GH Update Monday 11/12/07

General Hospital Update Monday 11/12/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

It is 2am the night of the party.

Sam yells at Elizabeth for lying to Lucky about the most important thing in his life. Jason comes in and tells her to stop. Lucky tells Jason not to order Sam around. Lucky wants to know why she is letting it go and he figures out that it is because Jason showed up. Jason tells Lucky that he isn’t Jake’s father and that Jason is.

Carly tells Sonny that there is no way that he is in love with Kate Howard.

Nikolas tells Emily that his worst fear is hurting her and that he wants her to lock him in a room. Emily says she can’t, but Nikolas assures her she can. He says it is the only way that he can protect her. They profess their love and she locks the door. She stays outside the door.

Anthony Zacchara is kneeling over Luke. Anthony wonders aloud whether he should finish the job or let nature run its course.

Sonny says that he didn’t want to tell Carly under these circumstances. Sonny tells Carly that she is insulting them all. Kate tells them that she is going to give them some privacy and wait outside the door. Carly tells Sonny that it is insane. Sonny wants Carly to show Kate the respect that he tries to show Jax. He admits that he did what she wanted and moved on.

Nikolas is in the wine cellar. Emily is still outside the door. The wind blows and scares them both. Nikolas tells her it wasn’t a good idea and that he needs to be out there with her, but she tells him that she is fine. He begs her to let him out.

Johnny and Leyla go into a room. Johnny tells her that she looks like his dead mother. She wonders how that makes her a danger to anyone else and he tells her that his father killed his mother and now he is obsessed with her. She wants to know why he didn’t do something to stop his father.

Anthony Zacchara thinks that Luke is faking it. He is proud that he “scared” Luke to death. He asks Luke questions about what a heart attack feels like. Logan comes into the room after Anthony leaves and asks Luke what’s wrong.

Jason tells Lucky that he was wrong to let Lucky think that he was Jake’s father. Lucky thinks that Jason is lying to him. Lucky thinks that Jason wants to steal his son, but Liz tells him that Jake isn’t his son. He reminds her that she swore to him that Jake was his, but she admits that she lied. He says that he will take a paternity test, and Liz thinks that will help him accept that Jake isn’t his son. Liz apologizes to Lucky for letting him think that Jake was his. Lucky calls Liz a lying whore and when Jason tries to stop him, Lucky punches him and threatens to kill him. Sam splits up Jason and Lucky. Liz tells Lucky exactly how long Jason has known. Sam tells that Lucky that Jason was still committed to her and that is why they didn’t tell the truth about the baby. Liz says that isn’t what happened and Lucky asks her to tell him what happened. Jason says that he isn’t going to let Lucky yell at Liz and Lucky tells Jason to shoot him. Liz says she lied because he was killing himself with the drugs and that he can hate her if he wants, but at least he is still alive.

Logan tries to help Luke up. Logan figures out that Luke is having a heart attack. Scott comes in. Scott and Logan help Luke up and get him to a doctor.

Nikolas begs Emily to let him out. He flies into a rage and starts screaming to let him out. She walks away.

Sonny and Carly argue about his relationship with Kate. Carly tries to get Sonny to see that Kate is going to run back to the city when her community service is over. Sonny tells Carly that he sucked it up and wished her well, and now she needs to do the same for him. She does it in her own way. Kate comes back in. Carly tries to leave, but Sonny says that she isn’t going anywhere when there is a killer on the loose. Kate accuses Carly of trying to get Sonny to chase after her. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t want her to die.

Leyla tells Johnny that if Patrick dies she is holding Johnny responsible.

Nikolas is looking for a way out of the wine cellar. He breaks something loose to try to pry the door open. Anthony Zacchara is standing on the other side of the door.

Scott and Logan drag Luke through the halls and they come across Emily. They tell her what is going on and she tells them to put him in the room with Tracy. Tracy thinks that Luke is drunk. Emily tells Logan to go get him some aspirin. Scott helps Tracy get up and go over to Luke. Tracy says that she has Edward’s heart medication in her purse, but her purse is in the entryway. She tells Scott what it looks like and he says that he will find it. Emily tells Logan where to find a portable defibrillator. Emily tells Luke to lie still and not to talk.

Liz tells Lucky that while he was in rehab, she had a paternity test done that proved Jason was the father. She admits that when Jason saved her during the Metro Court disaster, she didn’t think she would make it out alive and she couldn’t lie to Jason anymore. Liz tells Lucky about all the times she could have told him the truth but didn’t because the timing wasn’t right. Lucky tells her that she committed perjury. Liz says that Jason was protecting Jake from anyone who would hurt him, starting with Sam.

