GH Update Wednesday 11/28/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/28/07


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Luke walks through the hospital dressed as a doctor. He gets to the elevator and is spotted by Scott Baldwin.

Carly and the boys are sitting at Kelly’s drinking root beer floats. Carly says that it is okay to be sad and okay to cry. Michael tells her that if she wants another baby, she should have one.

Monica says that she hates the funeral. Liz and Lucky are worried about Nikolas. Lucky says that between the two of them, they can help Nikolas get through it. Edward tells Monica that Jason belongs at the funeral. Monica insists that she doesn’t want Jason there.

Jason walks in the door. The funeral starts. Jason picks up a paper and then looks inside. Jason listens to the service from the lobby. Liz goes up to speak about Emily’s life. Someone closes the doors.

Luke tells the doctor to save the lecture.

Michael asks if they can make a collage out of Emily’s pictures. They walk up to the house and find Johnny Zacchara standing outside waiting to talk to Carly. He says that it is really important. Michael says that Carly can’t trust Johnny because he is the enemy. Carly tells the boys to go upstairs.

Jason listens to what Liz has to say from the lobby. Liz outlines the qualities that Emily had and then says that there is something that wasn’t as apparent and that she is going to address that first. Liz says that Emily was loyal to the people she loved no matter what, especially her family. Liz tells Edward and Monica exactly how Emily felt about them.

Carly tells Johnny that it isn’t a good idea to show up at the house where Sonny’s children live. Johnny asks her about the ball. Johnny tells Carly that he doesn’t think his father tried to strangle her and he is starting to doubt that his father killed Emily.

Liz talks to Emily’s “work family” and then talks about Emily’s friendship. Liz says that Jason owned a unique place in Emily’s heart and that he wasn’t only her brother, he was also her hero. Liz says that although Jason couldn’t be there, she couldn’t talk about Emily and not say his name. Jason stands up and goes over to the door and looks at Liz. Sam looks over at Jason as he walks past the door. Liz says that she can never repay Lucky for bringing Emily into her life. Liz tells Nikolas exactly how much Emily loved him.

Dr. Julian asks Luke why he is in a rush to die. The doctor tells Luke that there will be a few restrictions after the surgery. The doctor tells Luke that he has a choice, either he has the surgery and lives or he doesn’t have the surgery and he dies. Scott comes in and says that he wouldn’t mind if Luke killed himself.

Carly tells Johnny that she knows he went to Wyndemere to protect Lulu.

Liz remembers when Emily first fell for Nikolas. Liz says that Emily started out with a crush on a fairy tale prince and ended up with a soul mate. Nikolas remembers all the moments he spent with Emily. Liz says that they are all lucky to have Emily grace their lives. Nikolas looks at the picture of Emily. The preacher begins the prayer and people start to file out. Liz watches people leaving and she goes the opposite way.

Dr. Julian says that he isn’t going to allow Scott to upset Luke.

Everyone files out into the courtyard. Nikolas says that he needs to see Father Coates. Sam watches as Liz tells Lucky that she doesn’t want to fight anymore and she asks them if they can try to get along. Lucky says that he doesn’t know if he can ever forgive what she did and walks away.

Johnny admits that he likes Lulu. Carly tells Johnny that she has experience with the “business”. Carly sees Lulu walking up the steps and tells Johnny that he needs to go. Lulu asks if Jax is home. Lulu says that she wanted to talk to Carly about something.

All the hospital staff return to work. Dr. Ford compliments Epiphany. They agree that Emily would have made a great doctor. Epiphany opens a patient folder and sees Emily’s signature and her eyes start welling up with tears. She leaves the nurse’s station. Patrick and Robin talk about Emily. Leyla stops the nurse pushing her and watches Patrick and Robin.

Monica says that they should get to the reception. Nikolas thanks the Quartermaine family for Emily because she was a miracle. Dillon says that they should be thanking him because he made her dreams come true. Ned suggests that they stop bickering and try to see the good in each other for a while because Emily always saw the good in them.

Lucky catches up with Nikolas as he is backing up his car. Lucky offers to go back to Wyndemere with Nikolas, but Nikolas insists that he needs to be alone.

Leyla watches Patrick and Robin talking at the nurse’s station. Patrick wonders if they gave up on their relationship too easily. Leyla has the nurse turn around and she starts to cry. Robin tells Patrick that she was never happier than when she was with him. Robin says that they could run with the emotion, but the chances aren’t good that he would wake up the next day and realize that he wants to be a father.

Lucky goes to a deserted Kelly’s. He pulls out a chair and sits down with his back to the door. Sam walks past the window and sees him sitting there. She goes in and asks if he is okay. Sam suggests that she should leave him with his memories, but he grabs her hand and tells her that he wants to be with her.

Carly asks about the funeral. Lulu says that she was trying to absorb the loss and all she kept thinking about was that it could have been Carly. Lulu says that she wants Carly to know that Lulu loves her.

Tracy comes to the hospital and tells Luke to give it up. She says that she just buried her niece and doesn’t want to bury him next. Luke asks about the funeral. Tracy tells Luke not to make her endure another day like this one.

Carly brings them each a glass of tea. Lulu wonders if she freaked Carly out by comparing her to Laura. Lulu tells Carly that she should try for a little girl with Jax. Carly says that there is a possibility that she can’t get pregnant. Carly asks Lulu if she is calling her a coward, but Lulu says that the one thing she learned from Emily’s death is not to put off anything that would bring you joy. Carly and Lulu are talking about Jax when he walks in the door.

Someone is typing a text message saying, “It wasn’t Anthony.”

Lucky tells Sam that he isn’t sure he would be very good company. They share a kiss and leave Kelly’s.

Liz walks into her home and sees Jason sitting in her living room. They embrace.

Nikolas goes back to the bedroom at Wyndemere. Someone calls his name and he turns around to see Emily looking the same as she did at the beginning of the ball.

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