GH Update Monday 12/3/07

General Hospital Update Monday 12/3/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Trevor tells Sonny to accept the truce offer or a lot of people will die. Sonny tells Trevor that he can’t pull any strings anymore. Sonny tells Trevor that he will have to put his neck out there and Sonny can’t wait to chop it off.

Johnny tells Lulu that he has been free as soon as his father jumped off the tower at Wyndemere. Lulu asks him why he is staying.

Nikolas asks the detective if he has a search warrant. The detective tells him that he is giving Nikolas a chance to turn himself in because the sooner Emily’s killer is found, the sooner her family can heal. “Emily” stands behind Nikolas listening to the whole conversation. The detective says that Nikolas was found with the body and Emily’s mask has Nikolas’ blood all over it. The detective says that most murder victims know or love the person who killed them.

Lucky tells Liz that she has known all along that it was too dangerous for Jason to be Jake’s father as Jason listens. Liz says that every choice she has made has been to protect Jake and Lucky asks her why she is willing to jeopardize her son’s life now by telling the world that Jason is Jake’s father.

Patrick tells Robin that she treats every patient like a person and watching her calm the family down made him remember that she is a great person. Robin says that they have different goals. He says that they could compromise. Patrick says that they could agree to discuss children in a year (or so) and agree to not be miserable.

Liz says that they are both grieving and it isn’t a good time to be making any decisions. Liz says that nothing is more important than the safety of her children, but a lot of people already know the truth about Jake’s paternity and maybe they should just let it be public knowledge and move on. Liz says that she can’t lie to her son because she saw what it did to Lucky. Lucky asks her if she wants to move on with Jason.

Johnny tells Lulu that he survived his father and maybe taking over is his reward. Lulu tells Johnny not to let Trevor turn him into his father. Johnny says that he has been babysitting his father for years waiting for his turn to run things. Lulu says that it is obvious that he doesn’t think very much of her and walks out.

Trevor says that with Sonny someone always had to pay. Sonny says that in his world, actions matter, words don’t. Sonny tells Trevor to go back to the city because he has no business there. Kate interrupts and as Trevor leaves he tells Sonny that when the killing starts Sonny will have no one to blame but himself. Trevor tells Kate to be more careful when walking into Sonny’s office because “you never know what could happen.”

The detective tells Nikolas that he has heard that Nikolas’ behavior has been erratic. The detective says that if there is a medical reason for what Nikolas did, it might be a mitigating factor, but stonewalling the investigation will only make things worse for Nikolas. Nikolas says that all he did was object to being arrested without a warrant and that he didn’t stonewall anyone’s investigation. “Emily” smiles. Nikolas says that if the detective isn’t prepared to arrest him right now, then he needs to leave. The detective says that if Nikolas snapped and killed Emily, the guilt must be killing him and that he would feel better when he admits what really happened. “Emily” tells Nikolas not to even think of making a confession because she is absolutely sure that he didn’t kill her.

Leyla is back to work and sees Robin and Patrick talking. Robin says that putting off having a baby feels more like giving in to him, than compromising. Patrick says that a year will give them time to spend together with no pressure and tells her all the things they could do. Patrick offers to take Robin to the opera. Patrick says that he wants to spend a year with no pressure with Robin. Robin asks him if in a year he would be willing to consider fatherhood. Leyla interrupts before he can answer and tells Patrick that he is needed in O.R. 2 and that his patient needs him to operate. Patrick asks Robin to think about it.

Carly goes into her room and locks the door. She sits on the bed and Jax comes to the door. They argue. Carly accuses Jax of checking up on him. Carly says that if Jax wants her to admit that she is lying, he has to admit that he checked up on her.

Sonny tells Trevor that if anything ever happens to Kate or anyone else he cares about, that Trevor isn’t going to be able to hide anymore. Trevor says that the women in Sonny’s life always end up as collateral damage. Trevor says that years ago Anthony Zacchara was just as paranoid as Sonny is now. Kate slaps Trevor and tells him to get out.

Liz tells Lucky that she loves Jason and that she wants to be with Jason. Liz says that she regrets marrying Lucky while she was in love with someone else. Lucky tells her that all he wants to hear is that she wants to do the right thing for Jake. Liz says that keeping the secret would be the safest thing for Jake. Lucky leaves and she goes to find Jason, but he is gone.

Kate insists that she doesn’t care what Trevor thinks and that Trevor is a liar. Kate tells Sonny that he isn’t anything like Anthony Zacchara. Sonny says that Kate looks really beautiful when she is angry. She reminds him that they are broken up.

