GH Update Friday 1/4/08

General Hospital Update Friday 1/4/08


Written By Laurie
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

Felicia is at the PCPD with Mac. Harper and Lucky are there. Mac is frustrated and looking for Georgie’s autopsy report. He yells at the detectives and they get back to business. Felicia offers to help Mac find the killer. Harper comes over and says a young woman is dead and she was strangled.

Johnny comes home to find Trevor waiting. Trevor questions Johnny’s sanity regarding the “stunt” he pulled at the meeting. Trevor warns Johnny not to “take a swing at” Moreau.

Jerry goes to Alexis’ house. He acts nicely to Kristina. Jerry compliments Alexis’ beauty. He says he needs assistance with “business” matters. Jerry offers Alexis a dinner invitation.

Kate is at home when Diane calls.

Jason is at the coffee house. He and Liz are on the phone making plans. Max comes and tells Jason that Stan was deliberately killed. Max blames the Zaccharas. Jason doesn’t agree with Max. Carly bursts into the office so Jason sends Max outside. Carly asks Jason to help her with Michael regarding his new career decision. It seems that Michael paid back Morgan for breaking a game by breaking the legs on Morgan’s soldiers. Jason promises to come over to see Michael.

At Alexis’ house, Jerry is on the phone talking about Stan. He says Stan could have “tipped off” Sonny so he had to be taken care of. Jerry is talking to an unidentified woman and she seems to be calling all the shots. Alexis comes into the room. Alexis says she has other plans for dinner. Jerry wants to go along. In comes Ric, who disagrees with Jerry’s dinner plans.

At home, Kate is still on the phone with Diane. Diane needs to talk wardrobe with Kate. Diane hangs up after Kate agrees to help her find an outfit. Sonny comes back to Kate’s apartment. It seems that Sonny was out taking a walk. He brought Kate back a statue of the Empire State Building.

At the PCPD, Mac sends Harper to the new crime scene. Lucky comes to Mac with footprints from Georgie’s murder scene. Mac sends Lucky off. Mac tells Felicia she’s “too close” to the murder to solve it. Maxie comes in and tells her mom it’s “too late” to be a “hero” for Georgie.

Luke is in his room at GH. He has a hidden cigar stash. Luke hears Lulu outside his door so he quickly hides the cigar. Lulu says she’s about had it with funerals. Luke asks about the murder investigation. He wonders if Lulu’s been in contact with Johnny.

At Johnny’s, Trevor says Johnny was “out of control” at the meeting. Johnny says he earned respect but Trevor says it was “fear.” Trevor says Johnny should have listened to his advice.

At Alexis’ house, Ric wonders about Alexis’ relationship with Jerry. Alexis says she’s on her way to the award ceremony alone. Alexis answers a call from Kate. Ric warns Jerry about his activities. Jerry leaves after warning Ric not to threaten him.

At the PCPD, Maxie asks Felicia where she’s been. Maxie says Felicia was absent during hers and Georgie’s life. Mac steps in to stop Maxie. Maxie leaves in a hurry. Mac goes back to Felicia. Felicia says the footprints are from a military boot. Harper says a “gang” killed the new victim. Harper leaves photos of Georgie’s murder scene with Mac and Felicia. Mac tells Felicia not to look at the photos. He warns her that they will replace her “happy little snapshots” of Georgie forever.

Epiphany is working at GH. Dr. Ford offers his condolences to Epiphany. Liz and Nadine offer support to Epiphany. Liz suggests that Epiphany “talk” to someone. Epiphany says she has someone in mind.

Carly asks Jason if a war with Johnny is in the cards.

Back in New York, Kate suggests that she and Sonny visit the Empire State Building. Sonny says he won’t be in New York much longer. He wants Kate to go back to Port Charles. Diane knocks at Kate’s door. She tells Sonny to “go home or go back to jail.”

At GH, Lulu tells Luke that Johnny isn’t interested in her. Luke tells his daughter to “lay low.” Logan comes to visit, much to Luke’s disappointment. Lulu bids Luke goodbye. She comes back in the room and takes the cigars.

Logan says he needs to talk to Lulu. He leaves and agrees to meet her later.

Maxie runs into Coop outside of Kelly’s. He offers to stay with her but Maxie says she’s ok. Coop leaves for work. Spinelli arrives at Kelly’s in time to see Maxie kiss Coop. He warns Maxie to be “more careful.” Spinelli says he was “negligent” about protecting Georgie. Maxie says she knows Georgie’s suspicion about Coop. Maxie has a bit of a breakdown as she yells at Spinelli about Georgie and Felicia and breaks whatever she sees. Lucky comes in and tries to calm her down.

At the PCPD, Felicia has difficulty looking at Georgie’s file. Mac announces they are bringing Johnny in. Harper heads off to get Johnny.

Johnny is still with Trevor at the Zacchara house. Trevor says Moreau is their new “ally.” Johnny says he’s unsure of working with Moreau. Johnny accuses Trevor of being a coward.

In New York, Diane says Sonny must return home. The man he attacked has filed a restraining order. Diane says she must head out to the award ceremony. Kate says the dress has been sent to Diane’s home. Diane says she’s been assigned by a judge to take Sonny out of New York. Diane waits outside for Sonny to bid Kate farewell.

Epiphany bursts into Jason’s office. Liz is with her. Epiphany demands that Jason find out who killed Stan.

Ric steps in as babysitter for Alexis. Ric refrains from commenting about Jerry. Ric tells Alexis not to worry as he can handle the kids. Alexis says goodbye to Ric and the girls, then she leaves. Kristina comes out demanding waffles. Ric looks frustrated.

Jerry/Moreau is on the phone. He’s speaking French. There’s a man with him. In his French accent, Jerry/Moreau tells the man that “it’s time to hook” Johnny. Jerry/Moreau calls Trevor and says he will take his “business elsewhere” due to Johnny’s attitude. Jerry/Moreau speaks to Trevor using his French accent. Jerry/Moreau says he will go to “the Corinthos organization.” Johnny takes the phone and tells Jerry/Moreau “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Johnny hangs up as the police arrive to arrest him for Georgie’s murder.

Max leaves Liz and Epiphany alone in the office with Jason. Carly is still in the office. Spinelli bursts into the office. Epiphany says someone from Jason’s “world” killed Stan. She wants Jason to find out who it was. Spinelli says that Jason will find the person who killed Stan. Epiphany leaves the office. Liz and Spinelli leave also. Carly wonders why Liz came with Epiphany.

Kate sits at home looking depressed.

Sonny is back in his office. He picks up the phone then Max comes in to see him.

Jason goes to GH to see Epiphany. He stops to see Liz. Carly watches Liz and Jason converse from afar.

Diane boards an airplane. She is seated next to Alexis. The women are not happy to see each other.

Lucky has taken Maxie to the PCPD. He tells Felicia and Mac what happened. Coop comes in to see Maxie. Johnny is brought in by Harper and thrown in front of Mac. Mac says he has “new evidence” that identifies the killer.

Trevor is on the phone with Jerry/Moreau. Jerry says Johnny needs “discipline.” He says one of Johnny’s “favorite things” must be “taken away.”

Just then, Lulu is grabbed outside of Kelly’s.

Next time:

Mac has DNA evidence.

Jason and Liz plan a meeting.

Sam tells Carly a secret.

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