GH Update Friday 11/30/07

General Hospital Update Friday 11/30/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Jax runs into Sonny at GH. They talk about the murders.

At Wyndemere, Alfred talks to Nikolas about flowers for Emily. Nik looks at a story in the paper about Emily’s murder. Emily appears and asks if she’s “dead.”

Bobbie speaks at a service for Emily at GH. All the familiar faces are there. Suddenly everyone’s pagers go off. There’s a major accident. A car has run down a bride. Patrick and Robin look at the patient and then at each other.

Carly talks to Jason in the hotel lobby. Jason says he’s glad he attended Emily’s funeral. Carly tells Jason she took the kids for ice cream in honor of Emily. Carly tells Jason she’s fearful she can’t get pregnant. She says Jax is unaware that she wants to try and have another child. Jason wonders why Carly is confiding in him.

At GH, Sonny tells Jax they’re on the hunt for the text message killer. Jax blames Sonny for the murder victims being killed. He thinks the killer is one of Sonny’s many enemies. Sonny tells Jax he’s “out of line.” Jax storms off.

Johnny Z is at the Zacchara house. He’s sitting in his father’s chair when Trevor comes in.

At GH, Robin and Patrick try to stabilize the patient. Nadine and Leo are there too.

At Wyndemere, Emily insists that Nik is innocent of her murder. Nik refers to himself as “insane.” Emily kisses Nik. He backs away from her. He says she was gone when he woke up this morning. Emily is in different clothes. Nik is confused. He’s afraid Emily will disappear once he figures out why she’s there.

At the Z house, Johnny talks to Trevor about his new role. Johnny doesn’t want to be Trevor’s puppet. Trevor considers himself to be Johnny’s mentor. Johnny feels guilty that so many people had to get hurt. He’s determined not to become his father.

Epiphany runs into a new orderly at GH. He offers to help her with some papers. She starts to correct him until Dr. Ford asks him to take care of the papers. Bobbie says the young man is “hard working.” Epiphany doesn’t trust him. Lucky gets off the elevator and sees Lulu. He’s mad that his car got hit, among other things. He takes out all of his frustrations on Lulu.

The wedding party comes into the ER. Liz tells them the doctors are tending to the bride. The family is worried. Robin and Patrick explain the woman’s injuries to the family.

Jason and Carly are still in the hotel lobby. Carly doesn’t want to “disappoint” Jax, who appears at the end of the conversation. He asks “who” Carly is talking about.

At GH, Lulu sits down to talk with her brother. Lucky says Lulu can’t possibly understand everything he has lost. Lucky says he’s still off the pills. Lucky says Johnny is a “suspect” in Emily’s murder.

Jason goes to the office to see Sonny. Sonny says Jax is sure the killer is Sonny’s “enemy.” Sonny wonders if Johnny is the killer.

Back at the hotel, Carly gives Jax the run around. He presses her for information on what she’s hiding. Jax wonders if Carly is still after the killer. Carly leaves, saying she’s off to see Bobbie.

At GH, a team gets ready to operate on the bride. The woman’s fiancé speaks to her before she’s taken to the operating room. Since she has a head injury, Patrick will operate. Leyla offers comforting words to the woman’s family. Robin is clearly disturbed by the situation.

At Wyndemere, Nik relives the moment when he discovered Emily’s dead body. Emily tries to assure Nik that she’s ok. Alexis stops over to see Nik. Emily smiles when Alexis says that Nik shouldn’t be all alone. Nik assures Alexis that he just needs to grieve. Emily reaches down and holds Nik’s hand as Alexis talks. Alexis thinks Nik should bring the baby home.

At GH, Carly goes to see Dr. Lee. Carly wonders what her chances of conceiving are. Dr. Lee says there are options, if necessary. Dr. Lee gets called away with a “complication” involving the bride.

Robin talks to the bride’s family. She tells them Patrick is the best doctor they can get. Patrick watches Robin. Leo advises Patrick to “grow up” and get Robin back.

At the coffee house, Jason says Johnny wanted to stop Anthony’s reign of terror the night of the ball. Sonny calls Johnny’s life “messed up.” He doesn’t trust Johnny. Jason seems distracted. Sonny says Johnny reminds him of Michael. He tells Jason that Michael demanded “revenge” for Emily’s murder. Sonny feels guilty for the things Michael has been exposed to. He now seems to agree with Jason’s decision to give up Jake.

Johnny says he’s literally moving on. Trevor claims Johnny will have a hard time surviving without the family. Trevor says Johnny has been “sheltered” and he needs the “protection” of the family. Trevor promises to protect Johnny. Johnny knows that Trevor is using him. Trevor tells Johnny to unpack his bags. Trevor leaves for a meeting.

Alexis is still at Wyndemere with Nikolas. She thinks he should “seek help” for his medical condition. Nikolas says he doesn’t “feel alone.”

Epiphany’s orderly tends to the bride’s family. Epiphany wonders if the orderly is “sincere.” Robin tells the family the bride needs more tests. Dr. Lee comes in and says the bride “needs an emergency hysterectomy.” The family is upset by the news but they give Dr. Lee permission to operate. Patrick whispers to Robin that he “needs to talk to” her.

Johnny gets an unexpected visit at home from Lulu. She wonders why he came back home. Johnny says it’s his home.

Jason goes to Liz’s house. He says he’s been “waiting” for her. Jason says they need to discuss their future. Lucky comes over so Jason ducks out of sight.

Patrick tells Robin he loves and misses her. He thinks the bride is some sort of “sign.” Patrick says he and Robin “belong together.” Robin says they ‘want vastly different things.” Patrick kisses Robin and says love will conquer all.

Carly gets back to the hotel. Jax says he knows Carly didn’t go to see her mom. Carly is mad that Jax “checked up on” her. Jax wants to know where Carly has been.

At Liz’s house, Lucky says he still wants to be Jake’s dad.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu wonders why Johnny doesn’t claim his “freedom.” Johnny says Trevor will take over if he doesn’t.

Sonny is on the phone when Trevor comes to the office. Trevor offers a truce between the Zaccharas and Sonny since Sonny saved Ric.

At Wyndemere, Emily thinks Nik should bring the baby home. Nik says he knows Emily isn’t really there. He calls the situation “a whole new kind of crazy.” Alfred interrupts to say that Detective Harper is there to see Nik. Harper says Emily’s mask had Nik’s blood on it. Harper says he’s arresting Nik for Emily’s murder.

Next Time:

Robin wonders when and if Patrick will be ready for fatherhood

Liz can’t deny her feelings for Jason

Lucky wonders what Liz intends to do to protect Jake

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