GH Update Thursday 11/15/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/15/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is unconscious. It’s 5:00 am. There is a woman next to Nikolas. He wakes up and looks over at the body and screams. The body is revealed to be Emily. Nikolas tries to breath life back into her. He begs Emily to breath, but she doesn’t. Nikolas sobs.

In another part of the house, Kate and Sonny continue to wait out the storm. Sonny says he was uncomfortable in the room with Trevor and Ric. Sonny says he hates it that Kate was ‘’involved with Trevor.” He says he has to keep his feelings out of the way.

Lulu is out in a cave hiding from AZ’s wrath and she hears a noise. She picks up a weapon and gets ready to strike. It’s Johnny. He tells her that Anthony “enjoys killing.” Johnny says it will be difficult to stop his father now that he’s on a killing streak.

In another part of the house, Jerry is in great pain. Carly and Jax explain the boat accident to Jason. Jason asks Jax if he called for police backup. Jax explains that the police can’t come across the water due to the severe weather. Jerry is having trouble breathing and he’s still coughing up blood. Suddenly, the group hears Nikolas scream Emily’s name. Jason hurries to where Nik is. Carly follows. Jason sees Emily on the floor. Jason asks if Emily is “still breathing.” Nikolas says she’s “just resting.” He won’t let go of Emily. Jason tries to get to Emily to try and revive her but Nikolas won’t let her go. Jason can see that Emily isn’t breathing. Jason wants to start CPR on Emily. Carly tries to help. She can tell that Nik is in shock. She checks Emily for a pulse but there isn’t one. Carly looks at Jason and he knows that Emily is gone. Jason demands to know who killed Emily. He asks how Nik got out of the restraints.

Jax is still with Jerry. Jerry wants Jax to go to Carly but Jax refuses. Jerry insists, so Jax agrees to go to Carly. Jerry assures his brother that he’s “an excellent shot” in case AZ comes his way. Jax goes to check on Carly.

Carly asks how Nikolas got the bruise on his face. Jason says he didn’t cause Nik’s bruise. Jax comes into the room and sees Emily. Carly says she assumes that AZ hit Nikolas, bruising his face, and killed Emily. Jason keeps asking Nikolas what happened. Nikolas can’t answer. Nik continues to hold Emily. Carly pulls Jason off Nikolas. She says Nik is “in shock.” Carly says Nik needs something to calm him down. Jason runs to get help.

Sonny and Kate are still in hiding. He says AZ is him in the future. Kate disagrees. She tells Sonny that he is not “a violent madman just waiting to happen.” Sonny says his “business” will do him in eventually. Sonny thinks his work is more dangerous than his illness. He says his “life” gives him perks. Kate says she formerly lived a life with perks. Sonny fears he will end up like AZ if he’s “pushed too far.”

Lulu questions Johnny about AZ’s enjoyment of killing people. Johnny tells Lulu that Trevor covered up Maria’s murder. Johnny also tells her how his dad killed a guard and threatened to kill him. Johnny says he “ran away” and went to live with Maria’s family in Ohio when he was a teen. He says that AZ killed Maria’s family members one night. Johnny says that was the last time he “ran away,” “until now.” He says he regrets picking up Lulu and offering her a ride. He blames himself for Lulu being in danger.

Jason runs off to get Liz. He goes to the barn and tells Liz that Emily is dead and Nikolas needs help. Liz asks Jason to clarify. Jason tells Liz that Emily was strangled. Liz can’t believe Emily is gone. Nadine offers to help but Liz insists she can handle it. Liz searches for something to sedate Nik. She says she must take care of Nik for Emily’s sake.

Jerry is alone and hears someone coming. He gets his gun out and waits. AZ comes down the stairs and Jerry shoots but misses. AZ shoots back and Jerry runs out of bullets. Jerry moves out of the room. AZ thinks Jerry is Johnny.

Johnny is still with Lulu. He feels guilty for not shooting his dad when he had the chance. Lulu tells Johnny about Laura’s condition. He’s sympathetic. Logan comes into the cave.

Kate suggests that Sonny “retire.” He tells her about leaving Brenda at the alter when he tried to quit the business before. Sonny seems to think he can’t do anything else for a living. He also says he enjoys his work. Kate says Sonny should tell her if he’s going to leave her “instead of breaking” her heart. Jerry bursts into the room and collapses.

