GH Update Wednesday 11/14/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/14/07


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It is 4am the night of the party.

Nikolas and Jason are fighting and Jason grabs Nikolas from behind. Nikolas struggles to get free and hits Emily. Emily hits a chair and falls to the floor.

Sonny and Kate are in a room. She is dreaming of dancing with Sonny. The storm wakes her up. She makes Sonny promise that he is going to take her dancing when the night is over.

Carly and Jerry are discussing Jax. Carly tells him that she is going to find Jax and Jax runs in the room. Jerry is happy to see his brother.

Anthony tells Johnny that he worries about his strength. Anthony tells him that Lulu can ruin him and that Johnny needs to make sure she doesn’t. Johnny turns the gun on Anthony and tells him “this is for my mother”. The gun is empty.

Nikolas and Jason are still fighting. Emily finds her way into a chair and gets up to stop Jason from killing Nikolas. When Jason stops hitting Nikolas she runs to see if Nikolas is okay. Jason goes and gets a rope and a chair. Emily tells Jason that Nikolas is having a blackout and it will pass, but he pulls him to the chair and puts him in it. Jason tells Emily that he is going to tie up Nikolas and get her out of there, but she refuses to leave Nikolas.

Sam and Lucky get to the stables. Lucky says that he brought Sam to guard everyone, but Liz doesn’t want her to. Liz tells Sam that she knows all about agendas, like that day in the park when Sam rescued Liz and the boys.

Kate says that Sonny needs rest because of the infusion that he gave Ric.

Patrick is checking Leyla’s wound. Patrick and Robin discuss what Zacchara was thinking when he shot Leyla. Patrick tells her that he thought he was going to die and tells Robin that he hasn’t stopped loving her. She tells Patrick that she will always love him.

Johnny puts the gun down and Anthony pulls his out. Anthony agrees that he wants to kill Johnny and that his mother jumped in front of the bullet. Anthony tells Johnny that his mother betrayed him again “tonight” and that he had to shoot her again. Anthony tells Johnny that when the sun comes up he is going to kill Lulu and then they are going to go home. Lulu and Johnny look out into the storm. Logan comes up and Johnny tells her that he will take care of his father as soon as Lulu is safe.

Liz tells Lucky that it isn’t a good idea to leave Sam there with Liz. Sam agrees that it isn’t a good idea. Lucky tells Liz that sending Sam away doesn’t make any of it her fault.

Emily tells Jason that she loves Nikolas and that she won’t leave him so that Anthony Zacchara can kill him. Nikolas realizes that he hurt Emily and he begs Jason to take Emily somewhere that he can’t hurt her again. Emily tells him that she is not leaving him. He begs Emily to “do it for me”. Emily kisses Nikolas and leaves with Jason.

Carly tells Jax what Jerry told her. Jax assures Carly that he is fine. Jerry tells Jax that he is happy that he made it back. Jax tells Jerry that they need to get him some help.

Robin tells Patrick that a crisis can make anyone sentimental, but once the adrenaline wears off they are right back where they started. Robin tells Patrick that she knows how fragile life can be and Patrick says they shouldn’t waste the chances to be together. Robin tells him that she still wants kids and he doesn’t. She isn’t sure if they can get past that. She wonders if what happened changed his mind. Patrick tells Robin that he wishes he could tell her it changed his perspective, but he still doesn’t think he would be good at being a dad. Robin admits that she has been disappointed since they broke up, but she won’t regret what they had together and that she will always love him. Leyla is laying there listening to them.

Jax and Carly try to help Jerry up, but he is too weak.

Kate gets Sonny a drink. Sonny tells her that she seems confident. She tells him that now that Ric is going to live, Trevor doesn’t need him anymore.

They are sitting around Ric’s bed and Trevor is telling Skye all about Adella and how he fell in love with her. Trevor tells her that he forced Adella to make an impossible decision and she walked out on him.

Jason and Emily show up at the stables. Liz asks where Nikolas is and Jason tells her that Emily will explain. Emily asks Jason to go check on Nikolas and make sure he isn’t hurt. Jason explains that he has to find Anthony Zacchara and he tells her that everything is going to be okay. Liz asks Emily what happened to Nikolas. Emily explains that Nikolas’ blackouts are getting worse and that Nikolas attacked Jason. Emily says that she can’t stand the thought of Nikolas being alone because anything could happen.

Nikolas is sitting in the chair and someone walks in. He thinks it’s Jason, but it’s Anthony Zacchara. He puts something around Nikolas’ throat and starts strangling him. Zacchara tells Nikolas that it’s too easy and lets him go. Anthony tells Nikolas that he isn’t much of a host. Anthony tells Nikolas that since someone worked very hard to tie him up, it would be rude to remove him. Anthony Zacchara tells Nikolas that Emily is stashed away where no one can find her and that he is saving her for later. Lucky and Sam come in. Nikolas tells them that Zacchara has Emily and Lucky demands to know where. Sam tells Nikolas that Zacchara is messing with his head and Zacchara pulls out his gun and points it at Nikolas. Zacchara runs out of the room and Lucky runs after him. Sam unties Nikolas. They all run out of the room to find Emily.

