GH Update Thursday 11/8/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/8/07


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It’s still the night of the Black and white Ball – its 5 hours earlier. Everyone is working to save Ric. Alexis, Skye, and Robin are there as Patrick, Leyla, and Emily are operating. Ric begins to hemorrhage.

Downstairs, a frantic Trevor begs Sonny to give Ric a blood transfusion. Kate says Sonny will help Ric but Carly appears and disagrees.

In the barn, Spinelli, Liz, and Nadine hold a gun on the gunman.

Inside the house, Johnny and Lulu argue over Anthony. Jason arrives and says it’s too late to save AZ. Johnny says he plans to kill AZ. Johnny says AZ will kill anyone who “gets in his way.”

In the barn, Spinelli asks the man who he is. The guy is badly hurt – all he can say before he dies is “Zacchara.”

Johnny doesn’t want Lulu to try and trap AZ. He says the situation is more serious than she understands. Jason wants to take Lulu to safety. Johnny goes along.

Maxie is missing – Coop and Georgie are worried so they go look for her. Logan thinks it’s foolish to look for Maxie. Nikolas starts to get into it with Logan over Maxie. Nikolas accuses Logan of hurting Maxie. Logan calls Nikolas “crazy.”

Jerry and Sam are outside by the dock. Jerry tries to get Sam to leave the island by boat. He also wants to take Jax and Carly. Sam won’t go without Lucky. Jax hasn’t returned and Carly is still in the house.

Alexis is obviously ill but only Skye notices. The doctors continue to work to save Ric.

Carly blames Trevor for Ric’s situation. Trevor continues to beg Sonny to help Ric. Kate says Sonny should make up his own mind. Carly worries for Sonny’s safety. She thinks Sonny will become vulnerable to AZ if he helps Ric. Carly warns Sonny that he could die or get an infection. Kate says Ric will die without the blood transfusion. She asks Sonny if he would give blood for a “stranger.” Carly reminds Sonny of his past with Ric. Sonny wants to go see Ric. Carly calls him foolish. Sonny tells Carly she will make things worse with her actions. Carly walks away. Kate thinks Carly wants Sonny to chase her instead of helping Ric.

Coop and Georgie can’t find Maxie. Logan comes up to them and says Maxie is hiding on purpose. Georgie goes off on Logan.

Spinelli, Liz and Nadine are still in the barn. They wonder who the dead man was. Nadine has memories of Jolene. She wonders how her sister snapped. Spinelli says Jolene “never got over” their father’s death.

Sam is worried about Lucky. Jerry says Lucky can “take care of himself.” Sam thinks Jerry should go after the bad guys. Sam wants Jerry to stop AZ. Jerry just wants to get away safely. He says he has no interest in being a hero and he doesn’t really care what’s happening. Sam says there’s more to it, as Jerry wants to keep her and Alexis safe.

The team continues to work on Ric. Patrick finds the source of the bleeding and stops it. Alexis is clearly in pain – she cries out. Jax comes into the make shift “operating room.”

Back in the barn, Liz tries to comfort Nadine. Jason appears with Lulu.

Georgie and Logan argue. Coop breaks up the fight. Georgie tells Logan to find Maxie if he’s such a tough guy. Coop keeps a cool head but says Logan is and always has been a coward.

AZ has Maxie. AZ insults Maxie’s character. He says he knows what kind of girl Maxie is and asks her to “die with style.” He asks Maxie to play Russian roulette with him.

Jerry finds Carly inside the house and says it’s time to get off the island. Jerry says that Jax got the boat to the dock. Carly tells him that Jax is upstairs getting Ric. Sam wants to find Lucky. Carly wants Jerry to go with her to find Sonny. Sam and Carly argue. Jerry tells Carly they should go to the boat but she says they must wait for Jax.

Robin tends to Alexis – she thinks its appendicitis. Emily and Jax plan to go look for pain meds. Sonny, Kate, and Trevor come in to check on Ric. Patrick says Ric is weak and he must stay put or he will die.

