GH Update Monday 11/26/07

General Hospital Update Monday 11/26/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Jason walks into Sonny’s hospital room. Sonny says that he is going to be released. Jason tells Sonny that Anthony Zacchara is in that hospital and that he can’t get close to him. Jason isn’t sure that Zacchara killed Emily.

Patrick brings Zacchara back from running tests and tells two orderlies to take him back to his room. Trevor asks how Mr. Zacchara is doing, but Patrick tells him that information is only for the family.

A detective comes to Carly’s house. The detective says that they are doing follow-up interviews and that since Carly and Emily were both strangled in the same house on the same night, they are trying to figure out the connection.

Sam comes to see Nikolas. Nikolas is sitting in the ballroom and will not let the staff clean up because he wants it to remain the same way that Emily last saw it. Sam is worried about him because he isn’t eating or sleeping.

Luke wakes up with Lucky by his side. Luke asks Lucky where he has been and Lucky says that he’s had a lot to deal with. Luke says that he is sorry to hear about Emily’s death and Lucky didn’t know that Emily was dead. Luke tells Lucky that Tracy and Lulu told him that Lucky was trying to solve Emily’s murder. Lucky asks when it happened and Luke tells him that it happened at the party. Luke realizes that Lucky is still in his tux. Lucky asks Luke if he is sure that Emily is dead. Luke tells Lucky that Emily was strangled and probably by Anthony Zacchara. Lucky freaks out and Tracy comes in and tells him to calm down.

Lulu comes down the stairs at the penthouse with a suitcase in her hand. Spinelli greets her and tells her that her breakfast is ready. Lulu says that Spinelli and Jason have been great for letting her stay there, but she has to go because her family is falling apart.

Nikolas asks if Sam has spoken to the Quartermaine’s. He tells her that the funeral will be on Wednesday the 28th. Sam says that she will definitely be there. Nikolas says that Emily tried to get him to cancel the ball, but he wouldn’t listen to her. Sam tells him that Emily loved him and that is what he should hold on to. Nikolas says that he can’t believe that Emily loved him until the end because he doesn’t remember the end.

The detective tells Carly that the forensics indicate that Emily and Carly were both strangled. Carly says that she didn’t see anything because it was dark. Carly says that Anthony Zacchara killed Emily and there is no way that he tried to kill Carly too because when she was strangled Zacchara was at the top of the house trying to kill Jason and Elizabeth.

Jason tells Sonny exactly what happened with Emily that night. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t know how Nikolas got untied at the ball. Sonny says that he is sure that Zacchara killed Emily. Jason says that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. He tells Sonny that all he sees is Emily laying there dead and all he thinks about is how scared Emily must have been. Sonny asks how the Zacchara’s are handling the current situation. Sonny says that he doesn’t want Jason handling anything to do with the Zacchara’s because he just lost Emily and he needs time to mourn. Sonny thinks that if Jason goes back to work he will get himself killed and Sonny knows that isn’t what Emily would want. Sonny says that he prays that Emily is in heaven and that she is in peace. Kate comes in and starts to ask Sonny a question, but stops when she realizes that Jason is standing there. Kate says that she knows that Sonny wants to help Jason, but he needs to recover and rest.

Tracy tells Lucky that Luke is waiting for a quadruple bypass surgery. Lucky explains that he hadn’t heard about Emily and apologizes for upsetting Luke. Tracy says that Luke wasn’t in good shape and that is why she hadn’t told him that Lucky was missing. Lucky says that he needs to think things through and that he will check back with Luke later. Luke says he thought he could trust Tracy and she explains her reasons for lying to him.

Lucky is getting ready to leave and Liz stops him at the elevator. Liz tells him that she doesn’t know if he had heard about Emily or not. Lucky calls Liz a lying bitch. Lucky says that maybe if he hadn’t been blindsided by Liz’s lies he might have been able to save Emily. Liz says that Emily wouldn’t want them fighting. Lucky gets on the elevator and Liz turns around to look at Jason.

Sonny reminds Kate that people try to kill him all the time and that eventually he will not be able to avoid it. Kate says that when she walked out on him 20 years before she forfeited all rights to make judgments about his life. Kate kisses Sonny and Carly walks into his hospital room.

Johnny goes to see his father. Patrick comes in and tells Johnny that he has reviewed the test results. Johnny wonders why Patrick is treating his father after his father shot Patrick’s girlfriend. Patrick offers to recommend another doctor and then states that doctors live by a different code than “they” do. Patrick says that doctors save lives, not take them. Trevor asks Patrick how Zacchara is doing and what his chances of recovery are. Patrick reminds Trevor again that the information he wants is only to be given to family. Johnny says that Trevor should hear about his father’s condition in case of any legal problems because Trevor is a good lawyer. Patrick tells them that Anthony Zacchara is paralyzed from the neck down and that his spine has been shattered. Zacchara wakes up and asks for Johnny.

