GH Update Thursday 12/27/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/27/07


Written By Laurie
Proofread by Subha
Picture by Juanita

In Dr. Lee’s office at GH, Robin and Carly get into it about their lives. Carly blasts Robin for trying to find a donor for her child.

Liz meets Jason at a safe house. Jason wants them to meet there secretly.

Harper and Lucky go to the penthouse to see Spinelli.

Lulu meets Johnny in the park. Johnny tells Lulu to stay away from him. Johnny wonders if Lulu is “falling for” him.

Sonny goes to New York to see Kate. He tells her how lonely he was on Christmas without her. Sonny claims he’s come “to take” Kate “home.”

At the penthouse, Lucky and Harper say they went through Georgie’s computer and found unsent emails for Spinelli. Spinelli reads the emails. The first one says Georgie was “in love” with Spinelli. Lucky and Harper wonder how much Spinelli knew about Georgie’s feelings for him. Spinelli says he “cherished” Georgie’s “friendship.”

At the safe house, Jason says he and Liz will be safe. He says only Max knows about the house. Liz calls Jason and the house “wonderful.” Jason says he went to Liz’s house on Christmas Eve. She wonders why he didn’t make his presence known.

Carly and Robin argue about Robin’s relationship with Jason. Dr. Lee comes into the office so Robin leaves. Carly goes in for her appointment.

In the park, Johnny and Lulu disagree about their relationship. Lulu says her only wish is that Johnny stays alive. She claims to want a relationship with Logan. Johnny says Lulu is “running from something” when she’s with Logan. Johnny says if he decides that Lulu is the girl for him, she won’t be able to shake him. Appalled, Lulu leaves Johnny standing in the park.

At Kate’s, Sonny says Kate doesn’t want to lose her relationship with him. Kate says she chose to return to New York to avoid the danger. Kate announces she is about to get her position with the magazine back. Kate says her “replacement” is failing at the job. At the moment, Kate says she’s merely “consulting” for the magazine. Sonny wonders where that leaves him.

At the safe house, Jason offers Liz dinner from Kelly’s. Spinelli calls Jason “from the bathroom” to tell him about his visitors. Jason says he’ll be right home.

Coop finds Maxie at Kelly’s. He wants to take her home but Maxie refuses. She has no desire to be near Felicia.

Jax is outside of Kelly’s. Alexis comes upon him. Jax tells Alexis he wants a child.

Back at GH, Dr. Lee tells Carly she isn’t pregnant. Carly is disappointed.

Jason returns home just as Lucky and Harper are taking Spinelli to the PCPD. They wonder what Spinelli knows about the killer.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Coop the strangler “smelled sweet.” Coop wonders if Maxie would recognize the smell again. Logan comes in eating a candy cane.

At Kate’s, her former assistant brings over some papers then leaves. Sonny says Kate is in her “element” after he witnesses her correcting the former assistant. Kate tells Sonny that Trevor came to see her. She says she “won’t be caught between” the two men again.

Trevor finds Johnny, unguarded in the park. Trevor says Johnny is needed at a meeting the next day.

Lulu is in an elevator at GH when a suspicious looking man joins her.

Dr. Lee talks with Carly at the hospital. The doctor says Carly’s chances of getting pregnant “naturally” are pretty slim.

At Kelly’s, Logan asks Coop about Johnny. Maxie tells Logan to get lost. Maxie is upset. She asks Coop to take her somewhere else.

At Jason’s, Lucky accuses Jason and Spinelli of covering up info on the murders. Jason says they have no info to cover up. Spinelli asks if he can keep the copies of Georgie’s emails. Harper says it’s ok then he and Lucky leave. Spinelli tells Jason about “wise Georgie’s secret pain.” Spinelli says it’s too late for him to find love, as he has lost his only chance with Georgie.

Lulu and the mystery man get off the hospital elevator. The man talks to Patrick Drake about his wife. A dark haired woman bumps into Lulu by the nurse’s desk. She tells someone on the phone that she’s following Lulu.

Johnny and Trevor are still in the park. Johnny doesn’t want to be present at Trevor’s meeting. Trevor says Johnny must follow his exact orders regarding the meeting.

Logan finds Lulu at the hospital. She hugs him and tells him she wants him in her life. Logan still has candy in his hand. The dark haired woman gets on the elevator with Lulu and Logan.

Back at Kate’s, she says Trevor isn’t an issue for her anymore. Kate says she won’t be perusing the magazine with Jax. Sonny says Kate is afraid of a relationship. He says Kate is “afraid to be happy.” Kate says she doesn’t “fit” in Sonny’s “world.” Sonny says he won’t live his life without her.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Spinelli about his conversation with Lucky and Harper. Jason is unsure about Coop’s guilt. He tells Spinelli to “take a break,” but Spinelli wants to find Georgie’s killer. Jason says he has to go “thank someone.”

Coop and Maxie are outside of Kelly’s. She almost tells him about Georgie’s suspicion but stops herself. Maxie tells Coop she trusts him and knows he’s good for her. Coop tells Maxie to go to his room and rest.

Jax is inside Kelly’s. He tries to make polite conversation with the new waiter. He doesn’t get much in return. Carly comes in and Jax asks where she was.

Robin and Dr. Lee are at GH. Dr. Lee gives Robin info about sperm banks. Robin passes Patrick and Liz at the desk.

Jason goes to see Emily’s grave. He remembers the “first time” he saw her after his accident. Jason remembers that Emily brought him flowers. He thanks her for all of the good things she did for him and his family and friends. Jason thanks Emily for thinking “the best of” him, no matter what.

Spinelli sits at home with a sad heart, writing a letter to Georgie.

Logan and Lulu go to Kelly’s. The new waiter watches them, as does Johnny who’s standing outside the window.

In an undisclosed location, the dark haired woman talks to a mystery man about watching Lulu.

Sonny is still at Kate’s. She says she can’t face the possibility of him being killed. Kate says they aren’t good for each other. Sonny says he’ll “fit into” Kate’s life, since she can’t do the same for him.

Next Time:

Nikolas has sad news for his family.

Sonny is prepared to make a huge sacrifice.

Milo has information about Johnny.

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