a baby and tells him how lucky he is. Sam tells him to start being a father by walking out of there. His wife tells him that they can go to county and get help. Kelly reminds them all that Joe has a bomb strapped to his body. Monica tells Joe that if he promises to leave the hospital peacefully, she promises that she will treat his wife. Joe says that he isn’t leaving because they will have him arrested and then they will ship his wife off to county. His wife collapses on the floor.

Spinelli exercises and drinks his coffee. Max comes out and tells Spinelli that he has to have something for Jason when he gets back. Max asks Spinelli to get on the Litigator of the Year website and find out if Diane won. Spinelli looks at his phone and listens to his voice mail from Lulu. Spinelli sits down and Logan comes up behind him. Logan pulls Spinelli out the door.

Liz rushes down the stairs with Jake. She gets out the door and tries to get him breathing again. Liz tells the woman that she has to get to the hospital immediately and tells Cameron to stay with Erma until she gets home.

Jerry tells Jax that he was doing a favor for a friend. Jerry suggests that Jax buy him a drink. Jax tells Jerry that he and Carly are having a hard time because of Jason and Sonny and the text message killer.

Joe tries to help his wife, but Kelly gets him to move so that she can check the woman out. Joe orders Dr. Ford to let them help his wife. Epiphany tells Dr. Ford that if he has a problem with her helping Angie and her baby, he can take it up with her afterwards otherwise stay out of her way.

Anthony tells Jason about Johnny and his mother. Anthony says that Johnny has what it takes to run the business. Jason asks Anthony about Morrow, but Anthony has never heard of him. Anthony says that it is time for his prayers and tells Jason to leave. Anthony tells Jason that he didn’t strangle Emily, but he could have. Anthony tells Jason that he will get out of there and Jason leaves. Jason gets a call.

Tracy keeps drinking. Jax tells Jerry about his hopes for a baby and how hard it might be. Jerry suggests that Jax take Carly somewhere stress free and keep trying. Tracy says that all men should leave town. Tracy asks Jax and Jerry to relay a message to Luke if they see him. Tracy takes her empty bottle to Coleman and he tries to get her to dance with him. Tracy orders him to get his hands off her. Tracy collapses and Jax catches her.

Logan and Johnny explain that they need Spinelli’s help to find Lulu. Spinelli says that Lulu left him a message, but it didn’t make much sense.

Lulu pounds on the door and commands to be let out. Someone enters with a gun. Lulu starts screaming and hitting the door again.

Anthony wakes up to see Trevor standing over him. Trevor and Anthony talk about their secrets.

Jerry gets ready to leave and tells Jax to take a trip with Carly. Tracy starts to wake up. Jerry makes a call and the other person says that Jerry owes him.

Johnny plays the message from Lulu. Spinelli comes up with a lead. Johnny says that if they are going to find Lulu, they can’t talk to anyone about it.

Lulu keeps pounding on the door and finally throws the board. She hits a curtain and sees something move behind it. She grabs a candle and looks at it closer.

Jason rushes up to Liz’s house and asks about Liz and the boys. Cameron comes running up to Jason and Erma tells Jason that Liz and Jake are at the hospital.

Kelly asks Angie questions about her pregnancy. Kelly tells Joe that they need to run some tests. Liz runs in asking for help. Sam tells Liz to take Jake and leave the hospital. Liz doesn’t understand until Joe stands up and reveals the bomb.

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