GH Update Monday 12/10/07

General Hospital Update Monday 12/10/07


Written by Mandy
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Luke tells Tracy that he will have the operation. Tracy says that he should be fighting to live instead of tempting fate.

Kate tells Sonny that it isn’t fair for him to pretend that his only agenda is to keep her safe. Sonny tells her that he has to know that he can protect her.

Ric interrupts Lucky and Jason’s conversation. Ric asks why Baby Jake would be in danger.

Someone is strangling Maxie. Georgie comes in and sees someone run out past her. She runs over to her sister and begs Maxie to wake up. Georgie shakes her and begs Maxie to breathe. Maxie takes a breath and Georgie calls 911.

Lucky explains to Ric that he was telling Jason to stay away from Elizabeth. Lucky says that Anthony Zacchara killed Emily because she was Jason’s sister. Ric wonders if Jason feels at all responsible. Mac interrupts and tells Lucky that someone just tried to kill Maxie and he needs Lucky’s help. Lucky runs out after looking at Jason.

Sonny tells Kate that he shouldn’t have put the guards on her and that he shouldn’t have set up surveillance without her permission. Sonny swears to Kate that he did it to protect her. Kate says that she isn’t sure that she believes him. Sonny tells her that he can’t keep loving her if she is a target.

Alexis and Diane interrupt Sonny and Kate’s conversation. Alexis tells him to leave her client’s property or he could be arrested for trespassing.

Luke realizes that Tracy is really mad at someone. Tracy yells at Luke for the way he lives his life. Tracy tells him that if he puts his mind to it he will survive anything.

Mac holds Maxie while she cries. He looks at the bruises around Maxie’s neck. Maxie admits that she was really scared. Mac promises her that they will find the person who did it and that he will personally make sure the person pays. Lucky asks her what she can tell them about the person who tried to strangle her. Maxie tells them that she didn’t see anything and tells them everything that happened when she came in the house. Georgie says that all she saw was someone running past her and Maxie lying on the floor. Lucky asks Georgie if she can identify the person she saw run past her.

Ric asks Jason why someone would want to kill Maxie. Jason requests his lawyer. Ric tells Jason that Diane will be around eventually. Ric tells Jason that his perspectives have changed since the night of the ball. Ric can’t believe that Sonny saved his life. Ric says that the one thing that hasn’t changed is Ric’s contempt for the way Jason trashed Elizabeth’s life. Ric says that Jason took advantage of Liz. Ric tells Jason that wherever he goes, death and destruction always follow. Ric leaves and Jason sits down.

Skye tells Trevor that Alcazar’s estate is still tied up in probate. Trevor tries to tell Skye that it helps to have friends in high places to cut through the red tape. Johnny shows up and says that he wanted to talk to Skye about the offer in person. Trevor explains that he didn’t think Johnny was going to show up because he hadn’t heard from him.

Kate tells Alexis that Sonny isn’t trespassing because she let Sonny in. Diane tells Alexis that Kate has created a hazard to Sonny’s health and well-being because she hasn’t made surveillance arrangements. Sonny leaves after Alexis and Diane start going after each other.

Luke says that he never quits when it matters. Luke tells Tracy that maybe she doesn’t know him as well as he thought she did. Luke says that he loves his life and that he doesn’t want to give it up. Luke tells Tracy that he isn’t ready to set her free on the world as the merry widow. Tracy tells him that he makes her life worth living and she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Luke says that he won’t quit living his life his way. Tracy gets upset and leaves.

Georgie says that she told Lucky and Mac everything. Mac asks for a general description. She comes up with a few details. Georgie says that she got a text message earlier in the day that said, “Seen your sis.” Georgie didn’t think anything of it when she got it, but now she thinks it might have been a warning that someone was coming after Maxie.

Johnny tells Skye that he has taken over his father’s business. Johnny says that he wants Alcazar’s waterfront holdings. Skye says that, even if she could, she isn’t ready to sell any of Lorenzo’s assets at this time. Johnny tells her that he hopes she goes home and reconsiders. Ric gets off the elevator and sees Skye sitting with Trevor and Johnny.

The detective comes in and tells Jason that he wants to go over the statement Jason gave the night of Emily’s murder. Jason asks if Diane is on the way. The detective says that the murderer might still be out there. Diane comes in and announces that she is taking her client home unless Jason is under arrest. The detective says that if Jason has any information that will help them find Emily’s killer, he needs to speak up.

Kate is at the hospital doing her community service. Kate lets go of her cart and it crashes into something. Kate tells a young man that Epiphany has unmet expectations regarding her son. Kate suspects that he is flirty with her. She thinks that his flirting has something to do with her past at the magazine. He tells her that he is a singer, not a model. He walks away and Jerry comes up. Jerry asks Kate if she has given any more thought to his warning.