Johnny tells Leyla that he has to find his father and he can’t leave her alone. Patrick comes down the stairs. He apologizes for letting Leyla go with Johnny. Johnny tells them where there are people and tells them to keep Leyla there and out of sight. Patrick says that he doesn’t trust him.

Lucky asks Liz why she is trying to shift all the blame onto Sam. Liz says that Sam wanted to hurt Jason anyway that she could and he says good for her. Liz tells Lucky that Sam is using him and he replies, “Kinda like you did.” Liz tells him that she thought she was helping him. Jason tells Lucky not to tear into Liz. Lucky says the worst part is that she would have lied to Jake all his life about who he really is. Lucky leaves. Liz asks Sam if she is happy now, but Sam says it isn’t her fault. Sam tells Liz that Jason told Lucky the truth and that no one is to blame but Liz because she started the lie. Sam leaves.

Luke doesn’t believe it is happening to him. Emily tells him that he had a heart attack and if he tries to move he could have another one. She tells him if he doesn’t lie still, she will have to tie him down. Scott comes back in making a joke about it. Emily yells at Scott for upsetting Luke. Scott gives them the purse and reminds Luke that he saved his life. Emily tells him to go help Logan get the defibrillator. Tracy gives Emily the nitro pills and Emily tells her to put one under Luke’s tongue.

Carly and Kate argue. Kate asks Carly where her priorities are. Carly leaves and Sonny tries to get up. Kate stops him.

Patrick tells Leyla that he is worried about her. Leyla tells Patrick what Johnny said about her looking like his dead mother. Robin suggests that they go check on Ric. Leyla offers to go with them, but Patrick tells her that she is going to the ballroom. She tells him that she thinks that she can be more useful to the patient. Patrick starts to go up the stairs and Anthony Zacchara comes down with a gun in his hand. Robin and Leyla hide. Anthony says the place is over run with women. Anthony points the gun at Robin and asks her name. Anthony asks both women if they have ever lied to Patrick. He tells Leyla to show him her face and when she does he calls her Maria.

Scott and Logan come back with the defibrillator and Emily tells them that Luke’s heart seems to be back to the normal rhythm. Tracy tells Scott to get out and take Logan with him. Luke apologizes to Tracy. Emily tells Tracy to keep him calm. Emily tells Tracy that there is something important that she has to do and that she will be right back. Outside the door, Scott admits that he doesn’t want Luke to die from a heart attack.

Lucky throws a table and cries. Sam rushes in and apologizes to him. He says that he sees traces of himself in Jake. Lucky says the first time that he saw Jake, Jason was holding him. Lucky tells Sam that Liz wanted Jason to claim what was his, and now he has.

Carly is wandering around outside and she hears someone coming so she hides. Jerry stumbles through and she asks him where Jax is. Jerry tells her that they got across the harbor and Jax wanted to come back. She says she wants to get out of there, but Jerry tells her that the boat took on water and that Jax never came up after the boat turned over.

Kate tells Sonny that he isn’t going anywhere. Sonny tells Kate that he doesn’t think that Carly believed he would ever love another woman.

Jerry explains to Carly what happened. Carly tries to tell Jerry that they have to get down to the dock so they can help Jax when he gets back. Jerry says that Jax couldn’t have survived. Carly slapped Jerry and told him that Jax is alive and he is coming back to her.

Liz and Jason are in the stables and she tells Jason that she caused all this and that she was wrong. She wants to know why Jason told Lucky the truth on that particular night and she claims that Sam backed down when she saw Jason. Liz says that it was a really bad time for Lucky to lose everything. Jason says he knows that she wants to protect Lucky, but he couldn’t lie about his son anymore.

Sam admits that she isn’t satisfied that she was right about Liz lying to Lucky. Lucky wants to know what he is supposed to do now. Sam says she should have told Lucky months ago. Lucky wants to know how long she has known the truth and she replies that she found out the day after he was born.

Emily goes down to the wine cellar where Nikolas was and sees the door wide open. She looks around inside and then runs back out when she realizes there is no one in the room.

Anthony takes Leyla’s hand and leads her out to the middle of the floor. Robin suggests they go somewhere that they can talk. Anthony tells Patrick that Leyla’s name is really Maria. She tells Anthony that she doesn’t want anything to happen to Patrick and Robin. Anthony tells her that one of them can live, but one of them will die. Anthony tells Leyla that she has to choose who lives and who dies.

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