GH Update Thursday 12/20/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/20/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Kate have spent the night together at her house. It’s the following morning. She seems a bit hesitant toward him.

At home, Carly tells Jax about the shooting. He’s very “upset.” Michael eavesdrops as Carly tells Jax about the impending “mob war.”

Maxie is at home, reading a newspaper article about Georgie. She gets a text message but doesn’t look at it because she hears a noise at the door. Maxie grabs a fire poker and stands behind the door. Felicia comes in the front door, shocking Maxie. Felicia is happy to see Maxie but Maxie is cold.

Lulu goes to Kelly’s. She talks to Mike about Georgie. Dillon unexpectedly comes in looking for Georgie. Mike and Lulu try to tell Dillon the news but he won’t stop talking. Suddenly Dillon sees the newspaper article about Georgie’s murder. Dillon gets upset and insists on finding Georgie.

At the Scorpio house, Felicia apologizes for scaring Maxie. Felicia explains her long absence to Maxie. It seems she’s been “working with the government” and with Frisco.

Skye goes to GH to see Luke. He doesn’t want to have the additional heart surgery. Skye insists that the operation must be done. Luke is his usual stubborn self. Skye doesn’t want Luke to die.

At home, Carly tells Jax all about the shooting at the Metro Court. Carly also explains how Lulu and Johnny fit into the equation. Michael continues to listen in, unnoticed.

Kate and Sonny enjoy their breakfast in her living room. Sonny asks Kate to spend Christmas with him. Diane barges in with a solution to Kate’s problem. Diane wants to “file a motion to the court” so Kate can “transfer” her “community service” to Manhattan so she can leave town. Diane says Sonny can’t protect himself, let alone protect Kate. Kate tells Diane to move forward.

At home, Jax suggests that his family move someplace new. He’s worried someone close to him will be hurt or worse. Carly changes the subject. Jax takes the kids to school. Carly seems to be wondering if Michael heard any of the conversation.

Lucky goes to GH to see Luke. Lucky says he won’t try to tell his dad what to do. Luke threatens to sue the hospital. Lucky says Luke is “afraid.”

At the house, Felicia says she was planning to return home when Frisco called and needed her help. Felicia says Frisco is ok now. She says she missed Frisco, as he was her one true love in life. Felicia says she loves the girls. Maxie says Mac was a better parent than Frisco or Felicia. Maxie wonders why Felicia never told her or Georgie where she was. Felicia says she couldn’t call home because she and Frisco were being watched. Felicia says she regrets waiting so long to call or come back home. Maxie is upset and disappointed. Robin comes over to see Maxie. She shares an emotional reunion with Felicia.

At Kelly’s, Dillon talks to Lulu about Georgie. He compares her death to scenes in a movie. Dillon says he’s tired of losing the young women he cares about. He goes outside and runs into Spinelli. For the first time, Spinelli calls Georgie by her given name. He calls Georgie “a gift.” Dillon says he was “a fool,” and walks away.

At Carly’s, the new nanny, Mercedes, gets her instructions about Michael. The school calls and says that Michael is “missing.”

Michael goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. He tells Sonny to make the person who shot at Kate “pay.” Sonny is horrified to hear those words come out of Michael.

At the Scorpio house, Felicia explains her absence to an understanding Robin. Felicia has many regrets. Maxie is hostile. Dillon comes over to see Maxie. He struggles to find the right words as Maxie hugs him. Maxie says Georgie loved Dillon forever.

At GH, Luke says he feels “helpless.” Lucky says Luke is a survivor. Lulu comes into the room.

Carly comes to Sonny’s office. She’s upset with Michael. Carly realizes that Michael overheard her conversation with Jax. Michael says people must “pay” for hurting Sonny. Sonny says Michael will never be involved in his business.

Kate runs into the friendly orderly at GH. She’s very distracted. Kate’s new friend advises her to “figure out what she really wants.” Kate takes a break as Diane gets off the elevator. Diane says Kate can return to Manhattan and she can also lose the ankle monitor.

In his hospital room, Luke says he’s making his own decision about the surgery.

Dillon tells Felicia how much he “loved Georgie.” Felicia is very understanding. She tells Dillon about Georgie’s letters about him. Dillon regrets that “it’s too late” for him and Georgie.

Carly takes Michael home. She tells him he was “wrong” but she understands things are difficult. Michael says he’s “not confused” and he knows what Sonny “does.” Michael says he’ll “run” the business when he’s older.

In the office, Max and Sonny talk about security. Diane goes to the office to see Sonny. Diane and Max share a smile. Max leaves the office. Diane tells Sonny about Kate’s community service. Diane wonders what it will do to Sonny if Kate “gets hurt or worse.”

At GH, Lulu reads Luke the riot act. She tells Luke to think about his family rather than his selfish needs. Luke tells Lulu he’ll have the operation. He plays father and comforts Lulu.

Dillon returns to Kelly’s. He plays a song that reminds him of Georgie. Dillon is devastated as he sits on the floors and listens to the song.

Spinelli goes to the Scorpio house and meets Felicia.

Sonny calls Kate from his office. Max brings Sonny an envelope from Kate. Her letter tells Sonny she’s leaving town for good. Kate tells Sonny she loves him.

Jax comes home. He tells Michael that Sonny’s business is dangerous. Michael calls Jax “an outsider,” then reiterates his intention about Sonny’s business.

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The town gathers to pay their respects

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