GH Update Friday 12/21/07

General Hospital Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is at home with a pregnancy test. Jax comes home so she hides the test in a paper bag. Jax is curious about what Carly is hiding.

Tracy goes to GH to see Luke. She’s happy he’s agreed to the surgery.

Felicia and Maxie are home. Maxie is going to Georgie’s funeral with Coop. Felicia helps Maxie put on Georgie’s bracelet.

Robin arrives at the church. Mac is there. Robin puts a photo of Georgie in the front of the church. Mac says he “failed” Georgie and that’s why she died.

At home, Jax tries to get the bag with the pregnancy test that Carly is hiding. She tells him it’s a “surprise.”

Back at GH, Luke tells Tracy that Lulu talked him into the surgery. Luke says he wanted to get well for his family. Tracy is happy when Dillon comes in the room. Luke praises Dillon for going after his dream. Lulu comes in to see her dad.

Back at the church, Mac says he failed to catch the killer. Robin tells Mac it wasn’t his fault. She praises Mac for raising her and her cousins. Robin says Georgie was “a reflection of the best of” Mac. Robin calls Mac a good father.

Carly and Jax decorate the house. She asks him to get some white lights for the tree. The kids come home with their nanny just after Jax leaves.

Back at GH, Tracy thanks Lulu. Tracy tells Dillon she won’t be going to the funeral. Dillon asks Tracy to go – he reminds Tracy of how bad she treated Georgie. Luke tells Tracy to go to the funeral for Dillon.

Everyone arrives at the church to pay his or her respects. Felicia and Mac receive those who attend. Edward and Alice talk to Felicia and Mac about Georgie. Skye and Ric are there, as is the mayor. Spinelli and Milo arrive. Mike attends as well. He tells Felicia how great Georgie treated the customers at Kelly’s.

Coop goes to pick Maxie up. She’s very nervous about the funeral.

At the church, Robin greets friends from the hospital. Patrick is there. Mac worries about Maxie. Felicia tells Mac how angry Maxie is. Mac reminds her that she was warned. Just then, Maxie and Coop come into the church. Robin takes Maxie’s arm and leads her to her seat.

Jax and Carly put up the Christmas tree with the help of Mercedes and the boys. Morgan discovers Carly’s brown bag.

Alexis goes to GH to see Luke. The two exchange stories about their health problems.

At the church, Maxie stands before everyone and speaks highly of Georgie. She calls Georgie “positive.” Maxie praises Mac for raising her and Georgie. Maxie also has kind words about Dillon, Bobbie, Robin, and Spinelli. Maxie then says she wants to “single out” Felicia. Maxie calls Felicia a “bored” mother, among other things. She says Felicia “dumped” her and Georgie. Maxie calls Felicia a “selfish bitch.” Mac tries to stop Maxie. Maxie says Felicia “has no right” to be at the funeral. She tells Felicia to leave, or she will. Felicia leaves the church.

Carly pulls Morgan away from the bag with a diversion. She shows the boys some old ornaments they made. Jax asks Carly about his “surprise.”

Alexis and Luke have a laugh in his hospital room. Alexis tells Luke to “let go” and let the doctors “help him.”

Dillon goes after Felicia. He tells her that Georgie “adored” and respected her.

Tracy comes back to the hospital in a somber mood. She says another funeral is out of the question. Tracy tells Luke “Maxie delivered the eulogy from hell.” Tracy says she deserves the same treatment from Ned and Dillon that Felicia got from Maxie.

Carly sends Jax and the kids on an errand. Lulu comes over after the funeral. Carly says Maxie needs to “let go” as far as Felicia is concerned.

Dillon is still talking to Felicia. He says Georgie missed but didn’t resent Felicia. Dillon helps Felicia feel better about things.

Mac tries to talk to Maxie at the church but she runs out. Mac looks at Georgie’s casket with sadness.

Dr. Julian tells Luke and Tracy his surgery will be tomorrow (Christmas Eve). Tracy wants to wait until after the holiday but Luke says he will go ahead.

At home, Carly is upset. The kids and Jax come in with some holly. Crying, Carly tells Jax that the “Christmas surprise is not gonna happen.”

Robin goes to Patrick’s apartment. She says she feels “bad for Felicia” and for Maxie. Robin asks Patrick to hold her and he does. Robin then initiates a kiss.

Felicia goes to the cemetery to visit Georgie’s grave. She apologizes for her faults. Maxie watches and listens.

Meanwhile, Mac returns to an empty house. He flashes back to when Georgie was born. Then we see memories of a young Georgie, including her wedding to Dillon. Mac is alone and devastated.

Next Time:

Will Luke return to hell?

Jason longs for a family at Christmas.

Kate and Sonny may come to an understanding.

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