GH Update Tuesday 11/20/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/20/07


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Sonny is brought into the hospital and Robin tells Kate that she can’t go in the room with him. Luke is brought into the hospital and Tracy follows him into the room.

The officer is asking Liz, Jason, and Carly if they saw anyone in the corridor around the time that Emily was strangled. The officer asks if Nikolas would want to hurt his fiancée.

Nadine comes out on the balcony and sees Nikolas holding Emily’s engagement ring. Nikolas tells Nadine about his proposal to Emily and then says “oh god, what have I done to her?”

Tracy tells Dr. Julian that she wants to see his credentials, but Luke tells her not to antagonize the doctor. Luke tells Tracy that she needs to do something for him if anything happens, but she insists that nothing is going to happen. He tells her to keep an eye on Lulu if something happens. Tracy tells him that he is not going to make her a widow.

Lulu and Johnny are talking about what he is going to do now.

The medics bring Ric out and Skye wonders why he isn’t on the helicopter. The medics tell her that he is stable. Ric says that it only took a near death experience to make Trevor appreciate him.

Robin tells Sonny that she is turning his case over to a surgeon. Robin tells Sonny and Kate that the bullet wound needs to be sutured. Sonny says that he has had worse wounds. Kate is happy that they are both alive.

Patrick brings Leyla in. Leyla wakes up as he brings her in. Robin tells Patrick that he was great and he is the reason that more people didn’t die.

Sonny tells Kate that he needs to see Jason or Carly. Kate tells Sonny that they are still on the island.

Liz tells the officer that Nikolas would never hurt Emily. She tells the officer that it was Anthony Zacchara, and tells him the other things that Zacchara did throughout the evening. Liz tells the officer that Zacchara jumped and that is how he ended up in the courtyard. The officer questions Carly and Jason about who got to the room first, Jason steps up and says that he was first and all he saw was Nikolas holding his dead sister. The officer asks where Nikolas is now.

Nadine tries to get Nikolas to go inside. Nadine thinks that Nikolas is in shock, but he isn’t so sure. He wonders what his life means right now. He says that there is no tomorrow because there is no Emily.

Robin tells Patrick that the one positive thing that happened the previous night was that they had a chance to be honest with each other. Ric is brought into the hospital. The medic says that someone sewed him up with fishing line and Patrick says that he did one hell of a job. Ric asks if Alexis is all right.

Carly tells Mac that she walked over to shut the door and someone grabbed her. Carly says the next thing she remembers is Johnny Zacchara giving her CPR. Mac asks if she saw anything. Carly tells Mac about the text messages she has been receiving from Leticia’s killer. Jax walks in helping Jerry and asks Carly where she went. Jax sees the marks around Carly’s neck and Mac tells him that someone tried to strangle Carly. Jerry falls to the floor.

Johnny apologizes to Lulu for everything. Sam comes up and asks Lulu if she has seen Lucky. Sam tells Lulu about the blowup between Lucky, Jason, and Liz the previous night and then tells Lulu that Lucky went off to find Zacchara. Sam says that she is really starting to get worried about Lucky.

Jason tells Liz that the cops want to take the body. Jason doesn’t want them to touch her. Liz tells him that he doesn’t have to stay because Liz will stay with Emily. Jason says that he has to tell Monica before she finds out from someone else.

Jerry is brought into the hospital. Carly and Jax follow him in. Jerry tells Carly to get her throat checked, but she tells him that she can breathe better than he can so the doctors need to worry about him.

Dr. Ford comes in and tells Ric that Alexis is in stable condition. Ric wonders why Skye stayed with him the whole night.

Dr. Julian tells Tracy that Luke is stable, but his heart is severely damaged. Dr. Julian tells Tracy that they need to schedule a bypass surgery and that Luke needs to change his lifestyle to exclude booze, and cigars.

Liz uncovers Emily’s face. Liz remembers how much Emily liked Nikolas in high school. Liz says that Emily trusted her heart and it paid off and it was a big lesson for Liz. Liz promises Emily that she will follow her heart the way Emily wanted her to. Sam walks in.

Skye goes to see Alexis and tells her about Ric. Dr. Julian is telling a nurse the meds to give Mr. Spencer. Skye wonders what happened to Luke and finds out that he had a heart attack.

Leyla thanks Patrick for taking care of her. Robin watches Patrick kiss Leyla on the forehead.

Kate feeds Sonny ice chips. Sonny tells Kate about his relationship with Emily. Sonny thinks that he brought down Anthony Zacchara on Emily.

Sam tells Liz that Lucky is missing and she thought he might be in there. Liz tells Sam to tell Mac. Sam thinks that would just humiliate him more. Liz says that she isn’t going to stand over her best friends body and argue with Sam. Sam tells Liz that she is a bitch and Lucky loved Emily too. Sam asks Liz if it was worth trashing all those years of friendship with Lucky to go chasing after Jason.

Kate tells Sonny that she is as much to blame as Sonny is. Sonny tells Kate that Trevor came to town to destroy Sonny.

Alexis arrives to see Ric. Alexis tells Ric that Molly wants to bring him dinner. Alexis says that she is all right except she is missing her appendix and she has to sit in a wheel chair for 24 hours. Ric wonders if he will turn out like his father. Ric tells Alexis that he wants to make peace between them.

Luke wakes up and Tracy is sleeping on him. Tracy tells him that the surgery was a success. Skye shows up. Tracy tells Skye that their little reunion will have to wait because he is only allowed one visitor at a time. Skye just wanted to make sure he was okay. Tracy yells at him because he is still flirting even though he is half dead.

Nikolas comes back into the room Emily’s body is in. He sees them putting her in a body bag and he tells them to get away from her. He tells them that they aren’t taking her away from him. The detective tells him that it is a murder investigation. Nikolas tells them to get out of his house.

Edward gets to the hospital for the board meeting. Skye tells him that there is something that she is sorry to have to tell him.

Monica calls Emily and leaves a message saying that she wants to know everything about the previous night. Jason walks in and she stumbles on her words. She knows that something has happened.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t want the boys to know he is in the hospital. Sonny asks about Jason. Sonny then asks about the bruises around her neck. Carly tells Sonny that she is happy he is okay. She leaves to find Jax. Sonny wonders if Kate wants to go home, but she tells him she isn’t leaving. She tells him to move over and lies down on the bed with him.

Carly finds Jax at the nurse’s station.

Lulu looks in on Luke and Tracy. Tracy tells Lulu that Luke is in stable condition, but to make sure she doesn’t say anything to upset him. Luke asks about Lucky.

Ric tells Alexis that she is a great mother and an amazing woman. Alexis says that she isn’t perfect and she isn’t blameless.

Skye takes Edward’s hand and says she is sorry. Edward thinks that he did this to Emily. Edward tells Skye about a businessman he admired when he was young. Edward says the family was lucky to have Emily.

Monica asks if Emily is all right. Jason tells Monica that Emily died the previous night. Monica asks Jason when the last time he saved a life was. Monica tells Jason that he killed Emily. Monica tells Jason to get out and not to come to Emily’s funeral. Monica says that Jason isn’t her son.

Nikolas says that he wants everyone out of his house. Liz pulls him back as the medics take Emily away.

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