Jax admits that he called Bobbie, in part, to check up on Carly. Carly tells Jax that she isn’t doing anything dangerous and asks him for the freedom to not have to tell him every little detail. Jax says that there is no way he is letting this go.

Lulu goes to see Liz. Lulu says that she needs someone to talk to about Johnny Zacchara. Liz says that she just got done arguing with Lucky and tells Lulu about her fight with Lucky.

Jason goes to the hospital and asks for Jerry’s room number. Robin goes and talks to him. She says that she had a feeling that he was at Emily’s funeral and that she is glad he found a way to be there without anyone knowing. Robin remembers how Emily was at a teenager. Robin says that he was always a wonderful brother. Jason says that a wonderful brother would have saved her.

“Emily” tells Nikolas that he loves her and he would never hurt her. She says that his blood on the mask doesn’t mean anything because he was in a lot of fights that night. She asks him why he is so willing to believe that he killed her, he replies that he is standing there talking to a woman he knows is dead and that he loves very much. He thinks that he has completely lost his mind. Someone knocks on the door. Sam comes in and tells him that she thought she heard voices. Nikolas tells her that he was just talking with Emily. Sam says that it makes sense to talk to the person you lost because sometimes it helps. She tells him that she goes to her daughter’s grave a lot and talks to her brother a lot. Nikolas explains what the detective said and Sam says the same thing that “Emily” said. Nikolas reminds Sam that he almost threw her off the building and she points out that he didn’t. Nikolas asks her if she could stand up in court and honestly say that there is no way he killed Emily.

Robin asks about the other suspects in Emily’s murder. Robin tells Jason about the way Nikolas and Emily were at the beginning of the night.

Carly says that this feels like life with Sonny. Carly says that the killer doesn’t feel like an enemy of Sonny’s. Jax says that he isn’t going to stand by and let someone kill her to get revenge on Sonny.

Sonny tells Kate that he wants to keep her safe. Sonny tells her that she is a target now. Kate objects to his protection of her. Kate admits that she misses him, but she won’t see him until he respects her boundaries. She gives him a restraining order and tells him that if his people come on her property without her permission she will have them arrested. Sonny tells her that Emily and Leticia were murder and that Carly was strangled and that he doesn’t know if those incidents were linked with his work or not. Kate says that she will not be involved with organized crime and leaves.

Robin asks Leyla how she is feeling. Robin thanks Leyla for saving Patrick. Patrick comes out of the elevator and says that there were no complications. They wonder how the patient will feel when she realizes that she can’t have children. Robin tells Patrick that his compromise will not work for her.

Lucky shows up at Sam’s. She asks him if she can get him anything. Sam tells Lucky that she just got back from seeing Nikolas. Lucky says that Anthony Zacchara killed Emily. Lucky tells Sam that he agreed to go on claiming Jake as his son.

Liz meets Jason. Jason says that he won’t be coming to Liz’s house again. Liz asks him how much he heard. Liz asks Jason if he thinks that she is wrong.

Carly swears to Jax that she isn’t doing anything dangerous. Carly tells Jax that she is working on a surprise for Jax for Christmas. Jax says that he is worried and asks Carly for a favor. He says that he wants to leave for Hawaii to show her a hotel that he wants to buy. She says that she has to pack and runs out.

Sonny goes to see Johnny. Sonny tells Johnny about Trevor’s threat. Sonny asks if Johnny is going to let Trevor use him, like Trevor used his father.

Robin tells Patrick that she knows that life is uncertain and that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to follow your heart. She says that she can’t waste a year wondering if he will change his mind, even though she really wants to be with him. She says that she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to carry her own child. They wish each other happiness. Leyla asks Patrick to look at a chart.

Nikolas tells “Emily” that he hasn’t heard anything to make him believe that he is innocent. She tells him that all he is doing is protecting her killer. She says that someone took away her future, why should they take away his too. She says that she knows that he didn’t kill her.

Sam tells Lucky that he has every right to just walk away. Lucky explains that he loves the boys and that they aren’t to blame for what Liz did. Sam says that they are great kids.

Jason tells Liz that he wanted to live with her and the boys and watch them grow up and that he still wants that, but he heard what she said to Lucky about Jake. Jason says that he can’t disagree so he is going to stay out of Jake’s life.

Kate is doing her community service and Trevor tells her that Sonny has cost her too much already and not to let Sonny cost her, her life.

Sonny says that he will bankroll a trip to wherever Johnny wants to go. Johnny says not to worry about Trevor because Johnny is going to take the business exactly where Anthony wanted it to go.

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