GH Update Monday 11/19/07

General Hospital Update Monday 11/19/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas is crying sitting next to Emily’s body. He is holding a gun while talking to her. Nikolas says that he knows she would want him to live for Spencer, but he can’t do it without her. He turns the gun towards himself, but he can’t pull the trigger. He lies down on the floor next to her.

Luke is having another heart attack and Tracy searches for Edward’s pills. She finds them and gives him one. She yells out the door for help and Robin comes running.

Kate tells an armed man that Sonny is dead, but he wants proof. She tells the man to go ahead and kill her, but Sonny shoots the other man before he can. Sonny crawls over to the other man.

Johnny is giving Carly CPR, but it isn’t working. Lulu comes in.

Jason and Liz are standing on a ledge. Jason tells Anthony that the storm is passing and he needs to get out of there, but Anthony knows that they are stalling. Anthony says that either Jason flies or he dies. Anthony gets ready to shoot Jason and Liz kicks him and Jason tackles him to the ground. Jason grabs Anthony’s gun. Anthony jumps over the ledge and Jason shoots at him.

Lulu tries to help Johnny with Carly. Carly starts breathing and Lulu tells her that she is okay. Carly says that someone came up behind her. Lulu tells Carly that Johnny saved her life.

Anthony tells Trevor to get him out of there, but Trevor says not this time. Trevor tells him that it is time to die and leaves him.

Nikolas is sitting by Emily’s side talking to her. Nikolas says that he needs her because his life doesn’t mean anything without her. He says that he was supposed to go, not her. Sam comes in and finds Nikolas next to Emily’s body. Sam asks him what happened.

Sonny tells Kate to calm down. She tells him that she knew he could handle Anthony’s henchmen. He apologizes and tells her that he never wanted that part of his life to touch her. She tells him that she is grateful that they are both alive.

Robin tells Tracy to get the defibrillator and moves Luke so that he is lying down. Tracy helps her open Luke’s shirt and Robin puts the patches on Luke’s chest. Robin shocks Luke’s heart trying to get it back into rhythm, but it doesn’t work.

Kate helps Sonny lay down. Sonny reminds Kate about a trip they took and tells her that she needs to trust him just like she did then. Kate gets up to get a doctor, but he tells her that all he needs is her.

Mac is on the phone with the Mayor. An officer tells him that Alexis came through the surgery and gave her statement. Mac wonders if her story corroborates the stories told by Jax and Jerry and the officer tells him they are the same. Mac says that a chopper is to be in the air as soon as the storm breaks.

Liz and Jason get into a room. She sits down in front of the fire. Liz tells Jason what Zacchara said when he grabbed her. She admits that all she could think about on the ledge was her boys and who was going to take care of them when she was gone.

Sam kneels down and Nikolas puts a scarf over Emily’s face. Nikolas admits to Sam that he had another blackout and when he woke up Emily was next to him on the floor. He says that he tried to save her, but it was too late. Sam asks him if anyone else knows and he says that Jason knows, but he isn’t sure who else. Sam asks if he saw anyone else, and he says that Liz gave him a shot to take the pain away.

Carly tells Lulu and Johnny that after Leticia was killed she started getting text messages from the killer. Johnny says that his father didn’t try to kill Carly and tells them that he caught a glimpse of the person. Lulu wonders who killed Emily. Logan walks in.

At the hospital, Epiphany informs everyone of the status of the patients. The doctors and nurses discuss the “events” of the night on Spoon Island. Dr. Ford comes off the elevator and announces that Mac is trying to get a chopper over to Spoon Island and asks for volunteers to go and help the wounded.

Lulu tells Logan what happened. Jason and Liz walk in. Jason asks Carly if she is all right. Johnny tells Jason that he caught a glimpse of the person and that he is sure it wasn’t his father. Logan suspects Johnny. Jason informs Johnny that his father jumped and says that if the fall didn’t kill him, maybe the shots that were fired did. Carly asks how long ago that was and Jason replies that it was about 20 minutes before.

Nikolas tells Sam that he has been having blackouts all night and admits that they are getting more frequent and getting worse. Sam wonders where Nikolas got the bruises. Nikolas admits that he knows how scared Emily was, but she stayed with him anyways and it cost her, her life. Liz walks in. Sam goes over and asks Liz why she left Nikolas with Emily’s body to go after Jason. Sam tells Liz that Lucky went after Zacchara alone. Sam tells Liz that because of her lies, Lucky has nothing left to lose.

Tracy tells Luke that Robin had a hard time getting his heart started again. Luke thanks Robin. Robin tells him that if he has another heart attack that he will probably die. Luke says that he has spent his life cheating death. Robin looks out the window and realizes that a police chopper is on the way.

