GH Update Wednesday 12/19/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Liz are kissing at the Metro Court. Liz admits that she loves him and she needs to be with him.

Lucky tells Sam that the text could have come from anywhere. Sam asks Lucky if she should start to carry a weapon, but Lucky tells her not to worry because he will make sure the killer never gets near her.

Johnny pulls back from kissing Lulu and tells her that it can never happen again.

Carly tells Sonny that it isn’t okay to kill Johnny and start a mob war because he is trying to protect Kate. Carly reminds Sonny that the Zacchara’s target the families of their enemies. Kate tells Carly to calm down and Carly replies, “or what Kate?”

Johnny says that all he does is bring Lulu trouble. Johnny tells Lulu that he is in a mob war with Sonny. Lulu insists that Sonny would never hurt her, but Johnny isn’t so sure. Lulu says that they are friends now and she wants to help. Johnny tells her that she can’t help him. Johnny says he can’t do this anymore and leaves before Lulu can say anything.

Kate tells Carly that she was almost shot in Carly’s restaurant. Carly tells Kate that Sonny has been shot more times than he can count. Kate is happy that Sonny wants to protect her. Carly reminds Kate that Sonny has friends, family, an ex-wife, and children and that is who he should be protecting. Sonny says that he does everything he can to protect his children. Kate realizes that Carly is trying to bait her. Carly tells Kate that if she wants a life with Sonny, she needs to get used to the bullets. Kate says that she has faith in Sonny and Carly tells her to quit whining about the danger. Sonny says that it is enough, but Carly says that it isn’t.

Lucky asks Rodriguez to run a trace on Sam’s cell phone. Rodriguez asks if she has noticed anything unusual, but she says no. Sam tells them that a lot of people recognize her from the TV show. Lucky reminds her that a lot of people knew that she lived with Jason. Sam admits that his enemies might want to come after her. Rodriguez tells Sam that she should keep her window shut and locked. Rodriguez leaves. Sam wonders why Georgie’s killer would want to strike again so soon. Lucky says that the killer doesn’t have a pattern and the cops don’t know how he chooses his victims. Sam says that this situation is just like living with Jason because she still fears for her safety.

Jason and Liz fall on the bed still kissing.

Luke is on the phone with someone making a bet. Tracy comes in and Luke says that he is trying to get his life back. Luke suggests they leave the hospital and go out to the track for a few hours. Tracy says that he can’t leave. Tracy tells him that he had a surgery, but it wasn’t the one he was scheduled to have. Luke realizes that Monica didn’t finish the surgery. Luke says that he was in hell and tells Tracy about what he saw while he was unconscious. Tracy wonders why she puts up with Luke. Tracy tells Luke that Dr. Julian only repaired the damage that Monica left behind and that he still needs the bypass surgery. Luke says that he almost didn’t make it out of surgery the first time and there is no way he is going back on the table.

Carly tells Sonny about what Lulu overheard. Sonny says that Lulu should stay out of it and Carly tells him that Lulu was almost killed on the pier. Sonny asks if Lulu is hurt and is happy when Carly says no. Sonny says that he would never take a chance of hurting Lulu. Carly suggests that maybe Johnny is innocent. Sonny says that if Johnny is making moves against him, Sonny will retaliate. Carly tells Sonny that he can’t act out because he is trying to protect someone who can’t handle it. Carly says that it isn’t about Johnny and says that it is really about Kate.

Johnny gets home and Trevor asks where he was. Trevor tells Johnny about the Metro Court. Johnny says that both meetings were ambushes. Trevor says that he and Sonny have nothing in common, but Johnny reminds him that they have Sonny’s mother and Kate Howard in common. Trevor says that they have a war on their hands and Johnny says that Trevor is getting everything he wanted.

Logan walks up and sees Lulu crying. Logan thinks that Lulu is crying about Georgie. Lulu doesn’t know what he is talking about. Logan tells Lulu about Georgie.

Someone opens the door to Maxie’s hospital room. She looks up and sees Cooper. They talk about Georgie. Maxie wonders who would want to do something like that to Georgie. Cooper hugs Maxie and looks over at the phone cord.

Liz wakes up and Jason is already dressed. He apologizes for having to leave. Jason and Liz talk about how they found out about Georgie. Liz says that they have to find a way to be together.

