GH Update Tuesday 11/27/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/27/07


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Luke is walking around the hospital with a bag in his hand. He goes back into his hospital room just in time to get back in bed before Tracy walks in the door.

Jason goes to see Sonny at home. Jason tells Sonny that he isn’t going to the funeral and that he doesn’t think Sonny should either.

Monica sits in the living room looking at a picture of her, Alan and Emily. Alice comes in and tells her that she has visitors. Monica says that she doesn’t want to see anyone before the funeral. Michael and Morgan walk in followed by Carly.

Nikolas walks around his home. He opens a bedroom door and remembers Emily standing there the night of the ball.

Tracy tells Luke that she saw him walking down the hall. Tracy calls the doctor. Luke tells Tracy that she should get going because she doesn’t want to be late for Emily’s funeral. Tracy tells him that she doesn’t want Emily’s funeral to be followed by his. Luke sees Lulu come to the door. Lulu tells Tracy that she only stopped to drop of her cell phone because Tracy left it in the den. Luke asks Lulu if she moved back in with the Quartermaine’s and she admits that she did.

Michael tells Monica that he and Morgan think that Emily was the best aunt and godmother that anyone could have. Monica says that Emily was a pretty great daughter too. Michael says that he misses her. Carly says that Michael wanted to go to the service, but that she thought they should spend the day remembering Emily in their own way. Carly says that they are on their way to Kelly’s to have some root beer floats in Emily’s name because she made them for the boys when they weren’t feeling well.

Sonny says that Emily would want Jason at her funeral. Sonny says that Monica needed someone to blame for Emily’s death and Jason was standing there. Jason says that he has to respect Monica and stay away from the funeral. Jason tells Sonny that he would appreciate it if Sonny would stay away from the funeral too.

Nikolas picks up a picture of him and Emily and turns the picture over. He starts opening drawers and opens the closet. There are empty hangers in the closet. Nikolas yells at Alfred for removing Emily’s things without his permission and tells him to put everything back the way they were and to never touch them again. Alexis comes in and tells Nikolas that yelling at Alfred isn’t going to bring Emily back.

Lulu tells Luke that she moved back into the Quartermaine’s for many reasons, partly because she wasn’t being fair to Spinelli. Lulu says that she didn’t move back for Luke. Lulu tells Luke that she lied to him about Lucky because she didn’t want to upset him and give him another heart attack. Tracy tells Luke that he needs to have the operation.

Liz and Lucky are both at the funeral to say goodbye to Emily before everyone got there. Liz says that Nikolas needs them and she is hoping that they can put aside their differences and take care of him together, the way that Emily would want them to.

Nikolas apologizes to Alfred for yelling at him and asks him to put Emily’s things back for him. Alexis says that if Nikolas wants reminders of Emily around that he should have them. Alexis asks Nikolas not to yell at Alfred anymore because he is only trying to help. Alexis says that she is there to help Nikolas as long as he will let her. Nikolas says that no one can help him because Emily is gone.

Michael and Morgan are sitting outside at Kelly’s with Jax. Carly comes out and hears Michael saying that Sonny and Jason should have killed whoever killed Leticia because then Emily would have never died. Michael says that the cops looking for the person responsible isn’t enough and that this person should pay.

Nikolas places Emily’s engagement ring in front of the photograph of him and Liz that he was looking at. Lucky and Liz come in and suggest that they all go to the service together and help each other through it. Liz says that Emily thought they could get through anything as long as they were together and they should try, Lucky and Nikolas agree.

Jason goes home and Spinelli walks down the stairs coughing. Jason tells Spinelli that Monica doesn’t want him at the funeral.

Alice comes in and tells Monica that Sonny is there to see her and that it is about Jason. Monica agrees to see Sonny. Monica tells Sonny that she doesn’t want him anywhere near the funeral. Sonny tells her to blame him if she is going to blame someone and that he really did love Emily. Monica says that Emily is dead because of Sonny and Jason. Sonny says that Jason needs to go to the funeral. Monica says that she needs the family that she had before Sonny got involved with it. Monica says that she hopes one of Sonny’s enemy’s tracks him down before he destroys his family like he destroyed hers. She tells him to leave.

Liz, Lucky and Nikolas show up at the service. Nikolas isn’t sure he can do it, but Lucky and Liz say that they can do it together and he doesn’t have to talk to anyone. Edward looks up as they walk in.

Lainey and Kelly show up at the service. They discuss Emily outside.

