GH Update Tuesday 12/18/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/18/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Carly takes the boys to see Mike when they get back from Hawaii. Michael and Morgan tell Mike all about Hawaii. Morgan got Mike a Christmas present and the boys help him figure out where to put it. Mike tells them to sit down and he will make them some hot chocolate. Mike says that the boys seem to be doing better and Carly says that they needed to go to Hawaii and be kids for a while.

Maxie tells Mac that Georgie needs her and that she wants to see her sister. Mac tells Maxie that she doesn’t need to see Georgie this way. Mac asks Cooper to help him get Maxie out of there.

Kate and Diane discuss the violence in Sonny’s life. Kate asks Diane for advice on avoiding being a target and Diane tells Kate that if she wants to stay alive she can’t ever see Sonny again.

Jason tells Sonny that if Johnny disappears now, the cops will be all over them. Sonny insists that he doesn’t care. Sonny says that Johnny made a serious mistake. Lulu and Johnny are outside listening. Lulu asks Johnny what he did. Sonny says that the Zacchara’s started it and that he is going to end it. Sonny tells Jason, “Johnny dies tonight.” Johnny pulls Lulu away from the door and asks her what she is doing. Lulu claims that she could convince Sonny that Johnny didn’t do anything. Johnny pulls a gun out and says that he can handle Sonny himself.

Mike brings Michael and Morgan some hot chocolate. Mike tells Carly about Maxie’s attack. Jax offers to help a bus-person with a cart, but another bus-person comes to help. Carly isn’t sure where she has seen the other bus-person before.

The medic’s cover Georgie’s body and Mac tries to get Cooper to take Maxie away, but Maxie tells Mac not to leave her. Mac and Maxie leave with Cooper. Lucky looks at Georgie’s cell phone and sees a new text. They realize that the killer was waiting for Maxie. Lucky thinks that Georgie knew the person who killed her and he looks at Spinelli.

Diane tells Kate that Sonny’s enemies will always view her as a target. Diane says that Sonny has control issues, but he also knows how to stay alive.

Lulu tells Johnny that if he shoots Sonny, Johnny won’t make it out alive. Jason insists that Trevor is the threat, not Johnny. Sonny says that he is going to end this now. Lulu offers to go talk to Sonny. Lulu and Johnny leave. Jason tells Sonny to think it through. Sonny says that Trevor is nothing without Johnny. Sonny orders Jason to take out Johnny, or Sonny will.

Robin asks Liz about Nikolas. They discuss Emily and Nikolas. Mac brings Maxie into the hospital to see Lainey. Mac tells Robin that he will be right back.

Lucky questions Spinelli about finding Georgie. Lucky accuses Spinelli of killing Georgie. Detective Harper comes over and tells Spinelli that he is free to go. Detective Harper and Lucky argue. Sam comes up and asks what happened. Lucky tells Sam that Georgie was killed by the text message killer.

Carly tells the boys that they have to get back to their normal routine, which includes school. Carly tells the boys that Leticia’s cousin is going to be their new nanny. Michael insists that he is too old to have a nanny.

Johnny takes Lulu to Kelly’s. Lulu asks Johnny not to do anything stupid and he tells her to go inside.

Sonny shows up at Kate’s. Diane tells Sonny that Kate is terrified.

Lucky says that all they know is that Georgie showed up to meet whoever sent her a text message. Sam offers to take the sketch on her show and ask the public for help. Lucky has to leave because the coroner is there and Sam says that she will be fine.

Patrick comes over to talk to Robin about Maxie. Robin asks about Georgie and Mac comes out. Robin goes up to Mac and he tells her that Georgie is dead. Robin asks how and Mac tells her that Georgie was strangled in the park.

Jason gives orders to Max about finding information about everyone Johnny is in business with. Spinelli comes in and asks to see Jason. Max leaves. Spinelli tells Jason that the text message killer killed Georgie. Spinelli asks Jason for help in getting rid of Cooper Barrett.

Mike tells Jax about Daniel, the new bus-person. Lulu comes in to see Carly. Carly asks Jax to take the boys home so that she can talk to Lulu. Jax and the boys leave. Lulu asks Carly to stop Sonny from killing Johnny.

Diane says that Sonny needs to see what being shot at and nearly killed has done to Kate. Diane leaves. Kate insists that Diane was exaggerating. Sonny can tell that Kate isn’t fine. Kate admits that she is terrified.

