GH Update Friday 12/7/07

General Hospital Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke wakes up in his hospital room. Tracy is there. Luke is tired of people asking if he’s feeling well.

Trevor goes to see Ric at his office. They exchange polite greetings. Ric is surprised that Trevor convinced Sonny to donate blood.

Alexis goes to Kate’s house. Kate wants to hire Alexis to represent her.

Sonny meets with Jason at home. They discuss the murders. Both of them doubt that AZ killed Emily. They feel the “real killer” is still on the loose and more lives will be taken.

Back at GH, Tracy is mad about Luke’s behavior the previous night. She thinks Luke needs to change his “lifestyle’ but he disagrees. The orderly comes to get Luke for tests. Skye comes to the room looking for Luke but she just misses him.

At the Scorpio house, Georgie gets a message on her phone from someone looking for Maxie. Maxie comes downstairs looking for her keys and her phone. Maxie is on her way to the PCPD to make a statement regarding the Black and White Ball. Georgie doubts that AZ killed Emily.

Still in his office, Ric is not impressed with Trevor’s fatherly concern. Trevor says he is guilty of “poisoning” their “relationship.” Trevor insists he wants to keep Ric alive and well. Ric is suspicious of Trevor and wonders what he’s up to. Ric is certain that Trevor wants something from him. Trevor asks Ric to “pin” Emily’s murder on AZ.

At Kate’s, Alexis is uncomfortable representing Kate because of Diane. Kate says she wants to take Sonny to court, so she can’t ask Diane to represent her. Kate tells Alexis that Sonny won’t respect her “boundaries.”

At Sonny’s, Jason wonders why “no demands” have come from the killer. Sonny thinks the killer murdered Leticia by mistake. He thinks the killer was looking for Carly. Sonny worries that another woman in his life is at risk.

At GH, Tracy tells Skye that Luke has gone for tests. Skye leaves a note for Luke so Tracy reads it. It says “Dear Tracy, quit being so insecure. You can’t keep Luke away from me forever.” Tracy throws the note and Alan shows up. Alan says he’s “mourning Emily.” Alan calls Tracy “selfish.”

Back at Sonny’s, Jason says that Kate dislikes having guards. Sonny says he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Jason says the way to protect someone is to “walk away.”

Back in his office, Ric isn’t happy with Trevor’s request. Ric calls AZ Trevor’s “scapegoat.”

Maxie runs into Coop at the PCPD. Coop advises Maxie to “say as little as possible” when she makes her statement. Alexis comes into the station and runs into Lucky. Alexis says Nikolas is on his way to Zurich to see a doctor. Lucky tells Alexis that he and Liz are working together to “help Nikolas.”

Tracy and Alan continue to talk in Luke’s room. Alan accuses Tracy of being afraid that she will end up “alone.” Tracy says she doesn’t want Luke spending his “last moments” with Skye. Bobbie comes into the room and asks, “what about Skye?”

Skye goes to see Ric in his office. Ric is glad to see her. He thanks Skye for her help during his crisis. Skye jokes that Ric owes her. She asks Ric to find Emily’s killer.

Back at the PCPD, Coop advises Maxie to keep her statement “simple.” Harper comes over to talk to Maxie. She tells him she spent most of the evening with Georgie except for the time period when she was with AZ. Harper says Coop claims that Maxie was with him all night.

Jason goes to Kate’s house. He tells Kate that Sonny’s life is dangerous. Jason says Kate needs guards to feign off any of Sonny’s enemies.

Sonny is at home on the phone when Alexis shows up. Sonny tells her to put up with the extra guards. Alexis serves Sonny with a “formal notice” that his fence is on Kate’s property. Sonny laughs in disbelief. Sonny is told to remove the wall or he will “see” Kate “in court.”

At GH, Bobbie asks Tracy if she was “talking to Alan.” Bobbie thinks “a few visitors” will be good for Luke. Bobbie thinks Tracy is jealous of Skye. Luke returns to the room.

At the PCPD, Coop denies saying that Maxie was with him “the entire night.” Harper wants to hear a “private version” of Maxie’s story. He takes Maxie aside and asks her to recount the night of the ball. Maxie says Coop, Nikolas, and Lucky went off looking for Liz. Harper wonders how long Coop was gone. Maxie says he was gone a long time. Maxie basically tells Harper that Coop “had no alibi” for a large portion of the evening.

At Kate’s, Jason says Kate “should be scared” because “the danger is real.” Kate is afraid of “losing” her “identity.” Alexis interrupts and says Jason must “leave” as he is “in violation of the court order.”

Diane goes to Sonny’s. She’s upset that Kate hired Alexis to represent her. Diane says Alexis is “nursing a grudge” against her. Diane promises to “wipe the floor” with Alexis. Diane hopes her victory will get Kate to apologize to her. Diane hopes the apology will come in the form of “designer shoes.” Sonny is annoyed with Diane and her fashion obsession. Sonny tells Diane to “focus.”

Luke is back in his room. He hears that a woman came to visit him and wonders who she was. Tracy leaves Bobbie alone with Luke. Bobbie tells Luke she loves him. She says he has “been the one constant” in her life.

Tracy asks Monica about Luke’s test results. Monica says Luke is in bad shape. Monica says she wants to operate on Luke. Tracy doesn’t think Monica is ready to operate.

At Sonny’s, Diane plans to file a “counter complaint” against Kate. Alexis comes in and asks Sonny to respect Kate’s “boundaries.” Diane calls the lawsuit “frivolous.” Diane and Alexis argue back and forth. Sonny walks away from them.

Jason is summoned (by Harper) to the PCPD for questioning. Instead he sees Lucky. Lucky insists on questioning Jason. Jason doesn’t think Lucky can be “objective” due to their personal issues.

Tracy goes back to Luke’s room. Luke asks Tracy who the woman was that came to visit him. Tracy finally tells him that Skye came for a visit. Luke says the outcome of his operation can’t be controlled. Tracy says Luke’s thoughts are “Zen.” He says he has found his “center,” and they both laugh.

At Sonny’s, Diane and Alexis continue to argue. Alexis says Kate is “fighting” for her identity. Suddenly Diane notices Alexis’ shoes. Alexis says they are designer “originals” given to her by Kate. Diane is upset and says “this means war.”

Sonny shows up at Kate’s door. Sonny says Kate “hurt Diane’s feelings” by calling Alexis. Kate says she won’t “drop the lawsuit.” Sonny says he just wants Kate to stay “safe.”

Trevor meets Skye at the Metro Court. Trevor says his relationship with Ric will never change. Trevor says he has “an offer” for Skye.

At the PCPD, Lucky insists to Jason that AZ killed Emily. He says it’s Jason’s fault. Lucky rehashes how dangerous Jason’s life is. He says the lie about Jake will continue in order to keep Jake safe. Ric walks into the room. It’s not clear how much of the conversation he heard.

Maxie comes into her house. She’s on her phone. Someone comes from behind and tries to strangle Maxie.

Next Time:

Sonny refuses to walk away from Kate.

Ric overhears some interesting information.

Maxie finds herself in a serious situation.

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