Lucky tells Sam that Detective Harper wanted to offer Sam police protection. Lucky says that he can handle it because he doesn’t want to take any chances. Sam explains that she always thinks she is imposing because of how she grew up. Sam admits that she doesn’t like feeling helpless. Sam suggests that they turn the hunter into the hunted.

Trevor tells Johnny that he doesn’t want it to be this way. Johnny asks what the plan is. Trevor says that they get Alcazar’s property. Trevor tells Johnny how they can get the property without Skye realizing who it is. Trevor says that they eliminate Jason. Johnny says that he doesn’t take orders from Trevor. Trevor thinks it has something to do with Lulu, but Johnny says that he is doing what he thinks is right. Trevor says that if Sonny gets the chance, he will kill Johnny and Lulu in a heartbeat.

Sonny tells Carly not to blame this on Kate. Carly tells Sonny not to forget to protect his family. Carly asks Sonny to think before he acts. Carly leaves. Sonny says that Carly was out of line, but Kate admits that she agrees with Carly. Kate says that Carly made some good points. Kate says that she knows that Sonny loves her, but she doesn’t want him to overreact. Kate tells Sonny that she doesn’t want him to risk the lives of his friends or family because he is trying to protect her. Kate says that she trusts him, but there are no guarantees.

Lulu goes to see Maxie. Lulu tells Maxie that she is really sorry about Georgie. Maxie says that maybe Georgie would be alive if Lulu didn’t steal Dillon from Georgie, but she isn’t and nothing matters anymore.

Sam says that she can leave herself open and unprotected and when she does, the killer will come in and the cops can come in and catch him. Lucky says that it is too dangerous to use Sam as bait. Sam agrees to leave it to the police.

Jason wonders if Liz wants to tell everyone that Jake is not Lucky’s. Liz says that sometimes she wants him to make that decision for her. Jason says that he respects Liz’s decision. Liz asks Jason if he still agrees that the boys will be safer with Lucky as their father. Jason says that he will always miss Jake. Liz suggests that they throw caution to the wind and they could be happy. Jason tells Liz that the Zacchara family is known for targeting the families of their enemies. Liz suggests that they make a clean break, but admits that she doesn’t want to give up Jason. Jason asks what they should do. Liz says that her divorce is final and that means that she is a free woman. They kiss. Liz suggests that they see each other in secret. Liz tells Jason that she loves him and Jason tells Liz that he loves her too. Jason agrees to see each other in secret and have an affair.

Luke talks to the orderly who is cleaning up his room. They discuss living and dying.

Lulu and Logan walk around the halls. Lulu says that she feels sorry for Maxie. Lulu and Logan discuss why they were at the Overlook. Carly walks up and says that she needs to talk to Lulu.

Sonny tells Kate why he wants to increase the security. Sonny asks Kate if he can put the security system back in. Kate goes over all the things that Sonny will do if he does that. Sonny says that the security system won’t change their lives, but Kate insists that it already has. Kate realizes that she is a target.

Lulu realizes that Sonny is still going to kill Johnny. Carly says that she doesn’t know. Carly says that there is a big downside in being involved in the world of a mobster. Lulu says that she can handle this. Carly says that Lulu reminds her of herself and it is scary. Carly warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny.

Logan finds Johnny at the Overlook. They argue over Lulu. Logan tells Johnny that he found Lulu up there crying. Logan tells Johnny to stay away from Lulu.

Trevor tells the guard that he wanted Lulu dead. Trevor wants to know why it didn’t happen. The guard says that Johnny got in the way. Trevor says that he has a backup plan. Trevor explains that they are going to have a war because Johnny and Sonny think the others set up the hits. Trevor says that in the end he will save Johnny’s hide and then Trevor will win.

Kate realizes that she has a choice to make, either give into fear or be happy. Kate tells Sonny that her life was empty before she found him. Kate says that she isn’t going to give up her feelings for Sonny.

Liz gets dressed. Liz and Jason try to figure out who leaves first. Jason thanks Liz for being with him. They say how much they love each other. They share a kiss. Jason leaves and Liz closes the door. They both smile. Liz finishes getting ready and leaves.

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