GH Update Friday 11/16/07

General Hospital Update Friday 11/16/07


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Wyndemere is the setting. Jax is explaining the “piggy back” device to Carly. Carly thinks that AZ killed both Emily and Leticia. She wonders who has been sending her the text messages.

Jason and Liz are still in the ballroom with Nikolas and Emily. Liz is still in shock. Nikolas is asleep in the chair, dreaming of dancing with Emily. He sees himself strangle Emily in the dream and wakes with a start. Liz goes to Nik’s side.

Sonny tries violently to wake Jerry and find out what happened to Kate. Jerry mumbles that AZ has Kate. AZ left a message with Jerry for Sonny – “it’s time you played the game.”

AZ tells Kate Sonny must now “pay.” Kate says Sonny will go after Johnny instead of coming for her. AZ tells Kate she should have “run” when she “had the chance.” Kate brings up the subject of roses, which interests AZ. She tells him about the gardens on the property.

In the barn, Nadine tends to Johnny’s injured hand. Logan is suspicious – he thinks it’s some type of rope or wire burn.

Liz tries to get Nik to sit back in the chair. He says he wants to be with Emily. Jason tells Nik than Em is dead. Nik says it was all in his “nightmare.” Nik holds Emily’s hand and asks why she is “so cold.” Nik begs Emily to “speak to” him.

Luke is still having pain in his chest but he’s resting comfortably. Tracy is with him. Luke tells Tracy he’s got a lot of life left in him. He wonders how much longer they will be stuck at the mansion. Luke regrets the time he’s “wasted on stupid things.” He says Tracy has taken him into the “future.”

Trevor comes in and finds an injured Jerry. Jerry tells Trevor that AZ has Kate. He also tells him that Sonny is on his way to “rescue his lady love.” Jerry calls Trevor “bitter.” Jerry accuses Trevor of “calling in the mercenaries” to get rid of any “witnesses to Zacchara’s insanity.” Jerry says the witnesses are many and they can’t be “killed fast enough.”

Kate talks to AZ about roses. He says he remembers Kate’s visit to his house with Trevor. AZ hears a noise and tells the person to enter the room. Sonny comes in the room, showing that he is not armed. AZ says he’s “disappointed” in Sonny. Sonny tells AZ that he “almost killed” Johnny. He says Johnny is a dead man if Kate or Sonny are killed. AZ says he “hates” Johnny and wants him dead anyway. AZ tells Sonny it’s time to “play the game.” He says Kate will be the target in Russian Roulette. Sonny says AZ has fallen off of “the brink of madness.”

In the ballroom, Nik uncovers Emily’s face. He sobs that he was “supposed to protect” Emily. Nikolas is totally distraught by Emily’s death. Jason and Liz stand in silence.

In the barn, Logan questions Johnny on his whereabouts “when Emily was killed.” Lulu says Johnny is innocent. Lulu wants to go see Nik. Nadine says it’s too risky. Johnny takes Lulu to see Nik. Logan stays behind, upset.

Tracy thinks Luke is delirious. He says he’s “entitled” to be. Luke hates being stuck in the mansion. Tracy says she wants to “share” her future with Luke.

Trevor is still with Jerry. Trevor says everyone who is still breathing should “be on their guard.” Trevor hints that the guests who live out the storm should forget what they saw and not point a finger at AZ. Jerry wonders how Ric will “feel” about Trevor “covering” for AZ. Carly and Jax come into the room and wonder why Trevor is there. Trevor claims to be “checking on” Jerry, then he leaves the room. Jerry tells Jax that Trevor is “doing damage control.” Jax wonders “how many people have actually seen” AZ. Jerry says Trevor will “silence” anyone who claims to have seen AZ. Jerry tells Jax and Carly to stay mum about what they’ve seen. Trevor is outside the door listening to Jerry warn Carly and Jax.

Luke says he and Tracy shouldn’t “get sentimental.” He asks Tracy if she’d be better off without him. Tracy says Luke will be under a doctor’s care when they get home. Tracy says she “needs” Luke so he promises to stay alive.

Jason tries to get more details from Nik. Nik silently remembers his last moments with Emily. Lulu and Johnny come into the ballroom. Nik tells Lulu that he “did this to her.” Nik yells that everyone should stop protecting him.” Liz walks Lulu away from Nik. Lulu says Nik is confused and that AZ killed Emily.