Carly asks Jax to move Emily off the floor. She tells Nik. He still insists that Emily is “resting.” Carly asks Nik what happened. He only tells her that Emily wanted to “postpone” the ball because of his health. It’s really difficult for Jax and Carly to listen as Nik asks Emily to “wake up.” Jax doesn’t move Emily’s body off the floor. Liz and Jason run into the room. They listen as Nik tells Emily that he would “die” for her. It’s a very emotional scene as Jax, Carly, Liz, and Jason listen to Nik. Liz approaches Nik. She tells him she brought some medicine. Nik thinks the medicine is for Emily – so she can wake up. Jax says he must go “check on Jerry.” Carly goes with him. She puts her arms around Jason before leaving the room. Liz holds it together and tries to get Nik to “let go of” Emily. Liz fills a syringe with a “horse tranquilizer” and Jason holds Nik down while Liz injects him. Nik cries out, in pain.

Kate tries to make a now conscious Jerry comfortable. Jerry tells Sonny that he may have internal bleeding. Jerry tells Sonny and Kate about his run-in with AZ. Jerry suggests that Sonny and Kate leave for a safer place. Jerry tells them about Nik screaming Emily’s name. He says he fears that “Emily is in a very bad way.” Sonny and Kate look worried.

Johnny and Logan argue in the cave. Lulu says she trusts both of them.

Spinelli talks to Nadine (in the barn) about Emily. Spinelli is worried about Jason losing Emily. He says Jason will find the killer. Nadine says Spinelli is “compassionate.” She wonders how “vengeance dude Jason can be” his best buddy.

Carly and Jax go back to where they left Jerry. When they realize Jerry is gone, Jax says AZ or his men must have come after Jerry. Jax assumes that’s why they heard gunfire. He feels bad for leaving the badly injured Jerry to fend for himself. Carly says Jerry must have been able to get away. She wonders if Jerry is really hurt that bad. Jax says that maybe Jerry wanted to “ditch” him and take on AZ. Jax finds the bullets on the floor and wonders if “Jerry found Zacchara after all.”

Sonny wants to go to the ballroom where all the chaos with Emily is happening. Kate says she must stay with Jerry but Jerry tells her not to. Jerry tells Kate to go with Sonny. She wants to stay so Jerry promises to protect her. Sonny heads to the ballroom. Jerry says he doesn’t “deserve” Kate’s “courage and compassion,” as he will probably “take advantage of her” soon.

Jason pulls Nik off of Emily. Liz takes Nik to sit in a chair while Jason carries Emily over to a bench. Sonny comes in and realizes that Emily is dead. Sonny starts to break down. Jason gently places Emily on the bench. Sonny gently touches Emily’s neck. Sonny wonders if AZ is responsible for Emily’s death. Sonny asks Nik what happened. Nik says Emily was “on the floor with a cord around her neck” when he awoke. Sonny asks Nik about the bruise on his head. Nik says he has no memory of anything. He asks Sonny why AZ was at the house. Nik asks Sonny where Emily is.

Lulu goes back to the barn with Johnny and Logan. Spinelli tells them about Emily. Spinelli says that Emily was “strangled.” Lulu is horrified.

Carly wonders if she and Jax should go look for Jerry. Jax says he wants to but it would be safer not to. They decide to return to the ballroom and offer their help. Carly says she feels “helpless.” She says she’s relieved that Jax is ok. Curly says she is ‘happier than she ever thought she could be” with Jax.

Sonny pulls Jason aside and tells him not to look at Emily. Sonny apologizes for what’s happened. Jason puts the blame on Trevor. Sonny goes over to Emily. He sits with her and says she was supposed to “live a good life.” Sonny says he always wanted Emily “to be safe.”

Jax and Carly sit on the stairs and talk about Emily. Carly is worried about telling the boys. Jax reassures her. Carly finds a device on the floor. Jax says it’s used to “piggyback cell phones.” Carly concludes that the infamous text messager is on the premises.

Lulu talks to the others about Nik and Emily’s love. Logan tries to comfort Lulu. Nadine suggests that they all stay put. Logan gets into it with Spinelli but Nadine insists that Logan “show the jackal some respect.” Lulu tells Johnny that he’s not to blame. She notices that Johnny has a cut on his hand and asks him about it.

Back in the ballroom, Liz kneels beside Emily. She kisses Emily and tells her she loves her. Jason watches. Liz sobs as she lies on Emily’s lifeless body. Jason tries to console Liz. Nikolas is passed out in the chair. He’s dreaming about dancing with Emily. Nik sees himself watching from the chair as he and Emily dance. Nik watches from the chair as he kisses Emily and then strangles her.

Sonny goes back to Kate and Jerry. Kate is gone and Jerry is unconscious. Sonny demands to know where Kate is.

AZ pushes Kate into a room at gunpoint. AZ says Sonny must now “play” his “game.”

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