GH Update Wednesday 1/9/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/9/08


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Diane and Alexis discuss what they should do about the bar. They witness a fight.

Epiphany yells at a janitor for missing a spot on the floor. She walks away and Luke looks up. He gets on the elevator.

Lucky confronts Sam about telling Carly the truth about Jake. Liz calls Sam ďvindictive trash.Ē

Jason asks Carly where she heard about it. Carly asks him if he had a baby with Elizabeth and didnít tell her. Jason replies that Jake is his son. A tear rolls down Carlyís cheek.

Someone is thrown out of the bar. Alexis and Diane approach the bartender and ask if they can use the phone. They are informed that the phone is for paying customers, so Diane orders a drink. The bartender asks if Diane and Alexis are an item. They ask again about the phone and are informed that there is a 2-drink minimum, for each of them.

Ric picks up some toys. Skye knocks on the door and Ric invites her in. Skye admits that she didnít expect to come back, but she has a proposition for him.

Tracy catches Luke. Luke thinks that the orderly told on him, but is informed that he is wrong. Luke suggests that Tracy had a tracking device inserted in him while he was in surgery. The orderly convinces Luke to sit down in the wheelchair. Tracy confronts Luke about bribing the janitor into letting him escape. Luke tells Tracy not to underestimate the power of a good Cuban cigar and asks how she found out. She tells him not to underestimate the power of a vacation to Vegas. She informs him that the maintenance crew had a pool going about who he would bribe first. Luke tells her that she canít stop him from having himself released and she makes a call.

Sam admits that she was trying to tell him earlier. Elizabeth doesnít think that Sam would have told Lucky if she hadnít shown up. Elizabeth suggests that Sam would have kept quiet until Carly had an accident. Elizabeth tells them about Carly showing up at her house. Lucky reminds Liz that they did this to protect Jake. Elizabeth suggests that Sam told Carly the truth for payback. Sam insists that it didnít happen that way and Lucky wants to know how it happened.

Carly confronts Jason about letting her pour her heart out about wanting to have a baby, but being unsure that it was safe. Jason insists that he didnít tell her about Jake because his son isnít safe. Carly asks him if Elizabeth told him that. Jason tells Carly when he found out about his son. Carly canít believe that Elizabeth was going to lie to everyone. Jason tells Carly not to start badmouthing Elizabeth.

Alexis and Diane each finish their 2 drinks and ask again about the phone. The bartender gives them the phone and Alexis realizes that it is dead. They ask a man playing pool if they can use his phone and he asks if he can dance with Alexis.

Ric tells Skye that he just put the kids to bed. Ric asks about the proposition. Skye explains that she has made some decisions about her future with her daughter. She gives him an envelope. She tells him that if he signs the papers he will own all of Lorenzoís waterfront property.

The nurses and orderlies explain that everything is already done. Epiphany asks them if it took her son dying to get some quality work done.

Nadine comes across Spinelli at the coffeehouse and asks if she can join him. She reads the website on his computer and comes to the conclusion that he is homosexual. Spinelli explains that it isnít a dating site, it is a private investigator training site.

Sam tells Lucky and Liz that she knows it was wrong to tell Carly the truth. Liz interrupts and Lucky tells her to let Sam talk. Sam explains that Carly pushed her until she revealed the secret. Liz thinks that Sam is making excuses. Sam explains that she didnít want Lucky to hate her. Sam says that she is sorry that she canít take it back. Liz says that Sam canít take back what she has done either and Lucky wants to know what Liz is talking about.

Jason explains Lizís reasons for lying about Jake. Carly thinks that Liz was just trying to cut Jason out and starts to badmouth Liz. Jason yells at Carly and tells her that this is the reason he didnít want her to know. Carly says that Elizabeth has found a dozen reasons to manipulate Jason into giving up his child and that as far as Carly is concerned, Liz deserves to lose everything.

Nadine looks at the website and asks Spinelli why he is doing it. Spinelli says that his life has no path or purpose. Spinelli says that he cannot work for Jason forever. Spinelli explains that he wants to do something for himself and for the person who believed in him. Spinelli says that he is doing it for Georgie because she was taken from the world and from his heart. Spinelli tells Nadine about emails that Georgie didnít feel she could send to him. Spinelli explains the perks of becoming a private investigator. Nadine tells him that maybe he should solve a crime. Spinelli tells her that he wants to bring the text message killer to justice, but he already has a case and tells her about Epiphanyís son, Stan.

Epiphany criticizes everyone. She tells them all to get back to work. Monica tells her that they just want to help and suggests that Epiphany let them. Monica says that if Epiphany needs to talk to somebody, she knows what it is like to lose a child. Monica walks away.

Jason tells Carly that he knows she loves him, but this isnít about him. Carly reminds him that he is a father. Jason tells Carly that Michael deals with the threat of violence everyday and Carly says that she trusts Jason to protect her kids. Jason tells Carly that it was different when Michael was little. Carly realizes that Jason is afraid that Jake and Michael will turn out like Johnny Zacchara. Jason tells her that Michael wants to be like his father. Carly says that she knows him. Jason tells Carly that he doesnít want his son to be like him.

Lucky confronts Liz asking if she is just using Sam as a punching bag or if there is something she thinks that he should know. Lucky gets a phone call about work. Lucky tells Sam that she can come with him or Liz can leave. Liz says that she isnít going anywhere because she and Sam need to talk. Sam tells him that it will be fine. Lucky leaves. Liz tells Sam to give her one good reason that she shouldnít tell Lucky the whole truth about Sam. Liz confronts Sam about the reasons that she really told Carly the truth. Liz thinks that Sam did it because she wants Carly to make Lizís life a living hell. Sam says that the truth was going to come out eventually. Liz tells Sam that she doesnít give a damn about Jake and Sam insists that it isnít true. Liz reminds Sam of the things that she did. Liz threatens to tell Carly what Sam has done to Jasonís son.