Jax wonders how the gunmen got to Spoon Island. Jerry says they most likely came by boat. He tells Jax to take Carly and find they boat so the two of them can get away. Jax refuses to leave his brother behind. Jerry says everyone will end up dead once the mercenaries start shooting. Jerry tells all he knows about Kate and Sonny. Jerry is coughing and having difficulty breathing. Jax sends Carly to get Jerry some water.

Sonny tries to reason with AZ. AZ says he knows all about Sonny’s past in business. Sonny says Jason will shoot Johnny. AZ advises Sonny to “kiss her goodbye.” Sonny says he will stay if Kate is set free. AZ starts on roses again. Then he tells Kate she’s free to leave. Sonny puts up his hands and starts to leave the room. AZ shoots Sonny in the shoulder. Sonny leaves the room with AZ’s permission.

Georgie, Maxie, and Coop show up at the barn. Spinelli tells them about Emily. Spinelli says it’s time for the “men to leap into action.” He wants to team up with Coop and Logan to save everyone. They only have one gun so Spinelli grabs some tools from the barn. The three guys leave the barn.

Sonny returns to Kate. She’s upset that he’s been shot. Kate tries to nurse Sonny’s bullet wound. Sonny is amused that Kate is playing doctor.

Trevor finds AZ. He tells one of the mercenaries to kill Sonny. Trevor says to “make it look like” AZ killed Sonny. AZ asks Trevor how long he’s been giving “orders.” Trevor tells AZ to go home with his men. AZ says he won’t go home without Johnny. He puts his gun to Trevor’s throat and says he has “one bullet left.” Trevor assures AZ that they are “on the same side,” but AZ doesn’t agree.

Logan, Spinelli, and Coop are on the grounds. They listen to Spinelli’s game plan.

AZ insists he won’t leave the island without Johnny. Trevor says time is running out to get their men off the island. Just then, a voice, claiming to be the police, comes out of the darkness. It’s Spinelli, Coop, and Logan.

Liz and Jason sit in the ballroom and watch Nik as he talks to Emily. Nik wonders how he will go on. Liz tries to comfort Jason. Jason watches Nik closely. Liz says Nik didn’t kill Emily. Jason is suspicious of Nik. Suddenly the sound of gunshots comes from outside. Jason goes to investigate. Liz goes and sits with Nik. She tries to cover Emily but Nik won’t hear of it. Liz walks to the other side of the room. AZ walks up behind Liz. AZ stands, unnoticed and watches Nik and Liz. Nik continues to talk to Emily. AZ grabs Liz and quietly drags her out of the room.

Outside, Spinelli runs into a gunman and hits him over the head with a hammer. He loses track of Coop and Logan.

Logan goes to check on Luke and Tracy. He tells them about Emily. Tracy thinks Logan is lying. Tracy eventually realizes that Logan is telling the truth. Luke is concerned for Nik.

Carly is wondering around downstairs – Jason catches her. Carly says she’s looking for Sonny. She tells Jason about AZ taking Kate. Jason says he’ll go after Sonny and Kate. He tells Carly to be safe and return to Jax. Carly agrees.

Kate tends to Sonny’s wound. Kate wonders if they should have “run away together” when they were young. Sonny says he’s glad Kate’s back in his life. Sonny kisses Kate then he passes out and falls to the floor.

Luke insists on going to help Nikolas. Tracy tries to stop him. Luke appears to have another heart attack.

Nik sobs and tells Emily he can’t go on without her. He notices a gun across the room. Nik takes the gun and holds it to his chest.

A gunman burst into the room where Kate and Sonny are. Kate tells the man that Sonny is already dead.

Jason goes to the top of the mansion, looking for Sonny. Instead he finds AZ with Liz. AZ has Liz on the edge of the balcony. AZ wonders if Jason or Liz can “fly.” AZ tells Jason to “get up on the wall and jump” or he’ll push Liz over the edge. AZ says Jason can watch Liz die or Jason can “die for love” in her place. Jason lowers his gun and climbs onto the balcony edge. Liz and Jason stand together on the edge of the balcony.

As Carly starts to make her way back to Jax and Jerry, a man puts something around her neck and starts to strangle her.

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