Kate and Sonny are searching the rooms. Kate thinks they should go the other direction. Kate realizes that Sonny is looking for Carly. They argue about Carly. They hear someone coming and hide. It’s Jason. Sonny tells Jason what happened with Carly and Jason goes to find her.

Emily tells Liz that it feels wrong to be hiding in the stables when she should be with Nikolas. Liz tells Emily that Jason told Lucky the truth about Jake. Emily says that she knew that Jake was Jason’s son, but she realized that Liz didn’t want anyone to know. Emily wants to know what Lucky said when he heard the truth and Liz tells her that all Lucky can see is that Liz betrayed him again for Jason. Emily tells Liz that it’s Lucky’s choice who he turns to. Liz tells Emily that she knows things about Sam that would make Lucky drop her in a heartbeat. Liz tells Emily that Sam watched Jake get kidnapped and that she hired the two men that threatened Liz in the park. Liz tells Emily that Sam changed because she lost the man she loved and he had a child with Liz.

Sam, Lucky and Nikolas are searching the halls. Sam is worried about Lucky. Sam and Lucky are trying to figure out where they are and when they turn around to ask Nikolas he is gone.

Lulu and Logan are in a cave talking. She tells him that she went after Anthony Zacchara and that he was about to kill her. She tells Logan what Anthony said about killing her at sunrise. Logan says that Johnny is just as crazy as his father. Lulu tells him that if a parent is crazy it doesn’t mean that the child is. Logan tells Lulu that she is defending Johnny like he means something to her. She tells him that she barely knows Johnny. She tells Logan that she tends to warm up to people who save her life. Logan says that he is a soldier and he has been trained for situations “like this” and he is going to go take care of Zacchara on his own.

Trevor asks Skye if there is any change with Ric, but there isn’t. Trevor thinks it is too late to apologize for Ric’s childhood and that he doesn’t think Ric would be interested. Ric wakes up and says, “You never know, you never tried.” Sonny and Kate come in and ask how Ric is doing. Skye tells him that Ric is doing better thanks to Sonny. Ric realizes that Sonny saved him.

Patrick tends to Leyla. He tells Robin that they need more pain meds. Robin offers to go look in the other bedrooms, but Patrick tells her that she isn’t going alone and he isn’t leaving them unattended. Leyla tells them that they should go, but Patrick tells her it isn’t going to happen and that he is going to carry her. Leyla passed out and Patrick picked her up.

Liz tells Emily that Lucky is in enough pain over Jake and that she doesn’t want to cause him any more pain. Liz asks Emily if she hates her, but Emily tells her that she loves her. Emily reminds Liz that everyone makes mistakes. Emily asks what is next for Liz and Jason, but Liz is unsure. Emily says that she is going back to be with Nikolas. Liz offers to go with her, but Emily says that it is her risk to take because Nikolas would do the same for her. Emily tells her that the sun will be up in a few hours and everything will be back to normal. Emily tells Liz that they will go to Jakes and plan the wedding over Tequila. Emily asks Liz to be her maid of honor, and Liz accepts. Emily leaves and Liz tells her to be careful.

Jason goes to check on Nikolas. He realizes that Nikolas has been untied. Johnny finds Jason. Johnny tells Jason everything that happened with his father and Lulu. Jason tells him that his father isn’t the only threat anymore and tells him what happened with Nikolas. They split up to find Anthony Zacchara. Nikolas comes back into the room after Jason and Johnny leave. Nikolas walks over to the mask that Emily dropped when she hit the chair. He has a flashback of her picking it up earlier in the evening. He hears someone coming and hides. Robin comes into the room with Patrick and Leyla right behind her. She finds pain killers and they turn to leave. She looks down at the mask on the floor. They all walk out of the room and Nikolas looks relieved.

Jax realizes that Jerry is coughing up blood. Jax tells Jerry that he has to take it easy. Jason comes over to them and asks Carly why she ran off on her own.

Trevor tells Sonny that Ric may need more blood and Kate tells them that Sonny has given too much already. Kate tells Ric to thank his brother and be done with it. Ric thanks Sonny and then asks why he would bother.

Lulu is still in the cave.

Sam and Lucky are searching the rooms. Sam wonders if Nikolas could have been tied up for his own good. Sam thinks that Nikolas ditched them on purpose.

Emily goes back to the room that they left Nikolas in and she sees the chair empty. Nikolas makes a sound and she finds him. They embrace. Nikolas tells Emily that he is the person that she should be afraid of. They argue about whether or not she is going to leave. She yells his name and then there is a struggle. Emily falls to the floor.

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