GH Update Thursday 1/3/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/3/08


Written By Laurie
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

At GH, Luke has a reaction after smoking a cigar. Tracy walks into his room and calls for help. Leyla calls a Code Blue. Luke awakes in what appears to be a courtroom in Hell. Luke is judge and defendant. The court takes place in Luke’s psyche – his soul is on trial.

Sonny is in a Manhattan jail. A detective is questioning him when Kate comes in.

At GH, Epiphany is on the phone with Stan when the line goes dead. Liz makes a call to 911 to get some information. Epiphany talks to the operator. Liz calls a friend for help. Jerry looks on as Epiphany talks to the 911 operator. He has a satisfied look on his face.

Alexis goes to Ric’s office. Skye is there with Ric. It’s obvious that Alexis has interrupted something. Alexis announces news of her nomination. Alexis gets a call from Sam as Ric tries to straighten his tie. Sam tells Alexis she can’t watch the girls so Ric volunteers to help.

At the New York jail, Kate tells the detective she’s a friend of the city’s mayor. Kate says Sonny is innocent and the man he had the fight with “tripped.”

At GH, Leo tries to revive Luke as Tracy watches. Meanwhile, Luke is still on trial. Every man in the court looks like Luke. Alexis is called as the first witness. Alexis says Luke once wanted to kill Helena. It is also brought up that Catherine Bell was injured instead. Alexis says Luke “showed no remorse” for the incident. Carly is called as the next witness. She tells the story of how Bobbie gave her up for adoption. Carly says Luke covered up the fact that she was Bobbie’s daughter using “blackmail.” Luke is unhappy with his “representation” in court. Edward Q is called to the stand. Edward says Luke “tricked” Tracy into marriage. Luke’s attorney objects. Mac is called to testify next. Mac tells all about Luke’s relationship with Felicia. Skye comes to the stand next. Skye says she slept with Luke when he was married to Tracy. Next, Tracy is called to testify. Tracy says Luke got her drunk in order to marry her. Tracy calls Luke an “unfaithful liar.”

Alexis says she can’t accept Ric’s offer. He insists. Ric says he’s quite capable of taking care of the girls. Alexis says she trusts Ric but she is resentful of old hurt feelings. She accepts Ric’s generous offer.

Jason and Spinelli come to see Epiphany at GH. They found out that Stan had a car accident in Florida. They say that help is on the way to Stan.

In New York, Kate tries to get the detective to release Sonny. She talks to him about the Yankees, among other things. Kate offers the detective tickets to a Broadway show. Sonny is told to leave. Just then, another (woman) officer walks in. The other officer objects to letting Sonny go. Kate uses the magazine to impress the other officer. After Kate offers up a photo shoot to the officer, Sonny is set free.

At GH, Epiphany demands to know why Stan was in Florida. Jason says he has no idea and says Stan no longer works for him. It seems Stan quit back in September.

Jerry is in Alexis’ office (on the phone) talking about Stan when Alexis walks in. Jerry doesn’t hear Alexis come in the door. Alexis hears part of Jerry’s phone conversation. Jerry is speaking with his French accent.

Luke is still in court. Tracy tells the court about the cigar. Nikolas is called to the stand. He says Luke treated him horribly and wished him dead. Lesley is then called to testify. She says Luke put Laura’s life in “danger” for years. Scott testifies about the rape. Luke’s first testimony for his defense comes from Bobbie. She says Luke “encouraged” her “to become a prostitute.” Lucky comes to the stand next. He says Luke “hated being a father.” Lucky says Luke taught him how to lie and cheat.

Inside her office, Alexis asks Jerry “who’s dead.” He claims he was talking about a “deal.” Jerry says he’s trying to transfer money. Jerry says Alexis’ door was unlocked so he came inside. He claims Alexis forgot to lock the door because she’s so wrapped up in her nomination. Just as she says how “in control” she is, Alexis learns that she missed a city council meeting.

Skye and Ric are still in his office. Ric shows Skye a photo of his daughter. Skye says Ric’s life is too complicated. Ric wants Skye to trust him. Ric says the Black and White Ball changed him. Ric says he and Skye have a lot in common. She agrees. Ric kisses Skye and she doesn’t protest. Skye breaks free of Ric and leaves his office.

Kate takes Sonny to her home. She wonders why Sonny started the fight that landed him in jail. He says old habits die hard. Sonny fails to tell Kate that the man insulted her. Kate doesn’t buy Sonny’s explanation. She wonders what “prompted” Sonny to get into the fight. Kate assumes the man was insulting her. Sonny and Kate agree that the guy had it coming

At GH, Leo says more tests must be run on Luke. Tracy shows Lulu the cigar.

Lulu is called to testify in court. She says Luke wanted no part of fatherhood. Lulu says Luke became a true father when she was sick. She says she never really trusted Luke to stick around and be her father. Luke’s defense “rests,” without any closing arguments. Luke compliments the judge. They jury, which consists of all those who testified, find Luke “guilty.” Tracy is the only one who finds Luke “not guilty.” Soon Lulu, Lucky, Bobbie, Skye, Alexis, Carly, Nikolas, Lesley, Mac, Edward, and even Scott find Luke “not guilty” as well. Suddenly, Luke wakes up in his hospital room. Tracy, Bobbie, Lucky, and Lulu are there.

Kate and Sonny are still at her place. Sonny calls Kate “confident and smart.” He’s impressed with the way she handled the police.

At GH, Epiphany gets a phone call from the Florida police. It’s about Stan. It’s obvious to all that Epiphany is getting bad news about Stan. She puts the phone down and cries.

At Alexis’ office, Jerry offers to buy Alexis a drink to “celebrate.” She accepts his offer. Jerry gets a call and walks outside to take it. Again, he speaks with the French accent. Jerry is told that Stan is dead. Jerry ends the call as Alexis walks out of her office. The two of them head out for a drink.

Next Time:

Johnny sends a message.

Moreau (Jerry) wants to put Johnny in his place.

Felicia offers to help Mac.

Carly wonders if a mob war is on the horizon.

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