GH Update Monday 1/7/08

General Hospital Update Monday 1/7/08


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A flight attendant congratulates Alexis and Diane for their nominations. She tells them that their garment bags need to go in the compartments above their seats. They both say that they are carrying dresses on loan from Kate Howard by the same designer.

Kate tells her assistant to call a manufacturer about a problem. The assistant suggests that Kate call Sonny and tell him how much Kate misses him. Kate says that if she says that Sonny will want her to come back to Port Charles.

Sonny asks Max who rearranged his desk. They argue and Max leaves.

Jason tells Liz that Sonny is back so they can meet at the safe house. Liz tells him that her sitter cancelled, but she will figure something out. Carly sees them talking and gets up to go over there when Kelly comes out. Kelly asks Carly if she is ready. Liz tells Jason that she still has the champagne from New Years Eve.

Logan goes to the PCPD to see Scott. Mac announces that Johnny is there for the murder of Georgie. Mac says that Georgie had skin cells under her nails and that when they match the DNA they will have her attacker. Cooper hears this. Detective Harper takes Johnny to get a sample of DNA. Maxie says that if he killed Georgie, she hopes he gets the chair. Mac orders her back into the interrogation room. Mac asks about what happened at Kellyís. Maxie says that she has nothing to say while Felicia is in the room.

Kelly tells Carly that she suddenly had a herd of pregnant patients. Carly wishes she was pregnant. Carly shows Kelly a bracelet she bought. Kelly tells her to keep being positive about getting pregnant. Carly says that she will try one more time on her own.

Jax shows up at Kellyís to see Jerry. Jax wants to know why Jerry wonít go into business with him. Jax asks to see Jerryís venture so he can help with it. When Jerry refuses, Jax suggests that it might be illegal.

Ric tells Kristina that he isnít going to argue with her. Ric tries to get Kristina to take a nap. Kristina says that her real daddy would take her to the movies. Kristina runs out kicking over the toys on the floor. Ric calls someone and asks for help.

Diane asks when Alexis talked to Kate. They talk about Kate. Diane asks for a cocktail. The flight attendant asks them again to put their garment bags in the overhead compartment. The flight attendant reminds them again that they cannot take off while they are holding onto the garment bags.

Kateís assistant opens the paintings and asks about them. They discuss the paintings.

Felicia suggests that Maxie talks to someone else she trusts. Maxie asks who she should talk to about getting her sister back. Maxie suggests that she leave to get started on her community service and get to the hospital. She walks into Coop. Coop tells Mac and Felicia that he will keep an eye on Maxie.

Scott comes out and Logan asks a favor.

Skye plays with Kristina. Skye convinces Kristina to take a nap. Ric suggests that Skye stick around for a while.

Diane and Alexis continue to annoy each other. Diane talks about how the planes were when she was younger. Alexis ignores her and puts on some headphones. Diane puts on a sky mask. They continue to argue.

Liz calls around for a babysitter. Sam walks up and says that if she needs someone to watch the kids, Lucky would probably bring them over to her place. Liz says that she will never let Sam near her children. Sam says that she is there to support Nikolas. Liz says that Lucky can see the boys whenever he wants as long as he isnít with Sam. Sam reminds Liz that she and Lucky enjoy each otherís company. Liz says that Lucky will have to choose, his boys or a lying slut. Liz denies having a relationship with Jason. Sam says that Jason is married to his work and that is why he isnít claiming his child. Sam reminds Liz that if she needs a sitter, Sam and Lucky are available. Liz says that it isnít going to happen and neither is a happy ending for Sam and Lucky. Liz answers her cell phone and she tells Jason that she is looking for a sitter. Jason tells her that Sonny has a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Jax comes home for lunch and Carly starts to seduce him. Sonny walks in with Michael. Michael announces that he beat up a kid at school for calling Sonny a gangster.

Kate looks for some pages she canít find. Kate tells her assistant to drop everything because she has an errand to run.

Sonny asks if this is a bad time. Michael asks if he can go over to Sonnyís. Michael tells Carly what he did and why. Jax suggests that maybe Michael is getting into fights because of losing Emily and Leticia. Jax says that Michael should set an example for Morgan. Michael apologizes and Carly tells him that punishment will come. Michael and Sonny leave. Jax says that he hopes that he wasnít out of line and Carly says that he was great. Jax gets a phone call and leaves for the Metro Court.

Skye gets ready to leave because of the snow. Ric comes out with hot chocolate. They talk about the differences they have noticed in themselves since they were teenagers. Ric suggests that they are attracted to each other. They begin kissing on the couch.

Logan says that he is there for a job, but being a cop isnít the best idea for him. Scott says that he will see what he can find and leaves. Felicia comes out of the interrogation room and stops. She asks Mac where the photos of Georgieís murder scene are. Mac brings them over and asks her why she wants to see them. They go though the pictures and she matches the footprints in the picture to the footprint on the floor.

Maxie and Cooper talk at the hospital. She leaves to get to work and he reaches down to tie his shoe. His shoelace breaks. Logan asks Liz if she has seen Lulu. Liz tells him to check Lukeís room and leaves. Sam asks Kelly about a bracelet she found on the floor. Kelly says that Carly had it with her earlier that day. Sam offers to drop it off since she is going over to see Jax anyway.

Sonny walks into his office and sees a package on his desk. Max tells him it is from New York City. Sonny opens the card and reads Kateís message. He opens the box to see a picture that Morgan painted her the summer before.

Kate comes out and her assistant tells her that a package just arrived from Port Charles. Her assistant leaves. Kate opens the note. She opens the box to find a piece of the wall that is between her property in Port Charles and Sonnyís property.

Jason arrives at the safe house. He sees Lizís easel and uncovers it. He sees a picture of Jake sketched on it. Liz walks in. They embrace. She asks Jason to pose for her so that she can sketch him holding Jake.

Skye tells Ric about how she spent her past. Ric suggests they go outside because he wants to see the snow in Skyeís hair. She puts her coat on. Ric thinks they could be very good for each other.

Diane asks the flight attendant why they havenít taken off yet. The flight attendant tells them to either put the garment bags in the overhead compartment or to ball them up and put them in the seats in front of them. The flight attendant says that the plane is 200 pounds over weight and that they cannot take off until the issue is dealt with. The flight attendant tells them again to put their garment bags in the overhead compartment and turns to walk away. Alexis grabs her and complains about the delay. Alexis and Diane agree that the airline is bordering on unlawful imprisonment and that they always lose the luggage. Alexis says that she wants the attendant to get Diane a drink and then to get the plane to Philadelphia even if she has to push it. The captain comes out and asks them to come with him because they weigh about 200 pounds put together.

Johnny makes a phone call.

Lulu is blindfolded and pushed into a room. She screams asking who is out there. Jerry appears at the door.

Jason poses for Liz. He tells her that he is getting hungry. She tells him that he can go now. She quickly covers the picture and asks if she can leave it there. He starts kissing on her neck and she reminds him that he said that he was hungry.

Sam shows up at Carlyís and returns the bracelet. Sam thinks Carly knows Jasonís secret, but Carly has no idea what Sam is talking about. Sam asks if the bracelet is for Jake. Carly doesnít know why she would buy a bracelet for Lizís kid. Sam realizes that Carly really didnít know. Carly asks what Sam is talking about. Sam keeps quiet and turns to leave. Carly tells Sam that if she has something to say, she should just say it. Sam tells Carly that Jason is Jakeís father.

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