GH Update Monday 12/17/07

General Hospital Update Monday 12/17/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Jason stands outside a door. Spinelli comes out and Jason grabs him.

Georgie meets someone and says, “Thank god it’s you, for a second I thought I had a stalker.”

Maxie is in Sam’s hot tub. Someone walks up behind her and she turns around to see Lucky.

Johnny walks up and meets Lulu. Johnny pulls Lulu out of the way as someone starts shooting.

Kate sees Sonny and Trevor talking and walks up. Sonny pulls her down as someone fires a shot at Sonny’s table.

Maxie tells Lucky that Sam had a meeting. Maxie says that she likes Sam and Lucky together. Maxie says that Cooper is late. Maxie apologizes to Lucky for what happened between them. Lucky accepts her apology and apologizes for his behavior. Lucky leaves.

Jason asks Spinelli what he was doing. Spinelli says that he didn’t think Jason would consider Cooper a suspect. Jason says that Cooper was one of the gunmen at the Metro Court and that means he has no problem with violence. Jason says that if Cooper killed Emily, he will pay.

Johnny tells Lulu to run for it when he tells her. They both run.

Someone announces that the police have been called. Sonny asks Kate if she is all right. Sonny looks at Trevor.

Johnny and Lulu run out a door and Johnny blocks the door. Johnny looks around and then asks Lulu if she is hurt. Johnny asks what she is doing down there and Lulu says that he asked her to meet him.

Mac shows up and asks what happened. Kate tells Mac what happened. Sonny says that they should ask Trevor who wants Sonny dead, but Trevor tells them to ask Sonny why he wants Trevor dead.

Spinelli offers to help Jason, but Jason says that he can do it. Jason finds black leather gloves in Cooper’s desk. Jason tells Spinelli it would be better if he left. Jason tells Spinelli to stay away from there from now on.

Cooper shows up at Sam’s. Maxie says that she was worried about him. She feels his hands and asks him where he has been.

Georgie is lying on the steps with her things scattered around her. Spinelli comes up and finds Georgie. He calls her name and then sees the phone cord around her neck. He checks for a pulse and begs her to take a breath. He pulls out his cell phone and calls the police.

Maxie and Cooper watch it snow through the window. Maxie tells Cooper about when she and Georgie shared a room. Cooper tells her about the war. Cooper says that he missed her over the past months. Cooper says that life is too short and that he doesn’t want to waste any time. She asks him why he was late.

Mac questions Trevor and Sonny about why they were there. Diane shows up and asks Mac if he was questioning her client. Ric accuses Diane of running interference. Ric says that Trevor and Sonny have to stay. Kate leaves. Mac gets a call about another crime scene. Mac leaves for the park.

Johnny says that whenever he wanted to see Lulu he called her or sent her a text. Johnny tells Lulu why he was there. Johnny suggests that Sonny used Lulu to get to Johnny.

Detective Harper tells Spinelli that he has to back up. Spinelli says that Georgie shouldn’t be left alone. Mac looks over and asks who is lying there. Detective Harper says that he is sorry. Mac realizes that it is Georgie. Mac breaks down in tears.

Johnny tells Lulu about his meeting with Sonny. Lulu says that she told Sonny that Johnny had nothing to do with killing Sonny’s men. Johnny suggests that Sonny didn’t care if Lulu got killed as long as it drew Johnny out.

Trevor says that he asked for the meeting with Sonny. Ric tells Sonny that if Kate had gotten there sooner she would have been dead.

Kate arrives home. The phone rings and when she answers it, Kate realizes that she is shaking really badly. Kate collapses and starts hyperventilating.

Detective Harper suggests that Mac go back to the station. Lucky shows up. Mac says that he has to tell Maxie. Lucky offers to tell Maxie and bring her to Mac. Mac walks over to Spinelli and starts yelling at him. Spinelli says that he found Georgie. Mac orders the medics to take DNA samples from Spinelli. Mac insists that Spinelli knows something about what happened to Georgie.

Sonny gets home. Sonny tells Jason that Johnny tried to kill him using Trevor as bait. Sonny says that Johnny has to die. Sonny says that he has to make an example of Johnny.

Kate gets up off the floor to go answer the door. Diane came to see her. Kate says that she is going over some new items for spring. They drink some wine.

Lulu suggests that Trevor set it up. Johnny says that Trevor needs him alive. Lulu says that Johnny is wrong about Sonny and that Sonny would never kill her. Lulu says that some things are sacred to Sonny. Johnny says that Sonny is just as cold-blooded as Anthony. Johnny suggests that Sonny would tell Luke that it was Johnny’s fault that Lulu got shot.

Spinelli tells Detective Harper that he was coming from Kelly’s when he found Georgie. Spinelli says that when he found Georgie she was already cold. Spinelli says that he tried to give her CPR, but it didn’t work. Spinelli tells Detective Harper that he was hoping to find Georgie at Kelly’s, but she wasn’t there. Spinelli says that he was helping her to plan her year abroad.

Maxie suggests the use the Jacuzzi. Maxie asks Cooper about his family and suggests that he spend the holiday with her. Maxie tells him all about spending the holiday’s with her family. Lucky knocks and tells Maxie that it is important. She answers the door and he tells her to get dressed. Lucky tells her that it’s about Georgie. Maxie asks questions and he tells her that Georgie was murdered. Maxie starts to collapse, but Lucky catches her.

Kate tells Diane that she was fine until she got home. Diane tells her that it was shock. Diane tells Kate that Sonny asked her to follow Kate home. Kate says that the incident at the restaurant was worse than the ball. Kate tells Diane about her previous relationships. Diane says that she could never love Sonny. Kate says that Diane is still Sonny’s lawyer. Diane says that Sonny’s enemies aren’t going to target his council, but they will target the woman that Sonny loves.

Lulu and Johnny arrive at Sonny’s. Sonny says that the same person who shot at him, killed 3 of their men. Sonny says that he wants Johnny dead and tells Jason to make it happen. Sonny tells Jason that if anyone gets in the way, to kill them too.

Ric goes over the crime scene again. Trevor comes out and offers to buy Ric a drink. Ric says that he wishes he knew who was really lying to him, Trevor or Sonny. Ric orders a drink. Trevor tells Ric that Sonny wants him dead. Ric says that Trevor left him a long time ago. Ric tells Trevor that he has a problem with Sonny trying to kill Trevor.

Mac asks them how much longer Georgie has to stay out there. Maxie shows up and demands to see Georgie. Mac catches Maxie before she gets to Georgie’s body.

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