GH Update Monday 12/24/07

General Hospital Update Monday 12/24/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Felicia is looking at the ornaments on the tree and Maxie comes downstairs and asks what Felicia is doing there and what she wants. Felicia says that they need to discuss what happened at Georgie’s funeral, but Maxie says that she would do it all over again the same way.

Luke wakes up in the hospital and Skye is sitting next to him. She tells him that he has to pull through the surgery because when he comes out of surgery she will be waiting for him. Tracy comes in and tells Skye to get away from Luke.

Kate stares out the window and listens to her assistant ramble. Her assistant says that Kate is back and better than ever. Kate sighs and says that she is back where she belongs.

Sonny calls for Max. Jason shows up. Jason and Max go in to see Sonny. Sonny wants to know why the walkways in the yard aren’t shoveled off. Sonny orders Max to find someone to shovel them right now. Sonny tells Jason that it’s about time Jason cut his hair. Jason asks Sonny what is going on.

Luke tells Tracy that he and Skye were just talking. Skye insists that Tracy is overreacting as usual, but Tracy tells her to get out. Tracy orders Skye to get out, but Luke says that he wants Skye to stay. Skye leaves. Luke tells Tracy that it wasn’t very nice to kick Skye out because it might be his last night and all he wanted was a few minutes to talk with a good friend. Luke tells Tracy that she is being selfish. Tracy says that she doesn’t have a conscience and Alan appears in the chair by the door.

Jason asks if Sonny will get to see the kids at Christmas. Sonny says that Kristina is in Switzerland with Alexis and Sam, but that the boys will be there. Sonny explains why he wants the walkways shoveled. Jason asks if Kate is coming back and Sonny says no. Sonny says that Kate leaving is the best thing that could have happened because Kate isn’t suited for that life. Jason admits that Elizabeth isn’t either.

The boys come downstairs as Carly gets off the phone. Jax comes home with presents that Carly had delivered to the hotel and Carly tells the boys to go upstairs because they can’t see the presents. Jax gets ready to wrap presents before they go to the party and Carly sits on the couch. Carly starts sliding forward and faints on the floor.

Alan says that Tracy needs to hear the Christmas Story. Lulu comes up just after Tracy and Alan stop arguing. Tracy leaves so that Lulu can spend some time with Luke. Alan follows her outside. Luke tells Lulu that it is just stress. Lulu tells Luke about Georgie’s funeral and apologizes for yelling at Luke. Luke says that Lulu convinced him to let the doctors try the surgery again.

Jax helps Carly up and asks if she is all right. Carly says that she hasn’t been feeling very well and maybe she is dehydrated. Jax asks if she is pregnant. Carly thinks it is the flu. The boys come downstairs. Carly tells them that Jax will take them to the hospital Christmas party because she isn’t feeling well. Michael suggests staying home, but Carly insists that she will be fine. Carly tells Michael why it is important to take the presents to the kids at the hospital.

Felicia apologizes to Maxie for hurting her. Maxie thinks that Felicia is making excuses. Felicia says that she understands why Maxie lashed out at the funeral and that Felicia will always love Maxie and Georgie. Maxie asks why Felicia can come home for Christmas now that Georgie is dead, but couldn’t when she was alive. Maxie tells Felicia what she and Georgie thought about Christmas time. Mac comes home and says that Georgie was a miracle and that they need to stick together because they are all grieving for her. Mac says that he invited Felicia to spend Christmas with them.

Luke asks Tracy to give him a Viking funeral. Tracy says that it wouldn’t be any fun unless he was alive. Lulu doesn’t think they should be talking about it. Luke asks to be cremated and have his ashes thrown in the wind. They discuss arrangements. Lucky and Bobbie come in to see Luke followed by a nurse. Luke says that they sent his favorite nurse.

Kate is getting ready to leave and someone calls. She answers the phone thinking that it is Sonny, but it’s the driver. She calls Sonny’s and Max answers. Kate asks Max to go over to the house and see if she left any lights on. Kate says that he shouldn’t tell Sonny that she called and asks Max to wish Sonny a Merry Christmas just not from her. Max agrees and they hang up.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s. Carly tells Sonny that she isn’t feeling well. Sonny offers to help Carly, but she says that she is fine. Carly asks Sonny if he is going to wait for the boys so he can give them their presents. Carly asks about Kate. Sonny says that he wants to see his kids. Carly realizes that Kate left.

Dr. Julian comes in for Luke’s surgery and reviews Luke’s vitals. The surgery starts. Luke dreams that he is walking along and sees a light that follows him. He comes to a set of steel doors. Luke hears piano music and sees a drink sitting on the piano. Luke goes over to a microphone and sings a song about his life.

Tracy asks Alan to check on Luke. Alan says that he is her conscience, not a ghost. Tracy insists that she doesn’t have a conscience. Alan starts reading to her again and tells her to listen. Dillon comes to see Tracy. Dillon tells her that he came to wait with her, but she insists that she is fine. Dillon asks her if she is scared and admits that he is. Tracy embraces her son and says it’ll be okay. Alan tells Tracy, “Merry Christmas” and disappears.

The boys run in and hug Sonny. Sonny tells them that he brought presents. Jax suggests that the boys give Sonny his present. Sonny opens his presents from the boys. Michael says that he wants Sonny to teach him how to cook because Michael isn’t asking Carly. Sonny says that Carly isn’t feeling good so the boys will be at his house the day after Christmas. Carly walks Sonny out and asks if he is all right. Carly watches Sonny through the window.

Luke goes through the doors, but he talks about a writer first. Luke says that he doesn’t want awe or pity. Luke opens his pockets and finds a lot of money. He throws the money in the air. He talks about the things that money can and cannot do. Luke admits that he loved his children. He says that the only thing that matters is the people and the experiences. Luke says that he has no regrets about how he lived his life. The gate doors close.

Michael and Morgan shake their presents. Carly shows Michael the proper way to shake a present to figure out what is in it. Jason shows up to see the boys. Carly comments on his haircut. Jason gives the boys their presents and asks what is wrong with Carly. Michael gives Jason his present. Jason opens his present, a framed picture of Emily, Michael and Morgan.

Kate comes home. She asks about messages.

Sonny arrives home and apologizes to Max about before. Sonny tells Max to go home and be with his family. Max leaves. Sonny goes inside and stairs at the couch.

Maxie goes over to the tree and pulls out a present from Georgie and gives it to Felicia.

Everyone waits for information on Luke. Dillon comforts Tracy, while Bobbie comforts Lulu.

Kate sits alone on the couch and stares off into space.

Sonny shuts the lights off and goes upstairs.

Jax helps the boys hang their stockings. Carly takes pictures.

Liz helps Cameron hang the stockings while Jason watches from outside.

Luke walks around through the fog.

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