GH Update Friday 12/14/07

General Hospital Update Friday 12/14/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Jason are in their office discussing Johnny and Trevor.

Johnny is drinking in the Metro Court bar. Trevor is there.

Georgie is at the coffee house with Spinelli. He’s still looking for information on Coop. Spinelli trusts Georgie’s “suspicion.”

Coop and Maxie meet at Kelly’s. Maxie tells Coop she’s planned a romantic evening where they will be “completely alone.” Maxie tells Coop they’re going to Sam’s place. Coop tells Maxie how much he cares for her.

Spinelli tells Georgie that Coop has no “history of violence.” Then Spinelli finds that a “female soldier was strangled” when Coop was in Iraq.

In his office, Sonny tells Jason to “clean out” the largest Zacchara warehouse.

At the Metro Court, Johnny and Trevor disagree over a “compromise” with Sonny. Johnny wants to meet with Sonny. Trevor says it’s “a sign of weakness.” Trevor advises Johnny against having a “talk” with Sonny. Johnny resents Trevor’s manipulations. Trevor says Sonny will kill Johnny before the proposed meeting is up. Johnny gets a letter from Jason telling him to meet Jason on the pier.

Lulu is on the pier when Logan arrives.

Back in his office, Sonny refers to Johnny as “damaged.” Kate comes into the office with Max. Jason and Max leave the office. Sonny tells Kate about the restraining order. Kate says she “had no idea” about the order. Kate says she’ll cancel the order as soon as Sonny gets rid of the security guards. Sonny says Alexis is “projecting” her anger from their failed relationship on him through Kate.

Lucky goes to Sam’s. She apologizes for asking Lucky to move in. Lucky says it “would be a great idea” for the two of them to live together.

On the pier, Lulu lies that she’s there to buy cigars for Luke. Logan says he was just passing by. Logan warns Lulu that she’s setting herself up to get hurt. Lulu says she’s not ready to “date” Logan at this point. Lulu walks away from Logan.

Georgie comes into Kelly’s. She wants to speak with Maxie privately. Coop goes off to make a phone call. Georgie tells Maxie to “stay away from” Coop. Maxie says Georgie is acting out of jealousy. The girls argue. Georgie tells Maxie about the female soldier in Iraq. Maxie isn’t convinced. Coop is outside watching the girls through the window.

At the coffee house, Spinelli shares Georgie’s suspicions about Coop with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli that Georgie “likes” him. Spinelli is surprised by Jason’s words.

Sonny and Kate are still in his office. She’s looking for him to compromise. Sonny says Kate should be more “submissive.” Kate wonders how Alexis ever got personally involved with Sonny.

At Sam’s, Lucky tells Sam he “likes” her. He says she’s more than just a way of getting over his divorce. Lucky wants his kids to “get to know” Sam. He suggest that Sam move into his house instead. They agree to take it slow and talk more soon. Lucky leaves for work.

At the coffee house, Spinelli tells Jason about the female soldier in Iraq. Jason says there isn’t enough “proof” that Coop is the killer. Spinelli also brings up Coop’s “special forces training.” Jason asks Spinelli to “hack into” Coop’s phone records.

Lulu and Logan come into Kelly’s. Georgie asks Logan about the strangled soldier. She lies and says that Coop told her about it. Logan says he knows nothing about it. It’s not clear if Logan is covering for Coop. Johnny comes into Kelly’s. Logan wonders why Johnny is there. Johnny gets coffee and leaves. Lulu gets mad at Logan’s attitude toward Logan.

At the coffee house, Spinelli finds out that Coop was not working at the PCPD the night Leticia was killed. Jason insists that Spinelli get Coop’s phone records. Spinelli asks Jason to clarify what he meant when he said Georgie “likes” him. Jason does. Spinelli is very surprised that Georgie would choose him as the object of her affection.

Maxie arrives at Sam’s. Maxie tells Sam she “might even love” Coop. Sam says Maxie deserves happiness after all she’s been through. Sam leaves.

Sonny gets a call from Trevor. Kate is still in the office with Sonny. Sonny agrees to meet Trevor at the Metro Court. He asks Kate to meet him tomorrow but she declines. Kate leaves Sonny’s office.

Trevor is at the Metro Court. He tells his guard to shoot Sonny when he gets a “clear shot.” Trevor waits for Sonny to show up.

Sam is walking through the park. She hears a noise but doesn’t see anyone. She calls out but nobody answers.

Maxie is at Sam’s lighting candles and waiting for Coop.

Coop is in his room at Kelly’s. He’s messing with his phone. Downstairs, Lulu and Logan argue about Johnny. Logan says Johnny is “crazy.” Lulu defends Johnny. Lulu insists she’s been staying away from Johnny. Logan leaves Kelly’s. Lulu admits to Georgie that she is on her way “somewhere” and doesn’t want Logan to know. Georgie gets a text message. It says, “tell ur sis to meet in the park.” Georgie looks worried.

Sonny meets Trevor at the Metro Court. Trevor lies that he “respects” Sonny. Trevor tells Sonny that Jason “held a gun” on him so the Zaccharas had to retaliate. Sonny tells Trevor that they will play a “new game,” using his “rules.”

Georgie is walking through the park. She stands and waits. It looks like someone is watching her.

Maxie is in the hot tub at Sam’s. There’s a shadow behind her.

Lulu goes back to the pier.

Jason goes to Coop’s room to look around. He looks through the desk. Jason hears footsteps so he pulls his gun and waits behind the door.

Trevor and Sonny are at the Metro Court. The sniper points a gun at Sonny. Trevor tells Sonny not to trust Johnny. Kate comes across the two men. A shot is fired.

Next Time:

Georgie sees a familiar face in the park

Kate walks into the middle of gunfire

Maxie meets with a surprise at Sam’s

Jason encounters someone in Coop’s room

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