Jason tells Spinelli that he didn’t fail Georgie. Spinelli says that Georgie got a text just before she was killed. Spinelli tells Jason that the text said that the killer wanted to meet Maxie in the park and Georgie went alone instead of telling Maxie. Spinelli says that maybe he could have helped. Spinelli tells Jason about Cooper and what Spinelli found. Spinelli says that Georgie thought she knew that Cooper was the killer and now she is gone.

Cooper walks the halls in the hospital. Robin tells Maxie that Lainey gave her a sedative and that should help Maxie sleep. Maxie tells Robin that she wants to see Georgie, but Robin says that she can’t. Maxie insists that she should have been killed, not Georgie. Maxie says that she was a bad sister.

The medics are zipping the bag over Georgie. Mac walks up and tells Lucky that he doesn’t know how to tell Felicia that one of her girls is gone. Mac tells Georgie that this shouldn’t have happened to her and that he loved her. Mac turns away while they finish zipping the bag. Lucky tells Detective Harper that they are going to start investigating by bringing Johnny Zacchara in for questioning.

Lulu tells Carly that Johnny was supposed to meet Sonny on the pier and that Johnny pulled Lulu out of the way as someone started shooting. Lulu tells Carly that she got a note to meet Johnny on the pier. Lulu explains that Johnny thought that Sonny sent the note to bring Johnny out in the open, but Carly tells her that Sonny would never use Lulu as bait or put her life in danger. Lulu asks Carly to talk to Sonny and convince him that Johnny isn’t the enemy. Lulu insists that this is only because Johnny saved her life and she wants to return the favor. Carly asks Lulu to stay away from Johnny.

Kate tells Sonny that she was in denial. Kate tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to die. Sonny realizes that they aren’t going to be able to make it work.

Sam goes to Kelly’s and tells Mike about Georgie. Mike says that he would rather hear about Georgie from Sam than read it in the papers. Mike doesn’t understand who would want to kill Georgie. Daniel comes over and says hi to Sam. He asks for her autograph. Sam asks Mike how much she owes him.

Patrick asks Robin if she needs anything and tells her to let her feelings out. Robin doesn’t understand why everyone she loves has to die.

Kate says that she knows in her head that there is no relationship worth risking her life over, but in her heart she knows how empty her life would be without Sonny. Kate admits that she doesn’t want to lose Sonny. Sonny says that he wishes things could be different, but the reality is that she is a target. Sonny says that the only way to end that is to walk away and never look back, but he can’t do it because he loves her and doesn’t want to let her go.

Liz goes to a hotel room at the Metro Court and sees it empty.

Carly walks into Sonny’s house. Jason is on the phone with Max and he wants Max to find Johnny. Jason tells Carly that Sonny isn’t there. Jason tells Carly about Georgie. Jason tells Carly to be really careful. Carly tells Jason what Lulu heard. Jason tells Carly that someone almost shot Kate. Carly realizes that this is about revenge for Kate and that Sonny is with Kate. Carly walks out towards Kate’s and Jason tries to stop her.

Mike tells Daniel that he can leave early if he wants. Daniel thanks Mike and leaves.

Spinelli goes back to the spot where he found Georgie. Spinelli pulls out a white candle and a lighter. He sits down. He speaks to Georgie and lights the candle. Spinelli sits the candle down on the step.

Mac comes to see Robin and Maxie. Robin tells Maxie that the love that Georgie gave them is still in their hearts. Robin tells Maxie and Mac that Georgie would want them to keep going and they owe it to her to try.

Liz looks out the window. Jason knocks on the door. Liz tells Jason that she wanted to see him and that she missed him. They kiss.

Sam returns home. She gets a text message that says “UR Next.” She hears someone and grabs a bottle. Lucky is outside and she lets him in. She shows him the text message.

Lulu meets Johnny. Lulu tells Johnny that she talked to Carly. Lulu insists that Sonny won’t hurt her. Johnny tells Lulu that he doesn’t want to lose her and kisses her.

Sonny explains that he wanted to increase security around her house because of what happened to her tonight. Sonny says that he has the situation handled. Carly walks in and asks Sonny a question. Carly says that he isn’t trying to protect the boys because he is trying to protect Kate because she can’t take the heat.

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