GH Update Wednesday 11/21/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/21/07


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Luke wakes up and looks at Tracy.

Edward tells Ned that he isn’t sure he can bear the loss of Emily. He says that Emily was full of strength and beauty. Ned says that Emily’s death broke Edward’s heart. Monica comes in and says hello to Ned.

Carly feels the bruise around her neck. Carly says that she couldn’t sleep. Carly tells Jax that when she had her breakdown, she was jealous of Emily. Carly doesn’t know how to tell the boys that they lost Leticia and Emily.

Alfred brings Nikolas breakfast and Nikolas gets upset. Nikolas tells Alfred that if he can’t have Emily, nothing else matters and tells Alfred to leave him alone.

Jax says that they will sit the boys down and tell them together. Michael comes in and announces that Morgan wants to make Thanksgiving decorations. Michael tells Carly and Jax how to make the decorations. Michael asks Carly if she is going to cook. Carly replies that there will be food there that they can eat, to which Michael says, “surprising” and Jax laughs. Michael and Morgan leave to make decorations. Carly thinks that she is a coward, but Jax says that she is afraid to tell the boys about Emily because she is a loving mother.

Patrick and Robin agree on a treatment for a patient. Patrick tells Robin that Mac invited him to Thanksgiving dinner.

Edward tells Ned that Emily’s funeral is going to be on Wednesday. Dillon comes in and everyone welcomes him home. Dillon says that he loved Emily because she was a good and generous person. Monica can’t get past the fact that she missed the last few hours of her daughter’s life. Monica says that it was Jason’s choices that killed Emily.

Leslie comes in and tells Nikolas that she brought Spencer home.

Tracy says that Luke is anti-holiday, but he denies it. Luke suggests that he was poisoned, but Tracy says that he is not immune to human frailty. Lulu comes in and asks how he is feeling. Luke asks where Lucky is. Lulu lies and tells Luke that Lucky is upset about Emily’s death and that Lucky is working overtime to prove that Anthony Zacchara strangled Emily. Lulu says that she is worried about Nikolas, more than anyone else. Dr. Julian comes in and says that they need to prep Luke for more tests. Tracy and Lulu step outside. Tracy says that she doesn’t want Luke to know that Lucky is missing.

Logan is lifting weights when someone knocks on his door. He goes to open the door and sees Scott standing there with a bag in his arms. Logan asks Scott what he wants. Scott says that they are family and that it is American tradition for families to sit down and eat together for Thanksgiving.

Patrick says that he only caught part of Mac’s message, but he did hear something about not making the same mistakes that Mac did with Robin and Stone. Robin tells Patrick that it would be better if he didn’t go and she would explain to Mac, then says, “If that’s what you want”.

Georgie tells Maxie that before they get involved in making dinner, they should call their mom and wish her a happy thanksgiving. Maxie says that their mother bailed on them and isn’t coming back. Georgie suggests that maybe their mother is out helping their father on a secret mission or something.

Mike shows up with pans of food. Carly comes out wearing an apron and says that she wanted to contribute to dinner since they agreed that Mike was doing the cooking. She says that she didn’t think biscuits could hurt and Mike asked how they turned out. Jax takes the pans from Mike and takes them to the kitchen. Mike tells Carly that he went to the hospital and that Sonny is doing fine. Carly asks if Kate was with Sonny and Mike says that she was. Carly says that it’s good because she doesn’t want Sonny to be alone. Carly tells Mike that the boys don’t know that Sonny is in the hospital and she doesn’t want them to know about Emily today. Mike says that it is her call because they are her kids. Mike goes out to get the turkey and tells Carly that he will take over the biscuits. Jax comes back and startles Carly. Carly tells Jax that she was thinking that it could have been her death that he was telling the boys about instead of Emily’s. Carly reminds Jax that someone tried to kill her and they are still out there.

Logan starts going through the bag of food while Scott is over at the oven. Logan points out that Scott bought chicken instead of turkey. Scott says that it doesn’t matter and that they can still share the meal and that this is time for Scott to get to know Logan. Lulu shows up at Logan’s door.

Maxie asks Mac if he got whipped cream for the pumpkin pie. Georgie reminds them that there was no pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving. Mac and Maxie both leave the room. Someone knocks on the door and Georgie opens it to see Spinelli at the door. Georgie tells Spinelli that Robin, Maxie, and she all got to bring dates and she called him. Spinelli says that he understands because she is unattached and he is happy to be a stand-in.

