GH Update Wednesday 12/26/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/26/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Carly helps Morgan put his coat and hat on. Michael tells Carly that he is going to hang out at Sonny’s office in case Sonny needs his help, but Carly tells him no.

Lulu shows up at the hospital with coffee. Johnny picks up the bag she dropped.

Kate is playing with a tree and Trevor knocks on her door. Trevor has an offer for her.

Sonny asks Jason when they retaliate against the Zacchara’s. Sonny says that the only option he cares about is taking out Johnny as quickly as possible. Jason tells Sonny that killing Johnny isn’t going to bring Kate back.

Luke wakes up and Tracy is sleeping beside him. He strokes her hand to wake her up. Tracy tells Luke that he slept through Christmas.

Lulu tells Johnny that she has been there pretty much constantly since Luke went into surgery. They discuss what they did for Christmas. Lucky comes up and tells Lulu to stay away from Johnny because he is a suspect in Georgie’s murder. Lulu and Lucky argue. Liz comes up and asks them not to fight. Lucky leaves.

Carly tells Michael that he can do anything he wants, but he can’t sit around and play his video game or go to his father’s office. Michael says that he is going to be working with Sonny one day, but Carly says that Michael will never be a part of Sonny’s business. Jax comes in. Michael tells Jax that Carly wants to prevent Michael from growing up to be like Sonny.

Kate threatens Trevor. Kate tells Trevor that she despises him and threatens to dump hot coffee over his head. Trevor says that he loves Kate. Trevor says that he can get her life at Couture back for her.

Sonny tells Jason why he wants Johnny dead. Jason suggests that maybe it was Trevor who tried to kill him trying to start a war. Sonny asks why Jason doesn’t want to take on Johnny. Jason says that Trevor is the threat. Jason suggests that they use Johnny to get to Trevor. Diane shows up to see Sonny. Jason leaves. Sonny tells Diane to figure out a way to get Kate back to Port Charles.

Kate asks Trevor if he can really get her job back at Couture. Kate says that she learned a lot about herself and about Trevor while she was in Port Charles. Kate tells Trevor that Emily’s death was his fault. Kate insists that Trevor tried to kill Sonny, but Trevor insists that Sonny tried to kill him. Kate tells Trevor that it isn’t his call if she goes back to work at Couture. Trevor realizes that Kate doesn’t want him in her life. Trevor turns to leave, but tells her that the door to Couture and the door to his heart are permanently closed to her.

Jax tells Michael that he isn’t going to be working for Sonny today, so he should help Morgan to feel like everything is okay and normal. Michael agrees to go sledding with Morgan. Michael goes outside and Carly admits that she told Michael he could be whatever he wanted to be when he grew up.

Tracy tells Luke what Dr. Julian said about the surgery. Lulu and Lucky come in with breakfast.

Robin asks Liz for a patient’s chart. Patrick comes up and says that he is available for a consult, but Robin says that she already asked Noah to take it. Liz asks Robin what happened. Robin says that she and Patrick are getting along and tells Liz that the night of Georgie’s funeral, she and Patrick spent the night in each other’s arms. Liz says that when someone is faced with a loved one’s death, they realize their own mortality. Liz says that if you love someone and you have a chance to be with them, why not take the chance. Robin says that no matter what, she wants to be a mother and Patrick doesn’t. Liz says that it is a mistake to turn your back on love. Patrick comes up and asks Robin to help him.

Luke realizes that Lulu was really happy to get out of there. Lucky insists that he and Lulu are doing fine. Luke wants to know what is going on. Bobbie interrupts and tells Lucky that Luke isn’t in any condition to be questioning anyone. Bobbie says that he gets out of the hospital when she says. Bobbie reminds Luke that he is a long way from being fully recovered.

Jason shows up at Carly’s. Carly tells Jason that Michael wants to be a mobster when he grows up and he wants to start training now. Carly wants the boys to grow up in Jax’s footsteps instead of Sonny’s.

Sonny tells Diane that Kate was adjusting to life with him before she interfered. Diane reminds him that Kate’s life was on the line. Diane says that Kate had a perfect life before she met him. Max knocks on the door and Sonny makes a joke saying that he is about to kill his attorney. Max tells him that Lulu is there. Diane leaves. Lulu asks if Sonny still wants to kill Johnny. Sonny tells her not to get involved because it doesn’t concern her. Lulu tells Sonny that what he believes isn’t true. Lulu tells Sonny that Johnny doesn’t want a war any more than Sonny does. Lulu tells Sonny that Johnny told her that Sonny would let Lulu die in an attempt to get to Johnny and it wouldn’t bother Sonny. Sonny tells Lulu that he would never let anything happen to Lulu. Sonny tells Lulu that if she wants to stay safe, she has to stay away from Johnny. Sonny asks Max to show Lulu out. Sonny gets a phone call about Trevor being in Kate’s room.

Kate has a meeting in her room with Warren. Kate says that she had an unpleasant meeting with Trevor and that Trevor says that she will never get her job back at Couture. Warren says that he wants her back at Couture and that the magazine is struggling without her. Kate asks about Trevor and Warren says that he will handle Trevor.

Jason assures Carly that Sonny won’t let Michael get involved in the business. Carly realizes that she needs a good male role model for her boys and that Michael needs a normal family.

Jax shows up at the hospital to see Robin. Robin starts to break down talking about Georgie. Patrick sees Robin hugging Jax and wants to know why Jax is there.

Bobbie and Luke remember a family that lived near them when they were younger. Bobbie says that she wants to save his life. Luke thinks that she is hinting that the surgery wasn’t successful. Tracy comes in and tells Bobbie that she will personally make sure Luke does everything the doctor suggests.

Robin and Jax sit down. Liz tells Patrick that there is probably nothing going on with Jax and Robin. Robin says that Georgie was the healthy one, not the one who was supposed to die young. Robin thinks that she should do something in Georgie’s honor and not waste the time she has been given. Robin thanks Jax for listening. Patrick watches them. Lucky asks Patrick if Elizabeth is still there, and Patrick says that Lucky just missed her.

Jason gets to Sonny’s. Jason gives Max a stack of money as a Christmas thing. Jason asks if Max got the safe house set up. Jason says that he and Max are the only people who need to know about the safe house.

Johnny and Trevor meet at the overlook. Trevor says that he had to come from Miami and Johnny questions him about it. Johnny says that the stuff with Sonny made him realize that he shouldn’t trust anyone.

Dr. Julian checks out Luke. Tracy asks if there are any recommendations. Dr. Julian says that physical therapy and a change in diet should help. Dr. Julian tells Luke that if he goes back to his old ways, Luke will be right back where he started. Luke says that they will take it a day at a time. Dr. Julian leaves and Tracy agrees with the doctor. Luke says that Tracy can eat all the sprouts she likes, but he would rather die. Tracy tells Luke not to trash his new lease on life. Tracy leaves and Luke picks up the phone. Luke asks about a shipment of Cuban cigars.

Robin asks Kelly if she can squeeze in an appointment. Robin tells her that she wants to get pregnant as soon as possible. Robin tells Kelly that she is considering a sperm bank. Kelly says that she has 1 more patient and then she can squeeze Robin in. Carly walks in to the office and tells Robin that she should look on the internet for a man to father her baby.

Lulu tells Johnny about her meeting with Sonny. Johnny wants to know why Lulu cares if he lives or dies.

Someone looks at a picture of Lulu and says that she is the way to get to Johnny.

Liz knocks on the door and Jason lets her in. Jason says that he had to see her.

Kate tells her assistant about her meeting with Warren. Kate opens the door and sees Sonny.

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