GH Update Wednesday 12/5/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/5/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick complains to Epiphany about Robin talking a patient into waiting for surgery. Epiphany informs Patrick and Dr. Julian that Robin and Kelly both signed out already. Epiphany tells them that Lainey, Leyla, Liz and Nadine are also signed out. Patrick wonders what is going on.

Robin can’t believe that Leyla is dancing on the pool table. Robin asks Nadine what is going on and Nadine informs them that Leyla has been knocking back vodka. Leyla asks Robin to join her and then stumbles and lands on one of the men standing around her.

Lulu runs into Spinelli at Kelly’s. Lulu asks if Sonny and Jason are going to target Johnny.

Johnny tells Trevor to tell him about the organization so that he can start making changes and to transfer all his father’s assets into his account. Trevor tells Johnny to slow down and that Trevor’s job is to make sure Johnny does exactly what needs to be done.

Lucky tells Jason that if he is going to take on the role of Jake and Cameron’s father he has to keep them safe. Lucky says there is no room for Jason and that he needs to keep his distance from the boys. Jason tells Lucky that he doesn’t need to be told. Lucky demands that Jason promise to stay away from Jake for good.

Alexis goes to the Metro Court to meet Jerry. Jerry says that he didn’t ask to see Alexis as his attorney and that he wants to take her out to dinner. She insists that she doesn’t want to see him unless it is professional.

Leyla continues to dance on the pool table as the others look on. Leyla assumes that Robin isn’t up for the challenge. Robin tries to get Leyla to get down and they tell her that if she comes down, the girls will buy her another drink. She comes down to have a drink with them even though Coleman is urging her to keep dancing. Nadine helps Leyla over to the bar. Coleman tells her that the girls usually drink Tequila. Leyla says that she has nothing left to lose.

Spinelli grabs a straw and tells Lulu that he has to keep secrets. Spinelli wonders why Lulu cares what happens to Johnny and she reminds him that Johnny put his life on the line at the ball to protect everyone from his father.

Johnny says that he isn’t going to let Trevor use him as a front. Trevor tells Johnny that his interests are the same as Johnny’s and that all Trevor wants is to be the lawyer. Trevor says that if Johnny screws up, they will both die and so will a lot of other people. Trevor says that he is going to teach Johnny how to run the organization. Johnny says that he doesn’t know who to fear the most, his father’s enemies or his father’s friends.

Jason tells Lucky that he never claimed Jake has his own for Jake’s protection. Jason says that he wants what is best for his son and that is why he is willing to walk away. Jason and Lucky agree that as long as Lucky doesn’t go back on drugs and start acting erratic that Jason will stay away from Jake. A detective knocks on Jason’s door. Lucky says that he isn’t there on police business. The detective says that he has to ask Jason some questions about Emily’s murder and Lucky chooses to stay. The detective tells Jason that they have information that Jason deliberately lied about how his sister’s death occurred.

Dr. Julian says something about a test to Patrick, but Patrick isn’t paying attention. Patrick explains his fight with Dr. Ford. Dr. Julian tells him not to let Dr. Ford get to him and to keep his distance from Robin and Leyla. Patrick asks Dr. Julian if he wants to go to Jake’s for a beer and he agrees.

Robin tells Leyla that she isn’t with Patrick anymore and that Leyla has her blessing to be with Patrick. Nadine says that maybe it is time for Leyla to call it a night and Nadine and Lainey help Leyla out to the parking lot. Liz and Kelly tell Robin not to blame herself for Leyla getting hammered. Robin wonders if she is giving up too much to have a life.

Jerry tells Alexis that being grateful to him for saving her life would be nice. Alexis says that she could argue that Jax saved her, but Jerry says that Jax could have never gotten across the harbor without him. Alexis says that she doesn’t play with fire and tells him to go burn someone else.

Spinelli thinks that Lulu has feelings for Johnny, but she insists that she feels sorry for him, kind of. She says that she identified with Johnny until she realized that he wants to be a mobster. Lulu gets happy when Logan walks in. Lulu tells Logan to join them and Spinelli leaves.