Trevor tells some of Zacchara’s guards to get their men off the island before the police come. One of them tells the other to go get the backboard for Mr. Zacchara, but Trevor tells them that from now on Zacchara will fend for himself. Johnny walks up. Trevor tells Johnny that his father isn’t dead, yet. Anthony calls Johnny over and asks him to come closer so that Anthony can see Johnny’s eyes. Johnny does as he is asked. Anthony tells Johnny to take care of his roses and he dies. Johnny walks away from his father’s body. Trevor tells Johnny that when the police arrive to tell them that he did not know that his father was that unstable or that he was a danger to anyone. Johnny says that he is done with all of it.

Kate is ranting. Sonny tells Kate that he has no intention on dying. She tells Sonny that she has always loved him.

Trevor tells Johnny to let Jason go down for murder. Jason raises his gun at Zacchara, but Johnny steps in the way. Mac arrives on the scene and tells Jason to drop his gun and put his hands up. Jason keeps his gun pointed at Johnny. Jason drops his gun and the cops rush up to Zacchara’s body. Jason tells Mac that Zacchara jumped and Mac questions Jason about the bullet holes. Mac questions Johnny. Maxie and Georgie run over to see Mac with Spinelli, Nadine and Cooper right behind them. They are discussing how everyone is and Johnny sneaks off. Nadine rushes off towards Zacchara and she is told to stand back, but she says that she is a nurse and she might be able to help. Mac hears that Emily is dead. Mac wonders how long after Zacchara killed Emily, Jason went after him.

Sam tells Liz that it is her fault that Lucky feels like he has nothing left. Liz says that she doesn’t want to do it with her best friend lying there. They both blame each other for the reasons that Lucky isn’t there helping Nikolas through the worst night of his life. Sam tells Liz that since she obviously doesn’t care what happens to Lucky, Sam will go find him herself.

Robin tells them to keep the defibrillator close by, just in case they need to use it again. Robin tells them that she will be right back, but she is going to get help. Robin tells Luke to lay still. Luke tells her to be careful. Tracy asks Luke if he knows how to shut up and he laughs.

Sonny tells Kate that he is going to be fine. Kate tells Sonny that she would rather learn to accept his life than to live without him.

Carly gets up and says she has to go find Sonny and Jax. Lulu tells Carly that she can’t go anywhere alone until they figure out who tried to kill Carly. Carly says that she needs to find her husband and Lulu says that they will all go. Johnny comes in and tells them to check the courtyard first because the cops are there. Carly rushes out towards the courtyard followed by Lulu and Logan. Lulu asks Johnny if he is coming and he replies that the cops have a medivac out there and tells her to make sure they know her father needs to be one of the first people on it. She turns and walks out of the room.

Johnny walks down the stairs and an officer comes to question him. Trevor walks in behind the officer. Johnny says that if the officer has questions then he needs to ask them. The officer asks Johnny what his father was doing there. Trevor offers to tell the officer whatever he wants to know.

Dr. Julian comes in to help Luke. He asks Luke about his medical history. Tracy yells at the medical personnel and Epiphany tells her to shut her mouth so they can do their jobs.

Liz tells Nikolas that the helicopter landed and they will be in soon to get Emily. Nikolas asks Liz to stay with her until they get there so that she isn’t alone. She agrees and Nikolas leaves.

Mac comes to see Sonny and says that he needs to take Sonny’s statement. Mac questions Sonny about Emily’s death and Sonny tells Mac that Trevor knew exactly what was going on with Zacchara and did nothing to fix it.

Trevor tells Johnny to do exactly as he says and it will go away real quick. Lulu walks in and listens to them. Trevor leaves and Johnny tells Lulu what Trevor wanted.

The doctors tell Tracy that they won’t know the extent of the damage until they get Luke to the hospital. They start moving him, but he stops them and asks where Lucky is.

Liz uncovers Emily’s face. Liz talks to Emily. Liz tells Emily that she needs her because she was the one person that she could talk to. Liz kisses Emily on the forehead. An officer comes in and asks Liz to step back because the room is now a crime scene. Liz puts the scarf back over Emily’s face. The officer asks if the body has been moved and Liz tells him that when she came in Nikolas was holding her. He asks who found Nikolas with Emily’s body and Jason and Carly walk in and announce it was them. They walk the officer through what happened when they walked in the room. The officer asks Carly and Jason if they saw anyone leave the room, Carly says no and Jason doesn’t answer.

Nikolas is standing on a landing and he is holding Emily’s engagement ring. He looks out over the water.

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