Carly tells Jason that he is the best father that baby could have, but Jason denies it. Jason explains that they all agreed that this is what is best for Jake. Carly explains that she is mad at Elizabeth for convincing Jason to give up his son. Jason says that Sonny knew Carly would be like this. Carly asks him who else knows the truth. Jason replies that Spinelli and Lulu, and Emily suspected it. Carly doesnít understand how he could trust them with the secret, but couldnít trust her. Jason explains that he didnít want her to come up with some crazy plan to get Jake for him and Carly replies that is exactly what she is going to do.

Lucky arrives at the hospital saying that Tracy called. Tracy says that she wants Luke arrested for smuggling contraband tobacco into the hospital and endangering the lives of non-smokers. Luke says that she canít do it, but Lucky tells him that Tracy can do it if she produces evidence.

Ric looks through the papers and thinks that Skye is joking. Ric reminds her that they havenít even discussed a price. She tells him that there isnít one because Lorenzoís money left her enough for 10 lifetimes. She explains that she knows what happens at those piers and she doesnít want that kind of thing following her. Skye tells Ric that she is leaving Port Charles and she is giving him the piers as a parting gift.

Alexis dances with the man while someone else brings Diane another beer. She reaches for the bag and tells the man that there is high fashion in there. He brings up Couture and explains that he had a girlfriend who talked about fashion all the time. Alexis tells the man that they are going to an award ceremony for Litigater of the Year and tells him that they are lawyers. Everyone in the bar looks at Alexis.

An orderly tells Epiphany that she has a package. Epiphany says that she will get to it. She looks at the box and realizes that it is Stanís personal effects. She explains that she knows what to do with his things, but she wishes someone would tell her what to do with the memories of him. Luke agrees to be a good patient and tells Lucky that his work there is done. Lucky asks Tracy for a moment with Luke. Lucky asks Luke how many times he has cheated death. Luke explains that the last time he sees deathís face, he wants it to be in a blaze of glory. Lucky asks why he doesnít wait until no one can stop him. Luke says that more people die in hospital beds, than anywhere else. Lucky says that there are a lot of people who love him and want him to be around. Luke agrees not to give Tracy any more ammunition. Tracy comes back over and Luke tells her that he wins again. Luke tells Lucky that he hopes he lives long enough to see their positions reversed and reminds Lucky that when he was comatose, Luke gave him the dignity of unplugging the machines. Lucky leaves.

Sam explains that she might have already lost Lucky over this and if Liz tells him Sam will lose him. Liz thinks that Sam is trying to make Liz feel sorry for her. Liz tells Sam that Jason didnít want the truth to come out because it would have hurt Sam. Sam says that Liz would be hurting Lucky if she told him all the horrible things that Sam did. Sam says that Lucky is happy with her. Sam asks Liz how much she thinks that Lucky can take before he starts using again. Liz realizes that Sam would say anything to get her to keep her mouth shut.

Ric thinks that Skye is just taking an extended leave until the dust settles, but Skye assures him that she is leaving for good. Ric brings up her family, but Skye says that the Quartermaineís are not her family. Skye tells Ric that she doesnít want her daughter to grow up as an outsider because she knows how that feels. Skye tells Ric that he can use that power against Sonny or Trevor, or he can use it for him and his daughter. Skye says that she might get a chance to see him again, but in case she doesnít she kisses him. Skye leaves.

Alexis doesnít know what happened. One of the men in the bar explains how his life was ruined because of 2 lawyers. Diane says that there are incompetent lawyers as well as plumbers. The men start telling jokes. Diane grabs a gun and shoots at the ceiling. She threatens one of the men. Diane tells them that she has killed a man before and she will do it again. She grabs the dresses and they leave. Alexis tells Diane that she believed it when Diane said she had killed someone. Diane tells Alexis that she was telling the truth and that she has killed someone.

Ric looks outside.

Spinelli goes to see Epiphany. Epiphany asks Spinelli about his relationship with her son. Epiphany says that Stan wanted to be cremated and that she will scatter his ashes when they send them to her. She gives him the box of personal effects. She says that she wants him and Jason to be the first people to look at them. Spinelli asks about the police and Epiphany says that Stan would never forgive her for handing them over to the establishment like that. She reminds Spinelli that she wants him and Jason to do right by her boy. Spinelli promises that he will find out who killed Stan.

Liz says that she isnít surprised that Sam would try to use a guilt trip. Sam says that she is just trying to keep Lucky from getting hurt. Liz says that maybe she would be doing Lucky a favor by telling him the truth because then he would see what kind of woman he has gotten involved with. Liz turns to leave. Sam wants to know what Liz is going to do. Liz says that she is going to go home and love her children and maybe she wonít have to do anything to Sam at all, maybe she will let Carly do it for her. Liz leaves.

Jason tells Carly to leave it alone because Jake is where he belongs. Carly insists that Jake belongs with Jason. She tells him that she sees the pain in his eyes. Jason says that he was protecting his son. Jason asks if she wants him to apologize, but Carly says that she doesnít want an apology. She admits that it hurts, but she knows why he did it. Jason tells her not to blame Elizabeth. Carly says that she will straighten it out and Jason tries to stop her. Carly tells him not to worry and leaves. Jason makes a phone call. 

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