GH Update Friday 1/11/08

General Hospital Update Friday 1/11/08


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Luke is in his hospital room. Cassius has brought him some less than appetizing food. Tracy comes into the room as Cassius leaves.

Skye arrives at GH to say goodbye to Monica and Edward. She says she’s leaving town.

Sonny calls Kate from his office. Carly bursts in with a plan.

Liz is at home reprimanding Cameron for playing with matches. Cameron throws the matches on the floor and runs outside.

Sam runs into Jason on the docks. He asks her why she spilled his secret about Jake.

Skye runs into Jax at GH. He asks her why she’s leaving town. They talk about their past relationship. Skye says she’s ready to leave town. She wonders how chaotic Jax’s life with Carly is. Skye advises Jax to communicate with Carly if he truly loves her.

Sonny tells Carly to concentrate on her own life. Carly says Liz is “manipulating Jason.” Carly resents that Jason failed to tell her about Jake. She says Jason should raise his son. Sonny brings up his past custody fight with Carly. Carly attributes Sonny’s bad attitude to Kate having “left” him.

In New York, Kate is with her assistant, Clarice. Kate’s next stop is Paris. She doesn’t seem happy about the trip.

Jason asks if Sam told Carly in order to get “revenge.” Sam thinks she did nothing wrong. She’s sure Jason will “forgive” Carly for her actions. Sam goes on about being unable to “give” Jason a child. Jason gets upset when Sam brings up Liz’s shortcomings.

Lucky goes to Liz’s house. Liz tells Lucky about the matches. She sends Cameron upstairs. Lucky says he wants to discuss Jake.

At GH, Tracy gives Luke his orders regarding his diet and exercise. Luke isn’t happy with her terms. Tracy says the plan is to keep Luke “alive.” Skye comes to see Luke. She asks for some alone time with him. Luke sends Tracy out of the room. Skye says she will “miss” Luke.

Dr. Julian is at the desk in the ER with Epiphany and Nadine. Monica is there also. Nadine catches a mistake Epiphany made with a patient. Regina comes to the desk. Joe (the owner of the garage) brings his sick and pregnant wife in. Nadine asks for his insurance card.

Jax calls Carly from GH. He says they need “time” to talk. Jax leaves the hospital in a hurry.

Lucky picks up the matches while he waits for Liz to care for the kids. Lucky says Jake’s “safety” is his priority. He wants to continue to act as Jake’s father. Lucky says he trusts Sam.

Jason tells Sam his past decisions were to “protect” her. Sam says Jason is “offering” Jake a difficult life that Liz doesn’t understand. Sam leaves Jason with a warning that his “son will pay the price” for his choices.

At Liz’s house, Lucky says Sam is the opposite of Liz. Lucky says motherhood changes a woman. He tries to make excuses for Sam’s behavior. Lucky says he wants Jake to have “stability.” He wants Jake to have a safe and normal life. Lucky leaves.

Skye is still at GH with Luke. She says she’s not sure of her destination. Luke encourages Skye to live on her “terms.” Luke says he has “a little favor” to ask Skye.

Still in New York, Kate prepares for her trip to Paris.

In his office, Sonny tells Carly that discussing Kate is “off limits.” Sonny tells Carly to deal with her own life. Carly wants Sonny to change Jason’s mind about Jake. Jason comes into the office. He’s not pleased with what he’s hearing from Carly. Jason says he just wants Jake to be “safe.” Jason yells at Carly to “leave it alone.” He tells Carly to have her own child with Jax. Jason’s words offend Carly. She leaves the office.

Sam and Lucky meet at the docks. Lucky says he’s been thinking about his relationship with Sam. She apologizes for telling Carly. Lucky says she enjoyed doing it. Lucky says Sam is blaming Jason and Liz for her unhappiness. He says he wants no part of her mess but he “understands.”

Skye sees Edward again at GH. He wishes her well. Skye gets on the elevator with Luke who is disguised as her driver.

Dr. Lee tends to Joe’s pregnant wife. Nadine is there also. Miss Sneed comes in and says Joe’s insurance has lapsed. She says they cannot treat Joe’s wife without insurance. Dr. Ford is there as well. Joe picks up his wife and carries her out of the hospital. Nadine starts to speak up but Dr. Lee stops her.

Jax finally finds Carly as she’s leaving the coffee house. He wants to talk but she’s too wrapped up in Jason’s problems to listen. Jax tells Carly to get her “priorities straight.” Carly says she has no “time.” Jax says Carly is too involved in Jason’s life. Carly reminds Jax about his role in Jerry’s past problems. Carly walks away from Jax, on a mission to find an attorney for Jason.

At the coffee house, Sonny shows Jason the painting Kate sent him. Jason and Sonny agree that people are more dangerous than love.

Liz is at home with Jake. She puts him to bed and goes downstairs.

Lucky talks to Sam about his past addiction. He understands Sam’s need to get revenge on those who hurt her. Sam says she’s unhappy with herself. She vows to change. Lucky tells Sam about his visit with Liz.

Cameron finds the matches in Liz’s living room. He picks them up and strikes one on the box. Liz comes down the stairs so Cameron throws the lit match in the trash. He runs out the door and Liz goes after him. The door closes behind Liz, locking her out of the house. A fire has started in the trashcan.

In New York, Kate rips up her plane ticket. She opens her door to find Sonny standing there.

On the street, Luke thanks Skye for getting him out of GH. He says he’s on his way out of town. Skye and Luke have an emotional goodbye. Luke heads out of town, as does Skye.

Lucky is still on the docks with Sam. He says he still has “problems with Jason.” He wants Liz and the kids to stay out of danger. Lucky says he has feelings for Sam. He wants to look toward the future, Lucky says. Lucky leaves Sam on the docks.

At the coffee house, Jason looks at a photo of Liz and her kids.

Liz takes Cameron back to the house. She finds the door locked. Liz can hear the smoke alarm. She looks in the window and sees the fire. Liz tries desperately to get inside the house.

Back at GH, Edward and Monica approach Dr. Ford. Epiphany and Regina are at the ER desk. The mayor is brought in with a knee injury from a skate boarding accident. Leo is there also. He takes care of the mayor. Joe comes back in with his wife. Regina asks Joe about his insurance. Joe opens his coat and we see that he has an explosive device strapped to his body.

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Jason wonders about Anthony’s health

Liz fights to save Jake

Joe won’t take no for an answer

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