GH Update Tuesday 12/11/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Luke asks Monica for some privacy with his wife. Tracy asks if Monica called Dr. Julian and Monica says that Dr. Julian hasn’t responded. Monica says that she has to do the surgery because Luke is running out of time, but Tracy refuses.

Georgie tells Coop that someone grabbed Maxie from behind when she came home. Coop asks if she is all right. Georgie tells him that Maxie is giving her statement to Detective Harper. Coop says that she got a text message and Georgie asks how he knew about the text message.

Mac brings Maxie something to drink. Maxie asks when she can leave, but Mac says that he is bringing in a suspect and wants to see if she can identify him in a line-up.

Lucky handcuffs Johnny and says that he is just following orders. Lucky says that if he had his way, he would be taking Jason in too. Jason says that they were just having a conversation. Lucky tells him that he is sure Emily would be happy to know that Jason is doing business with the man who killed her.

Maxie tells Mac that she can do a line-up. Detective Harper asks to see Mac outside and they leave the room.

Georgie says that Maxie didn’t get a text message, but Georgie did. Coop says that he assumed that Maxie got one because everyone is calling the killer “The Text Message Killer.” Coop tells Georgie about the text message that the mayor got about Emily’s murder. Mac calls Georgie’s cell phone. Georgie says that she will be right there and tells Mike that she has to go to the police station to do a line-up. Coop says that she didn’t tell him that she saw the guy.

Lucky asks Jason if he cares that Johnny has Emily’s blood on his hands. Jason suggests that Lucky should not be working the case and Lucky tells Jason that he betrayed Emily by bringing the Zacchara’s to town and letting them kill her. Lucky takes Johnny out of the room.

Lulu gets to the hospital and asks Bobbie if something is wrong with Luke. Bobbie tells Lulu that Luke needs the surgery tonight. Skye shows up and Lulu fills her in. Bobbie says that Luke isn’t a positive thinker so they need to tell him to live through it.

Tracy says that Monica shouldn’t be working. Monica says that she has done plenty of bypass surgeries. Tracy asks her if she has done any since Emily died. Tracy says that they will wait for Dr. Julian. Luke says that since it is his heart, he gets a vote. Monica tells Luke that he can wait for Dr. Julian, but the longer he waits the bigger the risks. Tracy accuses Monica of trying to scare Luke. Monica insists that she is just giving Luke the facts. Luke says to get it over with.

Lulu asks when they will start the surgery. Lulu asks if Bobbie called Lucky. Lulu leaves to call Lucky and tells Bobbie not to let them start the surgery until she gets back with Lucky. Bobbie and Skye admit that they are scared.

Epiphany gives the nurses their schedules. Nadine keeps itching her elbow. Nadine says that her family has a superstition that if your elbow itches someone is about to die.

Monica tells Luke what will happen during the surgery. Monica leaves and tells Luke that she will see him when they are done with the surgery. Tracy tells him to rethink having the surgery without Dr. Julian. Luke insists that the surgery will go fine with Monica doing it. Luke says that when this is over, they should go back to Vegas for a second honeymoon or go just settle down together and hate the holidays. Luke says that he has a future and that he will be back.

Coop and Georgie get to the PCPD. Maxie hugs Coop. Coop asks Maxie about the attack. Maxie remembers more than she did. Mac asks Georgie about the description again. Detective Harper says that they got Johnny Zacchara’s record and tells him all the charges. Johnny is brought in by Lucky. Mac slams Johnny against the wall and tells him that the game is over.

Diane goes to Jason’s penthouse. Jason tells Diane that Johnny got hauled in for Emily’s murder and that he wants her to get him released. Diane asks if Jason plans to kill Johnny.

Trevor sits at the desk and a guard tells him that Johnny just got hauled out for questioning by the police. Trevor says that they will let Johnny sit in jail for a while.

Jason tells Diane to review Johnny’s record. Spinelli gives her 2 copies of Johnny’s record. She asks him how he got it. Jason thanks Spinelli for getting Johnny’s record so fast. Jason says that he doesn’t think that Johnny killed Emily and that he doesn’t want the cops to waste time.

Lulu shows up at the PCPD to find Lucky and is told that Johnny is being questioned about Emily’s murder and Maxie’s attack. Lulu tells Lucky that Luke is having surgery that night and that he needs to be there. Mac orders Lucky to go.

