GH Update Thursday 1/10/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/10/08


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Nikolas is at the hospital to see Patrick. Emily is there. Patrick doesn’t know that Nik “sees” Emily. Nadine comes into the room and asks whom Nik is talking to.

Outside of Kelly’s, Logan approaches Johnny about Lulu.

Lulu is at a monastery locked in a room. Jerry is outside the room in a Monk’s robe.

Jason and Sonny are in the office. Jason tells Sonny about Carly.

Carly goes to Liz’s house to start trouble.

Diane and Alexis break into a bar. They’ve been walking in the rain due to car trouble and are soaking wet. They missed the awards ceremony.

Back at GH, Nik tells Nadine he “was just thinking out loud.” She seems to understand. Emily is still in the room with Nik and Nadine. Nadine offers her condolences to Nik and leaves the room.

Outside of Kelly’s, Johnny claims that he has no knowledge of Lulu’s whereabouts. Logan leaves and Johnny calls Trevor. Logan follows Johnny.

Inside Kelly’s, Mike is conversing with Joe, the garage owner. A very under- the- weather Spinelli comes in looking for chicken soup. Mike says he has none left. Joe offers Spinelli an over the counter cold pill. Worried about an adverse reaction, Spinelli declines then decides to take the pill.

At the monastery, Lulu rambles on about her “powerful friends.” Jerry tells a monk that Lulu “witnessed a crime.” He asks the monk to keep his niece (Lulu) safe. Jerry says Lulu will do what she has to in order to escape. The monk assures Jerry that Lulu will be safe there. It appears that Jerry has contributed some money to the monastery. This time around, Jerry is speaking with an American accent.

Carly argues with Liz about Jake. Liz tells Carly to leave her home. Carly continues on and accuses Liz of being selfish.

In his office, Sonny is stunned that Carly knows about Jake. Sonny says Jason should consider claiming Jake. Jason says Sonny’s business is too dangerous.

Inside the bar, Diane and Alexis change into their gowns to get warm. They have a beer and some chicken wings. Diane tells Alexis a story from her past. She says she killed a man by sending him to prison rather than getting him cleared for rape. Alexis says she once killed a man as well.

In the monastery, the monk offers Lulu some food. Lulu pretends to be sick so the monk comes in to check on her. Lulu hits the monk, knocking him out.

Jax goes to the hospital to see Dr. Lee. He asks Dr. Lee the odds of having a child with Carly.

At home, Liz continues her disagreement with Carly. Carly continues to criticize Liz and her choices. Carly says Liz was jealous of Sam. Carly says Jason needs to raise his son. She says she wants Liz to go away but will make sure she “can’t.”

In the office, Jason worries that Carly will “make a mess” of things.

In the bar, Alexis tells Diane how she killed Lorenzo’s brother. Diane says Alexis has “abandonment issues.” She also calls Alexis “uptight.”

Johnny and Trevor meet on the docks. Johnny tells Trevor that Lulu is “missing.” Moreau calls Johnny. Johnny demands to meet Moreau in person. Moreau tells Johnny he has Lulu.

At GH, Dr. Lee says she can’t discuss Carly. She tells Jax how a woman in Carly’s situation could get pregnant. The doctor tells Jax about all the options a person can choose from. Dr. Lee tells Jax he must continue to communicate with Carly. Dr. Lee leaves Jax.

Still at home, Liz calls Carly “jealous.” A visibly insecure Carly promises to help Jason gain joint custody of Jake. Carly finally leaves Liz’s house.

At the bar, Diane finds some old jackets to keep warm. The women discuss the men in their lives. Both women agree they have need and control issues.

Nikolas is still at GH waiting for Patrick. Nadine comes to check on him. Nik starts to get nasty with Nadine. He rants and raves about his hospital contributions. Patrick comes in and wonders what “triggered” Nik’s outburst. Nik yells at Patrick. Nik pushes Nadine and she falls. Robin comes in and injects Nik with something to calm him.

Lulu is running through the monastery. She finds a phone and calls Spinelli. Unfortunately, Spinelli is asleep on a table at Kelly’s. It seems he had a reaction to the cold medication. Lulu leaves a message on Spinelli’s voice mail. She tries to describe her surroundings. Then she’s grabbed from behind.

Moreau gives Johnny his orders. Johnny warns Moreau that Lulu better be safe. Moreau says Lulu will stay safe as long as Johnny follows orders. Moreau ends the call. Logan watches Johnny and Trevor. Johnny is suspicious of Trevor. Trevor leaves then Logan approaches Johnny. Johnny says Lulu is “being held hostage.” Logan says they must “go to the cops.” Logan demands to work with Johnny in order to save Lulu.

Mike and Joe are still talking at Kelly’s. Joe gets a call from his wife. Joe leaves to take care of his wife. Spinelli is still asleep.

Alexis and Diane are still in the bar. Diane notices that there is a pay phone. Unfortunately, Diane has put all her money into the jukebox. Alexis and Diane have begun to bond.

At GH, Patrick wants to do more tests on Nik. He and Robin want to work together to help Nik. Emily comes to see Nik. He tells her about his recent outburst. Nadine comes in and Nik apologizes to her. Nadine is hopeful. She leaves the room.

Liz is at home with the baby. Jason is at the window watching them.

Diane and Alexis listen to music in the bar.

Nik prepares to leave the hospital with Emily.

Robin looks into a sperm bank.

Johnny and Logan worry about Lulu.

Lulu is locked up at the monastery again.

Mike carts Spinelli outside of Kelly’s. Spinelli looks through the window then he appears to fall to the ground.

Sonny takes a walk, deep in thought.

Jax watches a family of four at the hospital.

Carly goes to the coffee house. She finds a photo of Jake and holds it close.

Liz is with Jake as Jason watches from the window.

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Sam threatens Jason

A dangerous man comes into GH

Things get heated for Liz

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