GH Update Monday 12/31/07

General Hospital Update Monday 12/31/07


Written By Mandy
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

Nikolas picks up a book and Alfred comes in. Alfred reminds Nikolas that it is New Years Eve. Lucky comes in to see Nikolas. Nikolas says that he hasn’t seen Emily all day.

Liz’s babysitter canceled because she has the flu. Liz tells Regina that she will never find anyone to watch the boys because everyone has plans. Regina says that she is free. Regina says that she is sure that Cameron and Jake will be the best dates she has ever had on New Years. Liz thanks her. Liz calls to arrange a dozen roses on hold. Epiphany comes up.

Sonny gets dressed. Someone comes in and tells Sonny that he has a reservation and that he spoke with Kate. Sonny tells Kate that he thought they were going to her friend’s party and she tells him that she changed her mind. Sonny wonders if she is afraid he will embarrass her.

Liz walks over to the waiting area and makes a phone call. She tells someone to call her when they get the message.

Epiphany tells Robin that one of her patients needs emergency surgery. Robin tells her to page Patrick.

Jax comes home with a cold. Jax says that he needs to be at the party, but Carly says that she can handle it. Carly gives him more tissues. Carly tells him to rest and drink some tea. Carly leaves.

Kate claims that she has no problem being seen with Sonny. Sonny tells Kate that his only priority for the night is to see Kate in her element. They discuss the movie that they are going to see.

Lucky asks Nikolas what he means. Nikolas says that there are traces of Emily everywhere. Nikolas explains that he found their book wedged between the headboard and the wall. Lucky invites Nikolas to spend New Years with him and the family at the Metro Court. Nikolas declines. They wish each other a Happy New Year. Nikolas picks up the book and Emily appears. She speaks to him and he embraces her.

Sonny and Kate arrive at the party. Kate asks Sonny’s opinion about a piece of art. Kate and Sonny kiss and they move around to look at the art.

Epiphany is on the phone yelling at someone. Patrick comes in and Robin tells him about the patient. Patrick suggests that Robin was jealous because he wasn’t spending New Years with her.

The phone rings and Jax answers it. Kelly asks for Carly, but Jax tells her that Carly is out. Kelly asks Jax to have Carly fax a copy of her new insurance card and tells him that Carly was there on Thursday for an annual checkup. Jax agrees to give the message to Carly.

Carly sees Jerry on the phone. Carly tells Jerry not to crash her party. Jerry asks about Jax. Carly watches Jerry while he is on the phone and hears him talking in a foreign language.

Liz tells Regina that she informed the boys’ daycare of their arrangement. Epiphany tells someone on the phone that the person they are looking for isn’t there. Liz asks Epiphany what is wrong. Epiphany says that Stan doesn’t call her for anything including the holidays.

Robin tells Patrick that he is wrong. Robin tells Patrick about the patient and why she paged him. Patrick asks Robin to scrub in with him.

Jerry continues to speak in a foreign language and Carly walks up. Carly questions him about what he is planning.

Sonny and Kate discuss the art. A waiter calls someone and tells them that Sonny is at the party.

Liz comes up with flowers and tries to comfort Epiphany.

Sam gives her mechanic a large tip. Lucky comes in and Sam tells him about her car troubles. Lucky wonders if her mechanic could have sent the text message. Lucky tells Sam that Nikolas has locked himself up at Wyndemere. Sam suggests they take a bath together. They start kissing after she wipes grease on his face.

Kate and Sonny discuss the artists. Sonny tells someone that he will send someone over the next day with cash for a piece of art that Kate wants. Kate refuses, but Sonny insists. Sonny sees the waiter staring at them and he walks over to find out what is going on. The waiter calls him by name and Sonny questions him. The police show up and tell Sonny that they don’t want any mob trouble in their city.

Carly reminds Jerry that Irena trusted him and Jerry killed her. Carly wants Jerry to swear to her that he isn’t planning anything. Carly says that if Jerry does anything dangerous, she will make sure he loses Jax forever. She says something in the same foreign language that he was speaking in and leaves.

Epiphany answers the phone and is surprised that someone called her. The orderly thinks that it was Stan, but Epiphany tells him that it was Toussaint Dubois. Epiphany tells him that she is taking her break by going up to the roof. Kelly comes up and asks if he has seen Epiphany. Robin walks up and Kelly asks about the surgery. Robin says that they lost the patient. Patrick comes over and tells Robin that they did everything they could for the patient. Robin says that she is sick of losing people, including him and walks away.

Liz gets to a house and starts to take her scarf off and she sees an easel. Liz answers her phone and tells someone that she has some surprises too. Liz is disappointed because they have to leave then and can’t be with her. She hangs up.

Sonny brings Kate a drink. Sonny says that he has her back and he isn’t letting her go. Sonny leaves to sign something for a painting that he is buying for Kate. Two people are talking about Kate and how she got her job back. Sonny overhears this and confronts them. Sonny is about to hit someone and the cops arrest him.

Carly gets home waking up Jax. They talk about the party. Carly turns on some music and opens the door. She brings him food and champagne. They kiss.

Everyone at the hospital shares a toast and a drink. Robin takes Patrick a glass.

Sam and Lucky put their beers down and kiss. They see fireworks outside the window and rush over to see them.

Liz stands in front of the easel. She puts down her paints and leaves.

Sonny is taken away in handcuffs. Kate rushes over to him.

Nikolas and Emily dance and share a kiss.

Carly puts a hat on Jax’s head. They enjoy some champagne and a kiss.

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