Bobbie sits by Luke’s bed and talks to him. Bobbie tells Luke that Lulu went after Lucky. Luke asks if Bobbie will be in the OR. Bobbie says that the kids need her. Luke asks if Monica is up to the surgery. Bobbie says that she is absolutely sure that Monica can do it. Luke asks if she thinks he will make it through the surgery. Bobbie says that the surgery is nothing compared to the life he has lived. They discuss Laura. Luke says that he will be back and Bobbie agrees with him. Luke tells Bobbie not to throw Tracy out a window while he is in surgery and she tells him that she can’t promise anything. Skye comes to see Luke. She tells him that he isn’t allowed to die. He asks what is in it for him if he lives and she tells him that he will just have to wait and see. Skye leaves.

Epiphany tells Nadine that she will be assisting in the OR tonight. Tracy tells Epiphany to try to reach Dr. Julian again. Tracy tells Monica that she froze with Alan. Tracy tells her not to put Luke’s life on the line because Monica isn’t ready to deal with losing Emily.

Maxie and Georgie look at the line-up. Mac asks if anything seems familiar. Maxie says that she knows Johnny. Maxie says that she doesn’t know. Mac asks Georgie. Georgie says that it could be any of them and that they all fit the description. Georgie can’t identify the person. Maxie remembers something.

Jason tells Spinelli that Lucky is all over the place accusing people of murdering Emily because the person Lucky wants to blame is Jason. Spinelli says that Lucky should be taken off the case.

Maxie says that the guy was holding her so close that she could smell him. She says that it was a clean smell. They all agree that they shouldn’t talk about it with anyone including other cops. Maxie, Georgie and Coop go to Kelly’s. Detective Harper tells Johnny that he is free to go, but Mac refuses. Diane tells Mac that if Johnny isn’t under arrest then he is leaving.

Lulu and Lucky get to the hospital and see Luke. Luke tells them to keep an eye on Bobbie. Luke tells Lucky that he hates him being a cop, but it was worth seeing his mother laugh when Lucky told her. Luke tells Lucky to keep an eye on Lulu. Luke tells them that they are both amazing. A nurse and an orderly come to take Luke to surgery. Lulu kisses Luke on the cheek. Luke tells them to help Nikolas take care of Laura and to visit her as much as possible. Luke says to go after what they love and not to let anyone tell them how to live. They tell him they love him and leave. Lucky tells Lulu that it will be okay, but she calls him a liar.

Diane asks Johnny if he wants her counsel or not. Johnny says that she can represent him. Diane says that he can talk to Jason about Jason’s expectations. Mac says that Johnny is a suspect. Diane reminds Mac that Georgie and Maxie couldn’t identify Johnny. Diane asks Mac if he is charging Johnny with anything. Diane threatens to create some very bad publicity. Johnny is able to leave and Diane gives him her card. Trevor shows up and Johnny tells him that Diane already did Trevor’s job. Johnny leaves without Trevor.

Georgie and Maxie are talking. Maxie wonders how the killer got into their house. Maxie says that she is going to be sick and runs up the stairs. Logan comes in and asks Georgie if she has seen Lulu, but Georgie hasn’t. Scott asks Logan if he has thought about being a cop. Logan and Scott sit down for a cup of coffee. Bobbie calls Scott and tells him about Luke’s surgery. Scott tells Logan about Luke.

Lulu goes to Luke’s hospital room and sits on his bed holding his pillow. She talks to Laura and says that Luke really needs her tonight and asks Laura to stay with him. Lulu asks Laura to save Luke and bring him back to them.

Epiphany tells Monica that Luke isn’t out yet. Luke flirts with Epiphany. Luke goes under. Monica comes in and asks if they are ready. Monica sees Emily standing before her.

Skye brings everyone coffee. Scott and Logan arrive. Bobbie tells them that they haven’t heard anything yet. Logan asks about Lulu and is told that she is in Luke’s room. Logan goes to find her. Scott says that maybe Scott being there will make Luke keep breathing.

Monica is operating on Luke and she sees Emily standing in front of her again. Epiphany says that they are losing the patient. Monica says that she doesn’t know what to do. Luke opens his eyes and sits up. Skye greets him. Skye tells him that he isn’t going to heaven. Luke is sitting on a couch.

Georgie gives Maxie something to drink. Georgie suggests that they try to figure out the text message. Georgie goes to the car to get her cell phone. Maxie tells her to hurry. Someone watches Maxie from outside. Maxie gets a text message saying, “C U Soon.” Georgie sees Coop standing outside with a cell phone in his hand.

Logan finds Lulu. Lulu says that she can’t lose her dad because she already lost her mom. Johnny goes to find Lulu and sees her hugging Logan.

Trevor tells Jason that he isn’t going to allow Jason to cut him out of Johnny’s life. Trevor tells Jason that if he keeps this up, he will lose someone else really close to him.

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