The detective tells Jason that the PCPD got a text message through the mayor’s cell phone saying that Anthony didn’t kill Emily. The detective asks Jason if anyone else could have killed Emily.

Nadine says that Leyla refused to allow Nadine in the taxi. Robin says that Leyla’s actions are Robin’s fault. The girls remember the first girl’s night out and how drunk Emily got. Lainey says that she didn’t think that Emily could talk the way she did that night. Liz starts to cry and says that she really misses Emily. Robin proposes a toast to Emily.

Lulu says that she has resolved to being the sister and daughter that doesn’t cause any more problems. Logan tells her that he is there to support her. Scott shows up to talk to Logan about his future.

Jerry bumps into Leyla and he offers to take her inside. She realizes that she never paid the cab driver.

Johnny sees Jason waiting for him. Johnny tells Jason that he is running the business now and that he isn’t taking orders from anyone. Johnny wonders if Jason is there to kill him.

Scott tells Logan that Mac is looking for other war vets to become officers. Logan wonders if there are secret motives in the offer. Scott says that he thinks it is a good idea and tries to get Lulu to convince Logan to take Scott up on his offer.

Jerry compliments Leyla. Leyla says that she doesn’t have time for love.

The girls help Nadine learn how to drink tequila. Robin tells Nadine that it is mandatory to feel as sorry for herself as she wants to about her problems. Nadine says that she has a lot of problems, but not like her sister. Lainey tells Nadine about her problems with Cody. Kelly tells Nadine that she is a sex-addict and explains the details of her breakdown. Nadine asks Liz about her problems. Liz says that she lost her marriage and her best friend in the same week.

Jason says that if he wanted Johnny dead, he would be. Jason respects Johnny’s actions at the ball. Johnny says that he knows what Trevor is about. Johnny says that Trevor is going to find out that he can’t use Johnny. Johnny says that the choice to take over the organization was made for him the day that he was born.

Logan asks Lulu what she thinks about Scott’s offer. She says that Scott is usually working an agenda, but she doesn’t know for sure. Lulu says that she knows being a cop is a tough job, but they help people. Lulu tells Logan that if he becomes a cop he will be asking for a lot of trouble that he doesn’t need because he knows too much about Sonny’s organization.

Scott tells Alexis that he will be questioning Jerry in the murder of Emily. Scott points out that there was bad blood between Nikolas, Emily and Jerry.

Jerry takes Leyla up to his room. Jerry tells her that the best way to get over someone is to sleep with someone else. They start kissing on the couch and she pulls away. She throws up behind the couch.

Coleman talks to the girls as Liz pours them more shots. The girls make fun of Coleman. Kelly tells Robin to share her problems. Robin says that she can’t find anyone to get her pregnant and the one person that she wants to get her pregnant doesn’t want to be a father. She says that she doesn’t understand why fatherhood scares men so much. Patrick and Dr. Julian walk in and Liz points out that they are there. Liz tells Patrick that he is selfish, blind and stupid for throwing away his chance of being a parent with the woman he loves when there are men who would give anything for it.

Johnny says that either he accepts his fate or he has no fate. Johnny says that he has two options, either he is in charge or he is Trevor’s puppet. Johnny says that if Jason comes to kill him, Johnny will be waiting to kill Jason first.

Logan shows up at the Metro Court to see Scott. Logan tells Scott that he appreciates the offer, but being a cop isn’t going to work out for him.

Lucky and Detective Harper question Trevor about Emily and Leticia’s murders. They tell Trevor that they have to question Johnny about his whereabouts for the three incidents.

Johnny sneaks up on Lulu and scares her.

Alexis shows up at Jerry’s room. She sees Leyla sitting on the bed.

Liz says that there are wonderful, kind men who would give anything to be a father. Patrick says that those men should go for it. Liz says that the men that she is talking about it can’t have a family because of choices they made when they were younger and all he has to do is take his head out of his butt and accept it. Dr. Julian leaves. Patrick asks Liz why she cares. Liz says that Robin is her friend. Liz says that he is a coward. She says that it is his loss and she leaves. Kelly goes after her. Robin tells Patrick that she agrees with everything Liz said.

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