Sam and Lucky are talking on the docks. She wonders if he knows about Emily or not. Lucky tells Sam that he knew Emily before he knew Liz or Nikolas. Sam tells Lucky that Zacchara killed Emily and that Lucky is in no way responsible for her death.

Jason goes to see Nikolas. Jason says he wants to know the details of what happened when Emily died and Nikolas insists that he doesn’t know. Jason tells Nikolas to start at the beginning and Nikolas asks, “The beginning of the blackouts or the beginning of this night of hell?” Jason says that he needs to know what happened in the ballroom. Nikolas insists that he doesn’t remember. Nikolas tells Jason that he was supposed to keep Emily safe. Jason wants to know the last thing that Nikolas remembers. Nikolas tells Jason to take some responsibility and to say the words, “Emily would still be alive, if I’d have stayed with her.” Jason tells Nikolas what he wants to hear. Nikolas says that Jason left and Emily came back to the ballroom and Nikolas killed her.

Carly says that she and Sonny have family matters to discuss. Carly admits that she hasn’t told the boys about Emily because she thinks that they should hear it from both of their parents.

Monica asks for Luke’s chart and the nurse tells her that the whole staff loved Emily. Tracy tells Monica that she should be at home, but Monica says that Tracy is not going to tell her how to grieve for Emily.

Lucky says all the memories from his past with Liz are tainted because she lied to him about Jake. Lucky says that he can’t stand to think of Jake as Jason’s child. Sam told Lucky that he lost Emily, Liz and his family, but he doesn’t have to lose Jake.

Jason asks Nikolas if he remembers killing Emily and Nikolas says he doesn’t remember anything. Jason asks Nikolas what he does remember. Nikolas knew that he was getting worse and that he didn’t cancel the ball like Emily wanted. Jason asks Nikolas if he saw Emily in the ballroom while she was alive and Nikolas says that it doesn’t matter because they both failed her while she was alive. A detective shows up.

Monica goes to see Luke. Monica says that she is there to give him her medical opinion. Monica says that she agrees completely with Dr. Julian about the quadruple bypass.

Nikolas tells the detective that he can ask, as many times as he wants, but Nikolas doesn’t know who killed Emily because he was unconscious. Nikolas admits that he thinks Jason could have protected Emily better. The detective asks about the relationship between Jason and Emily. Nikolas says that Jason loved Emily and that he would never hurt her. Nikolas also says that he can tell the detective that Jason didn’t kill Emily.

Jason shows up at Liz’s house. Jason says that he went to tell Monica about Emily and then he went for a ride. Jason tells Liz that all he can think about is picking Emily up off the floor. Liz says that Emily understood grief and loss, but she had a way of focusing on the good. Liz says that Emily would want him to remember her with love and try to live his life to the fullest. Jason says that he doesn’t know how and Liz says that she knows someone who might be able to help. Liz tells Jason that Jake is upstairs if he wants to see him.

Luke starts taking the monitors and wires off. He gets out of bed and tells Tracy that he is leaving. Luke says that he will decide when and if his heart gets operated on. Tracy begs him to get back in the bed and let the doctors save his life.

Sonny and Carly show up to see the boys. Michael asks how Sonny got hurt. Carly says that they have something sad to tell the boys. Sonny tells the boys that a bad man got into Wyndemere and several people got hurt, including him. Sonny tells the boys that Emily died and Michael asks how she died. Carly tells them that Emily is in heaven and that she loved them both very much. Carly takes Morgan upstairs to say a prayer for Emily. Michael asks Sonny if the same man killed Emily and Leticia. Sonny says that he thinks it was the same man and Michael asks why Sonny didn’t kill him and why Sonny let him get to Emily. Michael runs out and Sonny calls after him.

Patrick tells Johnny that against his recommendation, the court has ordered that Anthony is to be moved to a facility for the criminally insane. Johnny says, “First he was a prisoner in his mind, now he is a prisoner in his body.” Trevor tells Johnny that they should go, but Johnny says that he is going to say goodbye to his father and orders everyone away from his father. Anthony tells Johnny to use Trevor to secure his position and then kill Trevor before he kills Johnny. Johnny says goodbye and tells the doctors that they can take him now.

Liz brings Cameron and Jake downstairs and tells Jason that Cameron was looking out the window at Jason’s motorcycle. Cameron goes to get his motorcycle to show Jason. Liz gives Jake to Jason. Jason tells Jake about his Aunt Emily. Lucky shows up to see Liz and sees Jason holding Jake. Cameron goes running to Lucky. Jason tells Cameron that he has a cool motorcycle and then leaves. When Lucky says that he missed both of his boys, Jason and Liz just look at him.

Nikolas is sleeping in a chair in the ballroom. He is dreaming about being tied to a chair while another version of him dances with Emily. Nikolas tries to warn her to get away from “him”, but the other version of him starts to strangle Emily. Nikolas screams and wakes up.

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