GH Update Thursday 12/13/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/13/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie and Spinelli are at Kelly’s. Spinelli says he’s been investigating Coop. Georgie is very suspicious of Coop. Maxie and Coop come down from upstairs.

Lucky goes to see Sam at her apartment. Lucky says Luke is ok, so far. Lucky is worried about a mob war between the Zaccharas and Sonny.

Trevor is at the Zacchara house talking to a guard. Johnny comes in furious about the impending war.

Sonny and Jason are in their office. Sonny says they won’t retaliate.

Back at Kelly’s, Maxie asks Spinelli about his granny. Georgie wonders why Maxie is “being so nice.” Maxie says she’s glad to be alive. Coop changes the subject. Maxie wants to make good with Georgie and Spinelli so she asks them to breakfast.

Lulu goes to Logan’s apartment. She’s worried about Luke. Lulu’s only real memory of Luke is “ice fishing.” Logan tries to comfort Lulu.

At Sam’s, Lucky says the “order” to blow up Sonny’s shipment came from Johnny Z. Lucky says Sam needs another guard so she asks him (Lucky) to move in.

In Sonny’s office, Sonny says Johnny “ordered the ambush.” Jason is unsure. Sonny wants to “set Johnny up to fail.”

At the Zacchara house, Johnny insists that all orders will come from him. Trevor calls Johnny “paranoid.” Trevor says he will “run things together” with Johnny for the time being. Trevor says they must “get” Sonny “first” before Sonny gets them.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli and Georgie have breakfast with Coop and Maxie. Spinelli says he’s staying in town for the holidays. Maxie says she’s going to Vermont with Coop. Georgie tries to talk her out of the trip. Coop offers to take Spinelli mountain climbing in the spring. He tells Spinelli the “cords” are stronger than they look. Spinelli excuses himself and leaves, as does Coop. Georgie tells Maxie her suspicions about Coop.

At Logan’s, Lulu is appreciative of the moral support. Logan says it was the least he could do. Lulu heads back to Kelly’s.

At Sam’s, Lucky considers her offer to move in. Lucky wonders if the offer is an attempt to “get back at” Liz. Sam says it’s not. Sam wonders if Lucky is really interested in her. Lucky says he cares a lot about Sam.

Johnny and Trevor continue to disagree at the Zacchara house. Johnny says Trevor wants to “get back at Sonny” for “stealing” Kate. Johnny proposes a “compromise” with Sonny.

In his office, Sonny wonders how “stupid” Johnny is. Harper interrupts. He takes Jason to the PCPD. Alexis comes into the office. Sonny says, “it’s a bad time.” Alexis scolds Sonny for failing to “respect” Kate’s boundaries. Alexis presents Sonny with a restraining order.

At Kelly’s, Maxie says Coop wouldn’t hurt her. Georgie says Coop was “stalking” Maxie when he watched her through the window. Georgie wonders how well Maxie knows Coop. Maxie has a flashback of Coop in the vault with her at the Metro Court.

At home, Johnny tells Trevor he plans on making a “deal” with Sonny. Trevor laughs at Johnny’s proposal. Lucky interrupts to take Johnny in for “questioning.”

At the PCPD, Jason refuses to talk to Harper without Diane. Harper talks to Jason about Johnny and the murders. Harper asks why Jason helped Johnny get out of custody. He wonders if Jason’s plan is to kill Johnny.

In his office, Sonny tells Alexis he’s just trying to protect Kate. Alexis tells Sonny to let Kate handle her own security. Sonny tells Alexis to be more “objective.”

Lulu goes to Johnny’s house. Trevor wonders what she wants with Johnny. Lulu wants to thank Johnny for his help with Luke. Trevor tells Lulu that Johnny is at the PCPD to worry her.

Logan goes to Kelly’s to look for Lulu. Georgie asks Logan to stay and talk. She drills him about his knowledge of Coop. Logan says, “Coop’s a descent guy.” He says Coop is really persistent and “obsessive about finishing whatever he sets out to do.”

At the PCPD, Harper needs Jason to cooperate. Since Jason refuses to talk, Harper sends him on his way. Jason sees Johnny at the station.

Maxie goes to Sam’s. Maxie fills Sam in on her and Coop. She also tells Sam about the attempt on her life.

Georgie goes to see Spinelli. She asks him to get some information about Coop. Georgie tells Spinelli what Logan said about Coop. Spinelli says Logan isn’t exactly a reliable “source” for such information. Georgie is worried. She wonders if Coop is a “psycho.”

At the PCPD, Jason and Johnny exchange glances. Lucky takes Johnny into a room for questioning.

Lulu goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. Lulu says Johnny is innocent as far as the incident on the docks. Sonny says Johnny has to “deal with the consequences” of his family’s business.

Sam offers Maxie and Coop her apartment for a “romantic” evening while she’s in the city. A worried Sam tells Maxie to “be careful.”

Georgie is still at Jason’s with Spinelli. He’s looking in Cooper’s military files. Coop’s file says he worked “in special forces.” Georgie is sure that Coop is the text message killer.

Cruz finds Coop texting a message outside of Kelly’s. Coop looks nervous and guilty. Cruz thinks nothing of it. Coop lets it slip that he hasn’t been “at work” because he’s “planning something” of a “surprise” for Maxie.

Jason goes back to the office. He tells Sonny that Johnny was brought into the PCPD. Sonny says sooner or later they will “bring down” Johnny.

Lucky and Harper question Johnny at the station. Johnny refuses to say anything. Harper wants to know Johnny’s whereabouts last night. Johnny says he was at GH, which angers Lucky.

Lulu goes to GH. A nurse hands her a note from Johnny. The note says, “Meet me tomorrow 7:00pm pier 52, Johnny.” Logan approaches and Lulu lies about the note, saying it’s from Bobbie.

At the Zacchara house, Trevor plans to use Lulu to get Johnny to cooperate. Trevor tells his guard that he wrote the letter to Lulu. Trevor says Johnny will think he’s going to the pier to meet with Jason. Trevor tells his man to kill Lulu but “spare” Johnny. Trevor wants it to “look like” Sonny “ordered” the hit.

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Coop and Maxie make plans

Spinelli shares a suspicion with Jason

Georgie finds herself in a dangerous situation

Sonny dares Trevor to speak his mind

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