GH Update Thursday 11/29/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/29/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Kate goes to Sonny’s house to use the phone. She says she has an “intruder” in her home.

Jason goes to see Liz after the funeral. Without a word, Liz takes Jason upstairs.

Carly and Jax are at home. With the kids asleep, Carly wants to take advantage and have some quality alone time.

Nik comes home from the funeral to find Emily (in her ball gown) in his bedroom. He’s confused. He is able to touch her. Nik kisses Emily. Nik wonders if he’s dreaming. Emily says he’s not. He tells Emily he “killed” her and Emily says he didn’t.

Liz takes Jason up to the bedroom. She takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. Jason kisses Liz and they fall onto the bed.

Jax is eager to get physical with Carly. She tells him to stop and he’s suspicious. They bicker. Jax wants to know what the problem is. Carly says she wants food. She sends Jax down to the kitchen. Carly takes out what looks like a pregnancy test.

At Sonny’s, Kate says a man was looking in her window. Sonny tells her the man was probably Max.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik talks to Emily about his marriage proposal. Emily says she will love Nik forever. He doesn’t understand why he sees Emily. She says her death may have been “a dream.”

Sonny asks Max if he was the one at Kate’s house. Kate asks if Max tried to get inside the house and he says he did. Max says he was checking the security system Sonny had installed in Kate’s house. Kate puts poor Max on the spot with her questions.

Spinelli is at home nursing a cold with a vaporizer. Georgie comes over with soup. Spinelli is touched by Georgie’s generosity. Spinelli sneezes and spills the container of soup all over Georgie. She handles the accident well.

Jason and Liz lay on the bed (fully clothed). She’s expecting the kids home soon. Jason compliments Liz on her words at the funeral. They both miss Emily. Jason tells Liz he loves her. The kids get home and Liz asks Jason to stay.

Kate and Sonny argue in his living room. Max is clearly uncomfortable. Kate says Sonny invaded her “privacy.” Max says he’s been working on Kate’s security for “weeks.” He says he has guards “tailing” her, etc. Kate wants no part of Sonny’s security. Sonny says the security is necessary. Kate is mad that Sonny didn’t “tell” her about the security measures. Max asks Kate not to “break up with” Sonny because then Sonny will want Carly back. Sonny tells Max to “get out.” Kate is disturbed with Sonny.

In her bedroom, Carly changes into something sexy. Jax comes back to the bedroom with food and drink. Jax wonders what Carly is up to. Carly says she wants “to focus on life.” Carly spits her champagne back into the glass instead of swallowing it. Jax asks her “what’s going on?”

Nikolas continues to talk to Emily. He asks if she will “disappear” if he closes his eyes. She doesn’t. Emily keeps saying her death was a dream. Nik makes Emily replay the “last thing” she remembers at the ball. Alfred comes to the bedroom door just as Nik wonders if “anyone else” has “seen” Emily. Nik opens the door to let Alfred in. It’s clear that Alfred can’t see Emily. Alfred talks about “Emily’s passing.” He leaves the room and Nik closes the door. Nik thinks he’s “insane.”

Carly covers by saying the champagne tasted bad. Jax insists it’s good, so Carly says it will make her skin break out. Carly asks Jax to take her “to bed.”

At the penthouse, Georgie comes downstairs in a robe. Spinelli says she looks “beautiful,” as Georgie daydreams. Spinelli’s sneeze wakes Georgie up. Spinelli apologizes for the accident. Georgie and Spinelli talk about Jax and Brenda, then they talk about Jax and Carly. Georgie says a “soul mate” can be right under a person’s nose.

At Liz’s house, Jason greets the kids. Liz takes Cam up for a bath. Jason takes care of Jake. Liz listens as Jason tells Jake about Emily.

Nikolas wonders if Emily is a ghost. He says she can’t be real. Emily is in tears. Nik thinks he’s going crazy. Emily can’t remember what happened at the ball after Nik grabbed her. She says he “couldn’t” have killed her. Emily says, “I’m still dead.”

Spinelli notices Georgie’s “romantic soul.” He tells her she’s a great catch for someone. Nadine comes over to see Spinelli. She also brings him soup. Spinelli happily puts an arm around each of the girls.

At Sonny’s, Kate realizes that Max has a crush on Carly. Kate wonders if Carly and Sonny will reunite. He says they won’t. Sonny says he’s “very, very committed to” Kate. Kate wants no part of Sonny’s “protection.” Sonny fears there may be more enemies coming after his loved ones. Kate says she “will not be kept in a cage.” She says she wants nothing to do with Sonny until he calls off the security. Sonny is angry and won’t get rid of the security. Kate storms off, saying she doesn’t want to see Sonny until he sees things her way.

Liz comes downstairs to find Jake napping. Jason is watching him sleep. Jason likes the peace and quiet of Liz’s home. They both wonder what will “happen next.” Jason leaves after he and Liz say they love each other. Jason hesitates outside on the porch. Liz watches him out the window.

At Wyndemere, Emily says she wants her life back. Nik says it’s ok because he can see her and speak to her. Nik says he doesn’t care why he sees Emily. He’s just grateful that he does.

Next Time:

Jax thinks Carly is up to something

Sonny has a hunch about the murderer and his victims

Emily is upset by what she sees in the newspaper

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