GH Update Thursday 12/6/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/6/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis goes to Jerry’s hotel room and finds Leyla there in Jerry’s shirt. Jerry insists that he needs Alexis’ “help.”

Lulu runs into Johnny in the park after he’s visited with his father. Johnny has had a frustrating visit with his father.

At the Zacchara house, Trevor tells Lucky and Harper that Johnny is innocent of the murders. The officers are skeptical.

Kate finds an intruder in her home. She hits him with a vase then phones Sonny.

Alexis tries to leave Jerry’s room but he pleads with her for help. Jerry explains how he met Leyla in the lobby and “had no idea she was inebriated.” Jerry says he sent Leyla’s clothes to be cleaned. He tells Alexis that Leyla needs to talk to another woman. Alexis asks Leyla why she’s in Jerry’s room. Leyla says Jerry told her that sleeping with him would help her get over Patrick.

Leo and Patrick stop for a drink at Jakes. They find Robin there with the girls. Leo and Patrick talk about women. Robin talks to the ladies about motherhood. The ladies make some not so nice comments about men. They talk loud enough for Leo and Patrick to hear. Patrick approaches the ladies and sits down.

Sonny arrives at Kate’s. Max and Milo are with him. Kate thinks the intruder works for Sonny but he doesn’t. Max and Milo get the man off the floor. The man says he’s from a design firm. It turns out the man is Renee, Kate’s new interior decorator.

Still in the park, Johnny and Lulu talk about their parents. Lulu says her whole family gets off on adventure. She vows to “stay out of trouble” for the moment. Suddenly Luke appears. He’s drunk. Lulu is horrified to see that Luke is out of the hospital.

At Kate’s, Renee says he came in the house because the terrace doors were open. Sonny is upset that Kate left her doors unlocked. Renee is nervous about Max and Milo. He says they make him “tense.” At Kate’s request, Sonny sends Max and Milo outside. Renee says he doesn’t want to decorate Kate’s house. He starts to leave but Max and Milo stop him. Sonny tells Renee that his legs will be snapped “like match sticks” if he doesn’t work for Kate. Sonny clearly dislikes Renee and keeps calling him “Francis.” Renee agrees to work for Kate.

At the Zacchara house, Lucky and Harper tell Trevor about an “anonymous text” that the PCPD received. Trevor threatens to sue the department. Lucky and Harper leave the house.

Tracy goes to GH and discovers that Luke is missing.

Back in the park, Lulu wonders why Luke is out of the hospital. He tells her to “relax.” Luke has another heart attack.

At Kate’s, Renee agrees to start working tomorrow. Sonny sends Renee on his way. He again sends Max and Milo to wait outside. Kate says that she and Sonny “don’t have a future,” if he continues things the way they are.

At Jake’s, Patrick reminds the ladies that they are childless. He thinks their judgment of him is unfair. Kelly says she would consider kids if she was “madly in love” and kids were a “deal breaker.” Robin shares a dream she had about having a child. Robin says having a child is the most “profound thing” she could do in life. Patrick says the same is not true for him. Robin says Patrick would make a wonderful father. Leo says Robin should give it a rest. Leo gets paged to GH and he leaves.

Back in Jerry’s room. Alexis tends to Leyla. Alexis says that as women, they should help each other. Leyla goes into a big editorial about men. She calls them selfish and unthinking. Leyla refers to women as “care takers and enablers.” Leyla says when women break the rules, people think of them as “bitches.” Alexis seems to agree with Leyla’s words. When Leyla says that Alexis seems “together,” Jerry laughs.

Luke is brought into GH. Epiphany tells Tracy that Luke’s “heart gave out again.” Lulu and Johnny arrive.

Back at the hotel, Alexis is appalled that Jerry took “advantage” of Leyla. Jerry says he was unaware of Leyla’s “condition.” Jerry says Alexis is jealous. Alexis disagrees, saying she doesn’t find Jerry “attractive.” Jerry wonders why Alexis came to his room so late in the evening instead of waiting until the next morning. Alexis says Scott plans to arrest Jerry for Emily’s murder. Jerry calls Scott “demented.” Alexis finds that comment ironic. Jerry says Alexis is upset because she found “competition in his bed.” As Alexis rants about how “appalling” Jerry is, he pulls her into a kiss. Alexis slaps Jerry. He responds by saying, “I didn’t hate it either.” Alexis is flustered and she leaves the room in a hurry. Jerry is amused.

Back at Jake’s, Patrick says he’s “being responsible,” not selfish. Robin says, “nothing will change” if they get back together for a year. She says she may just end up falling more in love with Patrick. They both agree that they miss each other. Robin suggests that Patrick move on with Leyla. Patrick says he can’t “like Leyla” until he stops “loving” Robin. Patrick says, “women expect more” from him than he’s able to give them. Patrick gets a call from Alexis saying Leyla is “in trouble.”

Luke wakes up to find Tracy at his bedside. Leo comes in with Johnny and Lulu. Leo says Luke would have died if he hadn’t been brought in so quickly. Leo leaves Luke’s room.

Max and Milo wait out in the cold for Sonny. Milo bets Max $50 that Kate will send Sonny walking and they will be home by 10:00.

Inside the house, Kate tells Sonny she can take care of herself. Sonny says he worries for Kate’s safety. Sonny says he can’t “lose” Kate.

At GH, Johnny stays with a worried Lulu. She thinks Luke has “a death wish.” Johnny says he understands Luke. Lulu compares Johnny with Luke. She says he’s making a “prisoner” of himself by insisting on living his father’s life.

Back in his hospital room, Luke jokes about his death. Lucky comes in the room. Tracy tells Lucky that Luke needs the operation.

Patrick comes to Jerry’s room to rescue Leyla. Jerry hold up Leyla’s clean clothes saying it will be “harder to get her into them then to get her out of them.” The comment upsets Patrick. Jerry tells an angry Patrick that he “did not touch” Leyla. Leyla wakes up and tells Patrick to “go away” because she’s “over” him. Patrick says it’s time to take Leyla home.

Robin comes to the hotel to drop off some papers. She sees Leyla and Patrick in the lobby. Patrick fails to notice Robin watch as he helps Leyla out the door.

Kate kisses Sonny then sends him on his way. She insists, “nothing has changed” between them. Sonny says he’s not ready to “change careers.” Kate wants Sonny to “accept” her “boundaries.” She’s tired of being followed and watched by Sonny’s guards. Sonny refuses to “call of” the guards. Until he does, Kate wants nothing to do with him. Sonny leaves Kate’s house. Milo wins the bet.

Trevor goes to GH to get Johnny. Trevor walks away and waits for Johnny. Johnny tells Lulu he has to “stay true to” who he is. He walks away to join Trevor and his guards.

Tracy and Lucky talk about Luke’s condition. Tracy says she understands Luke’s fear of “boredom and helplessness.” Lucky leave Luke’s hospital room. Luke tells Tracy he will have the heart surgery. He says he’s doing it for “the really good drugs.” Tracy goes off to find Dr. Julian.

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Kate asks Alexis to represent her.

Maxie gets an unpleasant surprise.

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