Bobbie comes out to see Monica. Monica tells her that there is nothing she can say, but Bobbie thinks that Monica is the one that needs to talk. Monica tells Bobbie about when Emily came to them. Monica says that Emily gave her the will to live. Bobbie tells Monica that one-day she will think about the daughter she lost and all Monica will feel is love and gratitude. Monica breaks down in tears and Bobbie embraces her.

Leslie tells Nikolas that she knows he is hurting, but Emily was a huge presence in Spencer’s life and he is going to feel that loss. Nikolas asks her to keep Spencer with her for a while. Leslie asks how long, and Nikolas replies that he doesn’t know how long, but he will pay her any expenses. Nikolas says that he is too distracted to give Spencer the attention he deserves. Leslie tells Nikolas that he has his mother’s strength. Leslie says that Emily would want Nikolas and Spencer to make a new life.

Lulu says that she is grateful that they all made it off Spoon Island. Scott says that he is supposed to be having drinks with Mayor Floyd and that Logan should make the chicken up and tells them Happy Thanksgiving and leaves. Lulu and Logan both know that he was lying. Lulu gets ready to leave and Logan asks her if she knows anything about cooking a chicken.

Mac apologizes to Coop for leaving him alone. Coop wonders why Mac wanted to see him and Mac tells Maxie that she can come out now. Coop asks what is going on and Mac says that they have been seeing each other behind his back for months, Coop apologizes and Mac says that he is sorry they thought they had to hide it from him. Maxie apologizes to Coop for Mac’s bad timing. Coop admits that he misses Maxie and tells her that it won’t be easy for them to get back on track, but he wants to try.

Monica comes in and Nikolas walks into the living room. Monica shows Nikolas the gift that Emily gave her for Mother’s Day. Nikolas tells Monica that he wants to say some things to her. Nikolas says that he would have done anything, including die, for Emily. Nikolas wonders if he could have prevented Emily’s death, but Monica tells him that he had nothing to do with her death. Monica says that she will be eternally grateful for Nikolas loving Emily the way that she deserved to be loved. Monica says that all they can do is figure out a way to go on.

Dr. Julian tells Luke that he is going to need a quadruple bypass as soon as they can schedule it. Dr. Julian says that no matter what doctor they use, they need to do it fast. Tracy tells Luke that he doesn’t have a choice. Tracy reminds Luke of why he needs to stick around.

Spinelli returns with a bag. Mac says that he thought Spinelli left and Spinelli announces that he didn’t feel right having dinner with them without bringing something. Georgie wants to know what he brought. Spinelli brought some things that were served at the first Thanksgiving. Mac says that only Spinelli and Georgie would know what was on the original menu. Robin shows up and says that Patrick is doing what he needs to do and so is she.

Edward has arranged a Thanksgiving dinner for the hospital in Emily’s name.

Alice announces to Monica that she has a visitor. Monica says that she isn’t up for visitors. Skye walks in with Lila Rae and says that she knows it isn’t a time to show up unannounced and Monica can tell her to go if she wants, but it has been quite a year of unrelenting loss and she is feeling alone. Monica says that they were about to sit down and have a traditional Thanksgiving pizza and that they would love it if Skye and Lila Rae would join them.

Bobbie shows up at Carly’s and asks her if she cooked. Carly wonders why everyone is afraid of her cooking and Jax wonders why she has to ask. Bobbie says that Lucas won’t communicate with her any other way than texting. Carly tells Bobbie that Michael and Morgan don’t know about Sonny or Emily. Jax tells Carly that Jerry is doing fine. Mike and Bobbie come out of the kitchen and Carly says that she is going to contribute something whether they like it or not. Mike brings the turkey out. Carly comes out with her own “turkey”.

Tracy is lying down next to Luke in his hospital bed.

Lulu and Logan are enjoying Chinese. A burned chicken is sitting on the table.

Mac doesn’t know how to cut the turkey. Robin offers to help and shows him how to carve a turkey.

Patrick walks into Leyla’s hospital room and brings her a remote control car as a present.

Dr. Julian fills a plate and goes into the lounge and eats with the rest of the staff. Epiphany starts to walk past and Dr. Julian says that she has to join them and talks her into sitting down to eat. Dr. Julian kisses her on the cheek.

Everyone admires Lila Rae at the Quartermaine Mansion. Monica looks over at Emily’s picture.

Nikolas walks into his home and sees himself dancing with Emily.

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