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General Hospital Update Friday 11/9/07


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Maxie tells Lucky how AZ attacked her. Lucky promises to keep Maxie "safe."

Jason makes sure Carly is ok after the shoot out. Sam is annoyed that Carly doesn’t thank her for the save. Jason says he will never be able to “forgive” Sam.

Nikolas and AZ fight as Emily holds the gun but refrains from shooting it.

Johnny comes in and pulls his dad off Nik. Johnny says it’s time to go home. AZ holds a gun on Johnny, threatening to kill him. AZ leaves the room but Johnny stays behind. Nikolas says AZ is loony. Maxie walks in and explains what happened to her. She tells Nik she saw Lucky. Johnny offers to take Maxie to the other guests. Emily is relieved that Lucky is ok.

Luke is in a room caring for Tracy. Scott is there too. The two of them have their usual banter. Luke says Scott is responsible for his own bad luck. Scott has had enough of Luke so he leaves. Tracy says Luke was “brutal” to Scott.

Kate comforts Sonny as he continues to give his blood to Ric. Sonny is starting to get weak and pale. He brings up the night he and Kate had planned to run away together. Sonny passes out. Kate calls for help. Robin comes to Sonny’s aid. Robin can’t get Sonny to respond.

Jason moves Sam and Carly inside the house. He plans to take the women to the barn. Sam makes a snide remark about Liz. Lucky comes upon everyone. Sam tells Lucky they should all go to the barn to hide.

Luke and Tracy talk about Scott. Luke says Scott annoys him but their grudge is a “waste of time.” Luke says nothing can change Laura’s condition and it’s time to let go. Tracy doesn’t believe what Luke says. He tells Tracy she makes him happy.

Spinelli tells Lulu he’s not such a great friend after all. She disagrees with him. Lulu holds her aching head. Spinelli says he is “honored by” Lulu’s “confidence.” He says he’s come to terms with the fact they will never be anything more than friends. Spinelli says he wants to be Lulu’s friend no matter what.

Meanwhile, Liz tries to explain her relationship with Jason to Nadine.

Lucky questions how long Jason has been on the island. Carly argues with Sam and Lucky. Sam says it would be a cold day in hell before she would ever take Jason back. Lucky and Sam walk away from Carly and Jason. Carly warns Jason to beware of Sam, as it’s clear she wants “payback.”

Sonny is still unconscious. Kate wants the doctors to stop the procedure. Trevor says they must continue to take Sonny’s blood. Kate demands that everything come to a halt.

Emily tends to Nikolas. He fears the worst about his health. Emily says they should plan a honeymoon in Italy. She wants them to set a wedding date. Nikolas and Emily profess their love for each other. Emily says she’s sure Nikolas would “never hurt” her.

Tracy tells Luke she hates it when he disappears. She says she’s glad they are married. Luke says it was one of his better “cons.” Tracy says Luke is “infuriating and fabulous.” Scott comes back in the room announcing they are out of “booze.” Luke decides to take a walk and find some brandy. Tracy accuses Luke of wanting to find AZ.

Patrick says Ric’s pulse is “getting stronger.” Skye wonders why Trevor is so “concerned” about Ric. Robin says Sonny will be ok. She tells Kate that talking to Sonny may bring him around. Trevor listens as Kate talks to Sonny. Trevor tells Skye that he and Ric have always had a difficult relationship. Trevor feels guilty about all the “wasted years.” Kate keeps talking to Sonny. She tells him they should plan a trip to Coney Island. Carly and Jason come into the room. Carly is furious about Sonny’s condition. Carly yells at Robin. Jason tells Carly to lay off Robin and “try to help Sonny.” Carly talks to Sonny and tries to revive him. Sonny finally comes around.

Nikolas says he must take Emily back to the other guests for safety. Nik plans on hunting down AZ. Emily says Nik should stay with her. Nik gets violent and screams at Emily. She backs away from him and he stops yelling.

Liz and Nadine talk in the barn.

Spinelli talks to Lulu about friendship. Lulu says she could never trust anyone until Spinelli came along. Lulu says she would be lost without Spinelli. Lulu hugs Spinelli. Nadine comes in and spills the beans about Spinelli hitting Lulu.

Jason updates Sonny on AZ. Sonny tells Jason to “go after” AZ and his men. Jason takes Sonny and Carly out of the room. Kate goes along to look after Sonny.

Trevor thanks Robin for her help. Robin tells Trevor to “choke on” his “appreciation.”

Luke comes down a flight of stairs. AZ approaches Luke. Luke tells AZ he’s not afraid of him. Luke says they are both “a little out there.” AZ calls Lulu a “bitch” and says she will “hang just for laying eyes on” Johnny.

Nikolas is mortified even though he doesn’t remember verbally attacking Emily. She tries to calm him down. Emily promises to get Nik some “help.” Nik says Emily needs protection from him.

Scott asks Tracy about her attraction to Luke. Scott brings up all of Luke’s faults. He asks Tracy what her ‘attraction” is to Luke. Tracy says Scott is “living in the past.”

Luke asks why AZ cares about Johnny and Lulu’s relationship. AZ says if Johnny is to die, it will be because he kills him. Luke suggests that AZ “snuff” Johnny and “leave everybody else alone.” Luke calls AZ “pathetic.” Luke warns AZ to stay clear of Lulu.

Patrick asks Trevor about AZ. Ric wakes up and Trevor tells him about the surgery. Johnny comes in the room and tells Trevor about AZ and Nikolas. Johnny looks at Leyla and says “oh God.”

Sonny is weak from giving blood. Jason takes Sonny, Carly, and Kate to a room for safety. Against Sonny’s wishes, Jason gives Carly his gun for protection. Carly tells Jason to take Kate to the barn but Kate insists on staying with Sonny. Again, Carly blames Kate for Sonny’s condition.

Lulu is angry that Spinelli hit her to keep her from leaving the barn. Nadine says Spinelli did it to “protect” Lulu. Nadine says she’ll hit Lulu again if she tries to leave the barn.

Sam and Lucky show up at the barn. Sam starts in on Liz about Lucky and Jason. Sam says Liz loves Jason. Sam tells Liz she isn’t Jason’s top priority. She says Lucky “deserves to know the truth.” It appears like Sam is going to spill all about Jake.

Nikolas has Emily lock him up in what looks like a cellar for safety. She protests but Nikolas insists. Emily gives in and leaves with Nik’s gun in her hand.

Skye tells Ric that Sonny donated blood for the operation. Ric wonders why Sonny helped him. Skye says it was because Trevor begged him to.

Carly argues with Kate about Ric. Carly says Kate doesn’t even know Sonny. Sonny says he loves Kate.

Johnny takes a special interest in Leyla because she looks like his mother. He wants to take her someplace safe.

Luke takes on AZ with a knife. The two fight until Luke appears to be having a heart attack. Luke grabs his chest and falls to the ground.

Sam yells at Liz. She says it’s “not fair” to Lucky that he’s “in the same room” as Liz. Liz suggests that Sam go elsewhere. Sam yells that Liz “dragged Lucky along under false pretenses.” Liz tells Sam to be quiet. Sam says Liz has “had this coming.” She says Liz “lied” to Lucky “about the most important thing in his life.” Jason comes into the barn and tells Sam to “stop.”

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