GH Update Friday 12/28/07

General Hospital Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Laurie
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

Nikolas is at Wyndemere. Emily is there. He says he never saw Emily while in Switzerland. Emily can’t explain her presence. Lulu and Lucky come to see their brother.

Sonny is still in New York with Kate. Sonny plans to stay in Kate’s “world.” Kate gets a visitor who seems smitten with Sonny.

Trevor and Johnny are at the house of Zacchara. They’re talking about the proposed meeting.

Jason gives Milo orders at the coffee house. Liz calls Jason to say she misses him. Jason tells her he’s “in charge” during Sonny’s absence. Sam comes to see Jason.

Back in New York, Kate introduces Sonny to Julius. He thinks Sonny is a model. Kate is amused by the confusion.

Trevor tells Johnny that Sonny will be handled. Johnny tells Trevor that Sonny wants him (Johnny) dead. Johnny brings up Kate. Trevor claims he’s finished with her. They get back to the subject of the meeting. Johnny is told he must go “alone” and “unarmed.” Johnny takes a gun out of the desk when Trevor isn’t looking.

Sam comes into Sonny’s office. She tells Jason she wants “honesty” from him. Sam asks about the situation with the Zacchara organization. She wonders if her family is in danger. Jason says Alexis is up to date on the “situation.”

Alexis meets Jerry at the Metro Court. Jerry notices that Alexis has changed her hair color. He tries to score some points by complimenting Alexis’ new look. Jerry asks Alexis for assistance regarding “slander.” He brings up an unnamed woman who said something he claims was untrue about her feelings for a man.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says the Swiss doctors couldn’t help him. Nikolas says he hasn’t had any blackouts as of late. Nikolas says he has no memory of the time Emily was killed. Lucky and Lulu doubt that Nikolas is guilty of murder. Nikolas asks Lucky to find out who killed Emily.

At the Zacchara house, Johnny hides the gun under his shirt. Trevor continues to give him advice for handling the meeting. Trevor tells Johnny to stand his ground in order to gain respect at the meeting. Johnny heads for the meeting.

In New York, Kate continues to consult with Julius. Sonny does little more than observe. Sonny again plays doorman for Kate. A man with a “message” for Sonny is at the door.

At the Metro Court, Jerry says he needs help moving money. Alexis seems to think Jerry is up to something illegal. She blames Jerry for Nik’s condition.

At Wyndemere, Lucky says he’ll do the best he can to help his brother. Nikolas says he needs to know if he himself killed Emily. Liz comes to see Nik.

Spinelli shows up at Kelly’s. He briefly talks to Mike about Georgie. Spinelli says he came for “vocation.” He asks Mike for any “odd jobs.” Another customer offers Spinelli a job at his auto garage. The man says his pregnant wife is ill. Then he reconsiders the job offer. Mike won’t let the man pay for his order. Spinelli notices some info about Europe on the counter. Mike says it was Georgie’s. He tells Spinelli to keep it. Mike asks Spinelli to fix the blender. Coop comes down the stairs and runs into Logan. Logan says he knows what Coop is “up to,” as he saw him on the pier the previous night.

Back at the hotel, Jerry apologizes to Alexis for his treatment of Nikolas. Jerry says things are getting “dangerous” in town and he must protect his family. Alexis promises to help Jerry with his transaction. She leaves and Jax approaches Jerry.

At Wyndemere, Lulu says Liz should still be involved with Nik’s health. Liz starts to leave, vowing to continue to help her former brother in law. Lucky tells Liz they should “talk” soon. Liz leaves and answers a call from Jason. The two plan to meet. Milo comes into the office to tell Jason that Johnny is “making a move.”

Johnny arrives at the meeting. The men at the meeting call him “Junior.” The men seemed to fear Johnny’s dad. Johnny says the men should have more respect for AZ, so he pulls his gun. One of the men overpowers Johnny. The man in charge, Mr. Moreau, has yet to appear at the meeting.

At the coffee house, Milo tells Jason about a new danger. The man’s name is Mr. Moreau. According to Milo, the man is considered to be the “devil.”

At Kate’s, Sonny receives a warning from the man at the door. Max shows up at Kate’s door. Sonny tells the man that it’s just “business as usual.” Julius takes a liking to Max.

At the Metro Court, Jax proposes that he and Jerry go into business together. Jax says they work well together and that’s better than holding a “grudge.” Jerry declines Jax’s partnership offer. Jerry leaves the hotel without an explanation.

Sam and Alexis go to see Nikolas. Lucky and Lulu are still with their brother. Nikolas suddenly tells the whole family that he has a brain tumor. Nik says surgery could kill him. The family tries to comfort Nik. They wonder if Patrick and Robin can help him. Nik says his tumor could “be genetic.” He suggests that Alexis and her girls get tested.

At Kelly’s, Coop denies being on the pier the previous night. Spinelli casually listens as Coop and Logan talk. Spinelli makes an excuse and leaves the diner. Coop asks why Logan was at the docks himself. Logan doesn’t answer and he leaves Kelly’s.

Liz talks to Jason from GH. He has to postpone their meeting. Milo comes in the office to tell Jason about Johnny’s meeting. Milo says the meeting is in progress.

Johnny waits at the meeting site for the man in charge, Mr. Moreau, to show up. Thinking the others are disrespecting him by referring to him as “junior,” Johnny pulls his gun again. He again demands respect from the room full of gangsters.

Liz gets another call from Jason. He says he won’t be able to see her. She understands. Jason promises to be with Liz soon.

Kate and Sonny are alone in her room. Kate apologizes to Sonny for Julius. She says they “live in completely different worlds.” Sonny says he can handle it. Kate invites Sonny to a party the following night.

Alexis returns to the hotel. She runs into Jax who asks what type of “legal help” Jerry needs. Jax is worried about Jerry. Alexis can’t tell Jax about her conversation with Jerry. She wonders if Jerry has changed.

Back at the meeting, Mr. Moreau is watching Johnny and the others through a dirty window. Getting a close look at his face, we see that Mr. Moreau is Jerry Jax.

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