GH Update Wednesday 12/12/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/12/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Skye tells Luke that he is going to be there for a long time. Luke sees Lulu and Logan and their kids.

Sonny tells Max to let him know if he sees anything that doesn’t seem right. Sonny compliments Max’s tie. Kate knocks on Sonny’s door. Sonny asks her if she is lost. Kate comes in and says that they didn’t finish their conversation.

Trevor says that Jason sprung Johnny so that Johnny would owe Jason. Trevor asks Jason if he needs to lose someone else close to him before he realizes who he is up against. Jason slams Trevor down on the desk and holds a gun at his head. Spinelli comes down the stairs and tells Jason not to shoot Trevor.

Johnny backs up so that Lulu won’t see him. Lulu apologizes for being scared. Lulu says that she didn’t realize that her dad was that helpless. She doesn’t want to lose her dad. Lulu says that if her dad walks out of the hospital healthy, she will never give him grief for taking off again. Logan tells her that she won’t be alone no matter what happens.

Dr. Julian shows up and takes over for Monica. Luke opens his eyes.

Lulu stops the children from fighting. Skye says that Lulu and Logan have been married for 10 years. Skye tells Luke about the children. Lulu gives Luke the baby. Lulu and Logan leave for Lamaze class and Luke asks about the children. Leslie comes downstairs and tells Luke that disco is back. Luke begs to get out of there. Luke burns his hand on the doorknob.

Sonny wonders what is left to say. Kate says that when Sonny left all she wanted was to see him again. Kate says that what scares her is the danger to her heart.

Jason tells Spinelli to leave. Spinelli says that maybe someone watched Trevor come in and then Jason could be convicted of murder. Trevor says that they just started a war.

Everyone waits for news on Luke. Bobbie says that she called Scott. Tracy yells at everyone. Monica comes out and tells Tracy that she is sorry.

Luke changes the baby. Luke tells the kids to be nice to each other. Lucky comes in and tells Luke that he can’t take over with the kids because he already took Luke’s shift at the PCPD. Mac comes in and asks Luke if he is ready to go golfing. Mac and Lucky both leave. Luke doesn’t see how he could deserve this. Skye laughs at him.

Maxie gets flowers delivered to her at Kelly’s. She opens the card and realizes that they are from Coop. Coop says that Georgie almost caught him arranging to send flowers to Maxie. Maxie tells them that she got a text message and Georgie says that she needs to call Mac and tell him. Coop says that it isn’t productive to scare Maxie any more than she already is.

Kate tells Sonny that he has made her life more complicated. Sonny tells her that he went through a rough patch, but he got help and that everything was great. He says that he didn’t think anything was missing, but someone walked into his office and showed him different. Kate tells Sonny that he makes her happy. They share a kiss.

Trevor asks where Johnny is, but the guard doesn’t know. Trevor tells the guard what happened at the PCPD. Trevor orders the guard to strike Sonny’s organization that night.

Jason tells someone on the phone that he will meet the shipment at the pier. Jason tells Spinelli that he is family to Jason. Jason opens the door to Johnny Zacchara. Spinelli leaves the room. Johnny asks Jason why he sent Diane and what he expects in return.

Lulu and Logan come into the waiting area and ask what happened. Monica says that she doesn’t know what happened. Monica tells them that Dr. Julian is trying to repair the damage and tells Tracy that she is right and Monica shouldn’t have tried to perform the surgery.

Lulu’s daughter tells Luke that her boyfriend is on the phone. She calls Luke an old fart and runs upstairs. Scott comes in and Skye tells Luke about Scott. Luke tells Scott that he is going out for a drink and that Scott gets the kids, but Scott says that he and his woman are boarding a jet. Tracy comes in and kisses Scott.

Monica tells them that she was being arrogant. Tracy asks about Luke. Monica tells them that she froze and that she saw Emily’s face everywhere. She tells them that she lost focus and that she thought she was losing Luke. Monica says that she hopes that Luke makes it.

Luke asks Tracy what she called Scott. Skye tells Luke that he took off one too many times and Tracy left him. Scott reminds Luke that his alimony payment is late again. Tracy says that she will be in the car getting ready and leaves. Scott asks if Luke has a message for Holly. Scott tells Luke that Tracy loves to share him and that he and Holly are going to be taking off to have fun.

Johnny says that he can’t make any guarantees of a truce. Jason tells Johnny that he doesn’t think he is guilty and that Johnny owes Jason nothing.

Kate tells Sonny that when she is in his arms the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Sonny asks Kate if they can go upstairs because he wants her to wake up in his arms. Kate says that she can’t. She tells him that she loves him, but he needs to respect her boundaries by removing his security and putting the wall back.

Georgie shows up to see Spinelli. Spinelli asks if she is all right. Spinelli tells her that he is glad she is in one piece. Georgie says that what she needs from him is top secret. She shows him the text message that she received and asks him if he can trace it.

Jason shows up to see Sonny. Sonny tells him that he knows that Jason got Johnny released. Jason says that he wants the police looking for who really killed Emily. Sonny asks Jason why he is so sure that it wasn’t Johnny. Jason tells Sonny about what happened with Trevor.

Johnny returns home. Trevor asks where he has been. Johnny asks where Trevor was.

Leslie thanks Monica for trying. Bobbie says that Monica was courageous for trying. Monica tells Tracy that she was right. Tracy tells Monica not to talk to her. Lucky tells Tracy that no one said Luke was dead. Lulu asks Monica about Luke. Monica says that when Dr. Julian got in there, Luke was slipping away.

Skye tells Luke that he tired the kids out. Luke opens a cigar box and pulls one out. He walks around the house looking for a lighter or matches. Skye has a jar of lighters. A bottle and a glass show up on the table. Skye asks him if he would have lived his life any differently if he could go back and do it again. Luke says no because his life was heaven. Skye walks out. Luke opens the door and sees a bright light.

Spinelli tries to trace the message, but he tells her that it is piggybacked onto Mac’s phone. Georgie suggests tracing the number backwards. Spinelli asks who the suspect is and Georgie tells him that the suspect is Cooper Barrett. Georgie tells him why Cooper is the suspect.

Maxie and Cooper are talking at Kelly’s. Maxie says that she isn’t ready to die because she wants more time to spend with the people she loves, like him. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone and he suggests that she stay with him. She grabs her flowers and they go upstairs.

Dr. Julian says that they can’t do a bypass on Luke because he has no heart and Luke opens his eyes. Dr. Julian says that there is no more they can do. Luke wakes up and sees Skye and Tracy.

Lulu tells Logan that she is so relieved that Luke is okay. Lulu tells Logan that the night would have been worse without him.

Trevor says that if he would have went down there too quickly the cops would have thought that Johnny had something to hide. Johnny says that he is entering in a trust with Sonny and Jason.

Jason tells Sonny that Spinelli was there and he couldn’t involve Spinelli. Jason turns to leave to meet the shipment, but Max comes in and says that the shipment is gone. Jason asks if Max was shot. Max insists that he is okay, but the guys came out of nowhere. Sonny announces that the Zacchara’s just declared war.

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