GH Update Wednesday 1/2/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Mandy
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

Luke struggles to get out of the wires. Someone knocks on the door. The visitor brings Luke some cigars. Tracy walks in and Luke pretends he was talking about something in the newspaper.

Lucky stops to see Liz. Lucky asks about Luke. Liz says that Lukeís tests arenít scheduled until later on. They ask about each otherís New Years. Liz accuses Lucky of checking up on her.

Diane is on the phone with someone trying to find out something about Sonny. Diane looks at a paper and realizes that she has been nominated for litigator of the year.

Alexis tells Jerry that she doesnít have time for him. Jerry tries to help Alexis and ends up throwing all of her papers on the floor. She opens an envelope and realizes that she has been nominated for litigator of the year. Jerry reads the letter. Jerry says that she will win. Jerry asks to be able to escort her to the event.

Diane reads the letter. Max walks in and tells Jason about the problems. Jason tries to get Diane to focus on Sonny, but all she can think about is the event. Ric walks in.

Liz says that it was a slow night and she already had a babysitter, so she got to spend some time alone to reflect on the past year and then she went home. Lucky says that he was hoping to spend it with her. Lucky admits that she spent the night with Sam. Lulu comes up and asks about Luke.

Tracy asks who Lukeís visitor is. Luke introduces Tracy to Ernesto. Lulu and Lucky walk in. Tracy realizes that Luke is up to something. Tracy tells Lulu and Lucky what the doctor said Luke needs to stay away from. Lulu takes the cover off of Lukeís meal and he begs her to cover it. Luke swears that he isnít going to do anything to jeopardize his recovery.

Alexis thanks someone for the nomination and says that she will be going alone. Carly shows up and gives Alexis a notice to leave because she hasnít paid rent. Alexis promises to issue a check to Carly and that it wonít happen again. Alexis tells Carly to make Jax happy because he deserves it.

Ric tells Jason what happened to Sonny.

Nikolas comes in and sees Emily sitting on the couch. They embrace. Nikolas tells her about the moments he wasted. He explains to her that he is afraid that she isnít real. She asks about his episodes and he admits that they have stopped. Lulu comes to see Nikolas. Lulu suggests that they take Spencer for a walk. They leave and Nikolas grabs Emilyís hand so that she doesnít miss out.

Alexis makes some calls and arranges for someone to watch the kids while she is in Philadelphia.

Diane looks at dresses. Maxie tries to help her to decide, but Diane says that she needs Kate.

Spinelli tells Jason that there is no information on Sonnyís arrest. Carly walks in. Jason fills her in on what happened with Sonny and tells Carly that they canít find him anywhere. Jason tells Spinelli to go. Carly says that maybe this is what Sonny needs to realize that Kate isnít right for him. Max looks at the health inspector schedule and enters some ďgradesĒ so that they donít have to worry about the inspection. Spinelli says that he is wound up because he canít stop thinking of Georgie. He is still talking when Max walks away. The health inspector walks in.

Jason says that what Sonny and Kate do isnít his business. Carly says that Sonny and Kate will never work, just like Jason and Elizabeth will never work.

Jerry has a meeting in his hotel room and tells the person to get rid of Stan.

Epiphany yells at an orderly and takes away his music player. Epiphany yells at the nurses. Nadine asks Epiphany what she did for New Years and Epiphany replies that she was waiting for her son to call her.

Skye walks into Ricís office. Skye wants to know if it is business or pleasure. Ric offers again to broker the deal for Alcazarís waterfront properties. Ric explains to her that Sonny has been arrested and it would be a perfect time to offer it to the Zaccharaís. Skye reminds Ric that he was supposed to be done with the vendetta against Sonny. Ric asks Skye questions about why she is involved with him.

Maxie shows up at Alexisí hotel room. Alexis asks Maxie how she is doing. Maxie doesnít want to hear anyone making excuses for her motherís choices.

Nikolas and Emily come back inside from the walk. Nikolas wonders if ďthis thingĒ will kill him and then what happens if it does. Emily says that they cheated death. Emily says that compared to their love, a brain tumor is nothing. She picks up the book and they agree on page 243.

Luke comes back from his tests to find Tracy searching his bed and his room. The orderly and Leyla help Luke back into bed. Luke asks Tracy what she is looking for. Tracy admits that she doesnít want to lose Luke and that she wants to grow old with him. Luke agrees to take better care of his heart. Tracy kisses him and leaves so he can rest. She leaves and Luke pulls out a cigar and a book of matches. Luke begins to choke on the smoke and his monitors begin to go off.

Alexis shows up at Ricís office and hears a lot of noise. Alexis says that she doesnít want to interrupt.

The health inspector goes over the things that happened. Diane comes in and takes care of anything. Diane then asks the inspector for advice about the dress she should wear to accept the award.

Someone tells Jerry that as soon as Stan is clear of witnesses, he is road kill.

Liz answers the phone and gives it to Epiphany. Epiphany wonders why Stan is in Florida. Epiphany says that she heard a crash and then the line went dead.

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