Inside, Liz, Lucky and Nikolas sit together. Nikolas asks why people are so gracious about death and wonders why Edward thanked him when it’s Nikolas’ fault that Emily is dead. Edward thanks Lainey and Kelly for coming. Monica walks up to Edward and he asks if she is going to be able to get through it. Ned and Dillon walk up behind Monica. Monica can’t believe that Emily died so soon after Alan. Jax shows up and asks Monica if there is anything he can do. She tells him that he can thank Carly for bringing the boys around because seeing Michael’s face was the only bright spot in the whole situation. Georgie and Maxie walk in. Dillon walks over to them. Maxie says that she never hated Dillon and leaves to see what is taking Coop so long. Dillon says that he doesn’t understand why this had to happen and Georgie tells him that nothing about that night makes sense. She asks about his job. Dillon asks Georgie why she shut him out of her life.

Lesley tells Monica that Emily is the best thing that could have ever happened to Nikolas and Spencer. Lesley wonders how Nikolas will survive losing Emily.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he can’t blame himself for what happened. Nikolas tells them the reasons why he blames himself.

Skye and Ric show up at the funeral. Ric tells her that he checked himself out of the hospital for the funeral. Ric says that he thought Skye could use a friend. They walk in together. Mike and Bobbie show up at the funeral. Mike says that the only thing that kept him going after Courtney died was the grandkids. They walk in.

Alexis is watching Nikolas. Jax asks how Nikolas is doing and Alexis says that she doesn’t know if he can get over this. Alexis says that she needs to be interested in Jerry’s well being because he is her client. Jax warns her not to get too close to Jerry. Ned walks over.

Dillon asks Georgie why she isn’t answering his phone calls. She tells him that she met someone and she wants it to be serious, but the guy only views her as a faithful friend. Dillon tells her to give the guy time because sometimes it takes guys a while to see what is right in front of them. Dillon says that Georgie is still his best friend and he wants her to be happy. Dillon asks who it is and if he knows him.

Tracy and Lulu show up at the funeral and Logan is standing outside. Tracy leaves to find Monica. Lulu says that Tracy has a lot on her mind. Logan says that Luke is tough and he is sure Luke will be just fine. Lulu says that Tracy is terrified of Luke dying.

Tracy finds Monica. Tracy tells Monica that she regrets the way that she treated Emily and that she only treated her like she did because Tracy resented the way everyone compared Emily and Lila. Tracy says that she hopes Monica can forgive her and walks away.

Liz and Lucky remember the dinners they had with Nikolas and Emily.

Sonny gets home and finds Kate waiting for him. Kate says that she thought she would join him at the funeral. Sonny tells her that he isn’t going to the service and neither is Jason. Sonny tells Kate about his past with Monica. Sonny admits to hurting Monica’s family.

Jason comes downstairs and answers the phone. Jason tells Bernie to handle whatever is going on because he can’t. Carly shows up at Jason’s. Jason tells her that he isn’t sure he should go to the funeral because Monica doesn’t want him there, but Carly tells him that Emily would want him there. Carly tells him about the bridal shower that Monica threw for her when she was going to marry AJ. Jason says that he doesn’t like funerals and Carly says that they provide closure. Jason tells Carly that he loves her and knows that she loves him. Carly tells him to go to the funeral, not for Emily, but for him.

Luke gets dressed in a doctor outfit. He looks in the mirror and he starts having chest pains.

Sonny says that if it weren’t for Emily forcing him to get treatment, his kids wouldn’t have a father. Kate tells Sonny that he isn’t responsible in any way for Emily’s death. Sonny says that it isn’t right that Emily is gone.

Bobbie tells Monica that she is a wonderful mother. Alice comes in and tells Monica that everything is ready at the house for after the service. Spinelli walks in and Monica tells Edward that she doesn’t want anyone connected with Jason at the funeral, but Edward tells her that Spinelli is harmless and Edward doesn’t think Emily would object to having Spinelli there. Monica goes inside and Edward walks over to the door.

Monica comes over and asks for a moment with Nikolas. Liz and Lucky leave. Nikolas asks if there is anything he can do for Monica. Nikolas tells her that he isn’t sure he can do this and she tells him that she isn’t either.

Jason shows up at the funeral.

Monica tells Nikolas that the last few months were the best for Emily because of Nikolas and Spencer because she loved them both so much.

The scene then changes back to the picture of Emily and Nikolas with her engagement ring in front of it.

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