Sonny goes to see Luke. Luke asks if Sonny saw Tracy out there, but Sonny says he hasn’t. Luke tells Sonny that he is supposed to change his life. Luke says that he doesn’t want the surgery if it means that he has to quit living his life by his own rules. Luke says that he is supposed to die of a gunshot wound or being cracked over the head with a blunt object, not from his heart giving out. Luke says that he doesn’t want to die, but he wants to live his own way. Luke says that he won’t live because he is too terrified to die. Sonny says that either you fight to live or you choose to die. Luke tells Sonny what it would mean to change his lifestyle, while Tracy listens from outside the door. Luke says that he would rather be a memory; than to have Tracy hovers around watching every breath he takes. Tracy comes in and Sonny leaves. Sonny tells Luke that he wants Luke around. Luke realizes that Tracy was eavesdropping and she tells him that sometimes that is the only way to hear the truth.

Jerry says that he tried to warn Kate that she would live longer if she weren’t involved with Sonny. Jerry warns her that a mob war is about to break out between Sonny and the Zacchara family. Jerry walks away and Sonny comes up. Sonny asks her why she was talking to Jerry. She says that she was late and now she is wasting time, so she walks away.

Diane tells Jason that the police are trying to pin Emily and Leticia’s murders on him. He says that there is a pattern there, but he can’t figure out what it is. The detective comes in and tells Jason that Maxie was almost strangled with a phone cord, which is the way Leticia was killed. The detective asks Jason if he has any idea what Emily, Leticia, Carly and Maxie have in common.

Ric watches from across the room as Skye talks to Johnny and Trevor. Johnny says that if Sonny magically ends up with the waterfront access that belonged to Alcazar, there will be trouble. Johnny gets up and leaves. Trevor tells Skye that she is in no danger. Skye says that the meeting is over and gets up to leave. Ric says something to her and she tells him that she is in a hurry. Ric asks Trevor what was going on. Trevor says that it doesn’t concern Ric, but Ric insists that it does. Ric tells Trevor that he thinks that by trying to pin Emily’s murder on Anthony Zacchara, Trevor is covering for Johnny. Ric says that he won’t allow Skye to be added to the list of murdered women. Ric walks away.

Lucky is there when Luke wakes up. Lucky says that he wanted to talk to Luke. Luke tells him that if he is there to remind Luke of the reasons he should fight to live, to save his breath. Lucky tells Luke that the bypass will save his life. Luke says that he wouldn’t expect Lucky to understand because his body has never failed him. Lucky reminds Luke that he is a recovering drug addict. Lucky says that if Luke pushes his body to more extremes, then he will have made the decision to end his own life.

Johnny arrives home and is greeted by Jason. Jason asks about anything Johnny knows about the murders. Jason says that another woman would be dead if her sister hadn’t come home. Johnny asks if it is someone he knows and Jason tells him that it is Maxie Jones. Johnny nods his head.

Alexis tells Jerry that either they split the check for dinner or she is leaving. Jerry says that a gentleman never lets a woman pay. Jerry claims that his invitation to dinner is to thank her for her help with Leyla. Jerry suggests that Alexis cares about him.

Kate gets home and someone pounds on her door. She answers it and sees Sonny standing there. She lets him in. He tells her that he has a confession to make and tells her that he has been waiting in the car for her to pull up. Kate tells him that he has violated Alexis’ court order. He asks if she is going to call her lawyer. Sonny wants her to admit that she misses him as much as he misses her. Sonny says that his heart is on the line and he really wants to be with her. Kate asks when her needs matter. Kate says that she had to insert a lawyer to protect her interests. Sonny says that this is turning into the grownup version of her leaving him on the street corner all night to wait for her. She turns away from him. Sonny says that every time he starts thinking that they could have a future, she runs away. She tells him that is because he scares her to death.

Mac brings Maxie in to be questioned. Detective Harper says that maybe Mac should wait outside. Maxie tells the detective that she didn’t see his face. Detective Harper asks her about when she got home and if she locked the door behind her. She tells him that she can’t help him and that she didn’t see his face.

Lulu arrives at Kelly’s with a bag in her arm. Cooper watches from outside. Mike tells Georgie to go home and relax. Mike tells her if work gets to be too much, then to just say something. Cooper walks in and Georgie tells him that Maxie was almost strangled.

Jason tells Johnny that the attack on Maxie reflects the other 3 attacks. Johnny asks how Maxie is and Jason tells him that she is alive. Jason asks questions about the person Johnny saw running away from Carly’s body the night of the ball. Johnny gives him a basic description. Lucky walks in and announces that he is taking Johnny in for questioning about the attack on Maxie.

Luke tells Tracy about Lucky’s visit. Tracy asks Luke if he is going to have the surgery or not. Monica comes in and tells Luke that they cannot wait any longer because his vitals are dangerously unstable. She tells him that he needs to do the bypass that night.

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