GH Update Tuesday 12/4/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/4/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas gets to the hospital and looks over his shoulder to see “Emily” standing there. She tells him that she wanted to be at the hospital, but she isn’t sure that she followed him there. He isn’t sure how she can be anywhere since she is dead.

Sonny wonders why Johnny used to run away from his father’s house if he is now ready to inherit the house.

Trevor tells Kate that she is going to be in the line of fire if she keeps seeing Sonny. Trevor claims that he cares about her and that he can give her protection that Sonny can’t.

Jason tells Liz that Jake would be safer away from him. Liz says that Jake couldn’t have a better father than Jason.

Sam is surprised that Liz agreed to let Lucky go on as Jake’s father. Lucky explains that even Liz knows that it is best for Jake. Lucky says that the boys will always be his children.

“Emily” says that she has always loved being at the hospital. Nikolas tells Epiphany that Patrick left something there for him. Nikolas says that maybe “Emily” is with him when he got the news about the specialist. She says that it is wonderful because now he will get diagnosed.

Liz says that when she realized the divorce was inevitable she intended to be the custodial parent. Liz says that Jake would be happy with a father who loves him, like Jason does. Jason tells Liz about how Sonny’s children live. Jason says that Jake could have a normal childhood without him. They both wish they could be together. They share a kiss and Jason leaves.

Lucky says that even though Liz did a lot wrong, she is still a decent mother. Sam reminds Lucky that Liz is in love with Jason. Lucky says that he will set up a schedule to spend time with the boys.

Kate says that she has plans of her own. Trevor offers to help her get back her old life and get her back to Manhattan. Kate accuses Trevor of being jealous of Sonny. Kate tells Trevor that she will clean bedpans for the rest of her life before she will accept his help.

Sonny tells Johnny that Trevor is making plans for the Zacchara organization. Sonny says that he isn’t letting anyone move in on his territory, but Johnny isn’t so sure. Sonny tells Johnny to use Trevor before Trevor can use Johnny. Sonny warns Johnny that siding with Trevor is going to get him killed.

Patrick tells Robin that the surgery went well and she says that she is happy to consult whenever she is needed. Leyla interrupts them and hands Patrick an x-ray. Nadine comes in and asks Epiphany what is going on. Robin walks away and Leyla says that it was awkward. Patrick asks Leyla out for dinner and she gets upset. Leyla tells Patrick that she isn’t going to be his backup girl. She says that from now on their relationship is strictly professional. She storms off and Nadine goes after her.

Lucky says that he and Liz will have a traditional custody agreement and that when he has the boys, they will go back to his place. Sam tells Lucky that he is a great dad. Lucky suggests that Sam be around to help him out with the boys when he has them. Lucky suggests that he bring the boys to Sam’s apartment so that she can spend some time with them.

Kate bumps into Liz and knocks charts all over the floor. Kate offers to listen to Liz’s problems if she needs to talk. Liz warns Kate that if she can’t deal with the violence in Sonny’s life that she needs to get out before she falls in love with him.

Sonny tells Jason about his meeting with Johnny.

Leyla stumbles into Coleman’s bar with Nadine right behind her. Coleman makes them an offer, but he is turned down. They order drinks.

Robin asks Liz for a chart and Liz realizes that Robin just handed her that chart. Liz says that her problem has an impossible solution and Robin tells Liz about her impossible problem.

Sonny and Jason discuss the threat that Johnny poses. Sonny tells Jason to be ready for anything.

Trevor sees Alexis at the Metro Court. Alexis asks Trevor if he has been to see Ric. Trevor tells Alexis that he has done everything in his control to ensure Molly’s safety. Alexis says that she doesn’t trust Trevor to be around her daughter and is breaking the agreement they made. Alexis tells him that if he doesn’t stay away from Molly, she will get a restraining order.

Nikolas is surprised to feel “Emily” even though he knows that she is gone. She says that maybe they aren’t crazy and she suggests that she might be real.

Spinelli shows up at Jason’s penthouse. He asks about Jason’s meeting with Liz. Spinelli complains that Jason agreed to let Lucky raise Jake.

Liz never figured that her life would turn out like this. Robin explains to Kelly and Liz that she turned Patrick down because she doesn’t want to wait to become a mother and that she hasn’t found a father yet because she wants Patrick to be the father. Kelly tells Liz to page Lainey because they need a girl’s night out and that they will toast to Emily.

Nadine and Leyla discuss Patrick and Robin. Leyla says that she didn’t want a long-term relationship anymore than Patrick did and that was why she was attracted to him. Nadine says that the moral of the story is, “Don’t take a bullet for any man.”

Kate is on the phone and is happy to hear that her replacement is in way over her head. She hangs up the phone and Sonny comes into her living room with a tray. She tells him to get out of her house.

Leyla makes a joke about loving Patrick. Nadine suggests that Leyla slows down on her drinks, but Leyla refuses.

Nikolas says that he would love for “Emily” to be real, but he knows that she can’t be because he watched her being taken away from him. She asks him when his last blackout was and he tells her that they have stopped. He doesn’t understand what that means. Nikolas says that being with her feels real and natural. She asks him, “If I told you that I love you more than life itself, would that mean anything?” He says that it would mean everything. Nikolas says that he doesn’t care what this is; he just doesn’t want her to go away because he would go insane. He kisses her.

Alexis stops by to see Sam. Alexis tells Sam that she is really worried about Nikolas. Sam tells Alexis about Nikolas’ blackout the night of the ball and that Nikolas believes that he is responsible for Emily’s death. Alexis tells Sam that she is going to invite Nikolas to her house for Christmas and invites Sam as well. Sam says that she doesn’t know if she can make it and Alexis asks if she has received a better offer.

Jason explains to Spinelli that it is too late for him to get out of the business. Jason says that he chose that life and he never realized what he would have to give up.

Kate tells Sonny that she set very clear boundaries and that Sonny is disregarding them. Sonny claims that he thought she would be tired from community service. Sonny tells Kate that he wants to keep her safe. Sonny kisses Kate and she starts to pull away, but doesn’t.

Trevor wants to know why Johnny met with Sonny without checking with him first. Johnny tells Trevor about Sonny’s offer.

Kate pulls back and tells Sonny to stop trying to distract her. Sonny tells Kate that his enemies come after him through the people who are close to him. She tells him to leave.

Spinelli says that he thinks that he has been useful to Sonny and Jason. Spinelli says that working for Jason has been rewarding and inspiring. Someone knocks on the door and Spinelli leaves. Lucky tells Jason that he needs to talk to him alone. Lucky tells Jason to stay away from Liz and Jake.

Sam says that she wants to spend time with the girls during the holidays. Sam says that she has to keep Christmas Eve open so she can spend it with Lucky. Sam says that she is the only friend that Lucky has right now and that she is going to spend Christmas Eve with Lucky and his boys.

Liz, Robin, Kelly and Lainey show up at the bar and see a sign posted outside announcing that it is “amateur table dance night”. They go in and see Leyla dancing on the pool table.

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