GH Update Tuesday 1/8/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/8/08


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Ric asks Skye what is wrong, as she is about to leave.

Alexis complains about having to drive to Philadelphia. Diane and Alexis argue about their exercise ideas. Alexis complains about Dianeís driving and the speed they are going. They discuss the nominees for the award. They hear a pop and freak out.

Sonny complains about Diane leaving for an award ceremony. Max says that it is an honor for Diane to be nominated for her award. Sonny complains because he doesnít know who shot at him. Sonny orders Max to find the bullet and tie the shooter to Johnny Zacchara.

Trevor talks to Johnny and says that Sonny started a war. Trevor says that they should move whatever someone wants so that they can make an ally. Johnny says that he is going to see his father and Trevor wants to know why.

Jason and Liz look at pictures of Jake. Liz says that Jason should have been there. Jason says that it is safer for Jake this way.

Sam tells Carly that Jake is really Jasonís baby. Carly thinks that Sam is just mad because Jason dumped her. Sam says that Carly is spiteful. Sam reminds Carly that Jason never told her that he had a son.

Diane tells Alexis that the tire blew. Alexis blames it on Diane. They realize that Alexisí cell phone is dead and that they donít get cell phone service where they are. They try to figure out how to change the tire.

Ric tells Skye all the ways he is different from Lorenzo. Skye says that Ric and Lorenzo are more alike than Ric realizes. Skye tells Ric about her flaws and she says that she has something that a lot of people want. Skye says that whoever ends up with the piers will end up with a lot of power in that town. She doesnít know if all he wants from her is the piers.

Liz shows Jason pictures from Christmas. She asks if it was a bad idea to bring the pictures because it is a reminder of the moments that he misses. Jason says that he wants to know he is doing this for a reason and that Jake is happy. Jason says that no matter how much he tried to protect Jake, he would end up suffering in the end. Jason says that he doesnít want Jake to be a part of the business life Jason has chosen.

Sam realizes that Carly is feeling betrayed and plays on her betrayal by throwing Liz in her face. Sam tells Carly about the night Jake was born and admits that she heard Jason talking about his son. Carly wonders why Sam has kept it quiet for so long. Carly says that if she goes to Jason he will tell her that it is all a lie. Sam reminds Carly that Jason and Liz share something that Carly will never share with Jason. Carly orders Sam to get out. Sam leaves.

Alexis tells Diane to hurry up with the tire. They argue about things. Diane walks away and tells Alexis to do it.

Max tells Sonny that Jason thinks Trevor set up the shooting. Sonny says that Jason has been making excuses for Johnny. Sonny admits that Trevor might have something to do with it, but he thinks that Johnny is the right guy. Sonny tells Max that they have to find a way to hit back and that Johnny will die like a dog.

Johnny shows up to see his father. Anthony says that he moved his foot today. Anthony says that Johnnyís mother was there. Anthony says that he calls the shots, not Johnny. Johnny says that Trevor is handling things and Anthony tells Johnny to be careful of Trevor. Johnny knows that Trevor has his own agenda.

Liz wishes that she had more time with Jason. Liz says that she might come back on her own and work on the picture. She tells Jason that she hasnít been this happy in a long time. She grabs the pictures of Jake and they leave.

Liz comes out and catches Cameron getting into the candy. Liz tells him to put it back. Someone knocks on her door. When she answers it, Carly walks in. Carly looks at Jake and realizes that Jake is really Jasonís. Liz tells Cameron that it is time for bed. Liz puts the boys to bed. Carly looks at the pictures on the mantle.

Diane criticizes Alexisí driving. They realize that the car is out of gas.

Ric realizes that Skye thinks he is using her. Skye thinks that she would end up ruining anything they had going, but Ric doesnít think so. Skye reminds Ric that Sonny saved his life and asks if Ric would have done the same thing for Sonny. Ric asks Skye why she turned her back on Lorenzo and let him die.

Sonny calls Kate. Jason suggests that Sonny go back to see Kate. Sonny says that he is worried about Kateís safety and that he knows why Kate wonít come back. Sonny says that Kate doesnít fit into his world and he doesnít fit into her world. Jason suggests they find a place they could fit into together.

Liz comes back downstairs. Carly accuses Liz of using her kid to get her hooks into Jason. Carly asks how long Jason has known about Jake. Liz says that Jason wanted to keep this a secret and it wasnít planned. Carly says that Liz used Jason. Liz says that Carly thinks that Jasonís life is all about taking care of Carlyís problems. Carly says that Liz trashed her marriage because Liz was sleeping around on Lucky. Liz calls Carly the town whore and Carly slaps her.

Johnny asks Anthony about Trevor. Anthony asks Johnny if he wants to see his father move his foot. Anthony says that Trevor is a taker. Johnny agrees to watch Anthony move his foot. Anthony thinks he moved his foot, but he didnít.

Sonny thinks that Jason wants Sonny to go on vacation with Kate instead of planning a hit. Jason says that people, who want to be together, should be together. Sonny thinks that it is about Jake and his first Christmas. Sonny says that the people they care about shouldnít have to deal with the choices that he and Jason have made. Sonny thinks that Johnny is too weak to take care of Trevor. Jason tells Sonny that he doesnít have to end up with nothing.

Liz tells Carly to leave. Carly says that Liz is a hypocrite. Liz explains why she wanted to keep Lucky in the dark. Carly yells at Liz for lying to Lucky about the boys. Carly realizes why Liz picked the name she did for Jake. Carly criticizes Liz for giving Jake Jasonís initials. Liz asks Carly how she found out. Carly says that it doesnít matter. Liz thinks that she already knows.

Lucky shows up to see Sam. She says that she hates herself sometimes because she does and says things that she wishes she could take back. Sam admits that she isnít a good person. Lucky asks what is going on, but she says that she just wants him to hold her.

Diane and Alexis complain and argue. Diane sees a light and turns to grab her dress before they leave. They both grab their dresses and Alexis grabs the tire iron. Alexis lets go and the tire iron swings and hits the window. They agree to lie about it.

Skye tells Ric that there is too much they could use against each other for it to work. Ric says that he is willing to try. They discuss the possibilities and the pitfalls. Skye says that one of them has to end it. Skye leaves and Trevor shows up. Trevor is sad that he missed Molly. Trevor says that there might be a new threat moving into Port Charles. Trevor tells Ric that in order to succeed he has to tidy things up. Trevor offers to make Skye a very wealthy woman if he could buy all of Lorenzoís piers.

Liz tells Carly that Jason chose to keep Jakeís paternity a secret, but Carly claims that Jason would never give up his child unless Liz begged him to. Liz realizes that what really bothers Carly is that she was left out of the loop. Carly says that now that she knows the secret, the farce is over. Liz picks up the phone and looks at a picture of Jake.

Alexis and Diane stop to rest and Diane says that she still sees the light. They talk about what they hope is at the light. They open the door and find a bar.

Johnny tells Anthony that he has the Trevor situation under control. Anthony tells Johnny again that he can move his foot. Johnny leaves. Anthony really moves his foot.

Liz shows up at Samís. Liz tells Lucky that Sam told Carly the truth about Jake.

Jason makes a call about Johnny. Carly shows up and asks Jason if Jake is really his son.

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