Carly says that Jax wants to get Ric off the island. Jerry says they don’t have time to find Jax or Sonny. Sam disappears. Jerry says Ric will die either way. Jerry wants Carly to go to the boat. She says she will go get Jax first. Jerry insists on saving Carly whether she likes it or not. She argues with him about going upstairs. Jerry takes Carly’s arm and says he won’t let her die.

Emily and Jax come back with a pain pill for Alexis. Patrick is worried about Ric and says he must have an immediate blood transfusion. Sonny agrees to give Ric his blood. Robin and Emily tend to Alexis. Jax wants to take her off the island before her appendix bursts. Alexis agrees to go with Jax.

Jerry is still holding on to Carly, insisting that he will save her. Coop pulls Jerry off Carly and Jerry gets angry. Jerry slips and calls Coop “3.” Georgie overhears. Carly bolts. Jerry says Coop will pay if Carly is hurt – he goes after her. Georgie wonders why Jerry called Coop “3.”

Jason asks the three in the barn about their dead guest. Johnny is there too. Jason thinks the gunman was there to find AZ and eliminate any witnesses. Jason plans to find AZ and asks Spinelli to take care of Lulu. Jason says Lulu can’t leave the barn. He leaves with Johnny.

AZ drags Maxie around the mansion. She realizes that he’s “insane.” AZ wants to find a game room. Maxie agrees to play AZ’s game but she hits him with a vase instead and runs.

Coop quickly changes the subject with Georgie. He says they can’t walk around and look for Maxie because of the danger. Coop wants to try and move the guests to a safer place.

Nikolas, gun in hand, is walking around the house searching for Lucky. Nikolas hides when he hears a noise, which turns out to be Emily.

Johnny wants to look for AZ by himself. Jason tells him to go for it. They separate.

In the barn, Lulu resents sitting in wait for the men to save the day. Liz and Nadine say they should stay put. Lulu tries to convince Spinelli to take action with her against AZ.

Jax wishes Sonny luck with the transfusion. Kate stays by Sonny’s side. Sonny wonders why Kate would care if Ric dies. Kate says it’s “more about” who Sonny is as a person than it is about Ric. Alexis is still in pain. Robin tells her to “relax” and go with Jax to the boat. Jax carries Alexis out of the room. The team begins to take Sonny’s blood. Trevor watches. Leyla leaves the room.

Carly wanders around outside the house. She runs into an armed man. The man aims his gun at Carly.

Sonny is quiet as his blood is drawn. Patrick says they are doing the best they can given the situation. Trevor calls the situation “ironic.” Kate holds Sonny’s hand. Patrick finds Leyla sitting in the hall. She talks to him about her family. Patrick says he’s afraid.

Jax and Alexis run into Jerry. Jax explains Alexis’ condition to Jerry. Jerry tells Jax about Carly. Jerry says they must go immediately.

Carly tells the armed man she can lead him to AZ. Another armed man comes and Carly runs. The men start shooting. Sam appears. Jason walks by Carly and motions for her to stay low. Jason and Sam shoot at the men.

Liz tries to talk Lulu out of leaving the barn. Spinelli says Lulu can’t go outside the barn. When Lulu tries to go anyway, Spinelli hits her on the back of the head with the gun. Lulu falls to the ground. Spinelli is mortified by what he’s done.

Maxie literally runs into Lucky into the hall.

Nikolas wonders what Emily is doing on her own in the house. He yells at Emily for taking such a risk. AZ comes in and shoots at them. Nikolas knocks AZ down and AZ starts to choke him.

Sam and Jason continue shooting. Carly is on the ground near Jason.

Spinelli carries an unconscious Lulu as he apologizes to her. He feels guilty for hurting her. Spinelli can’t believe what he’s done – he begs for “forgiveness.” Lulu wakes up and touches her head. She asks what happened but Spinelli doesn’t tell her. Spinelli advises Lulu to rest. Lulu tells Spinelli what a good friend he is.

Liz explains to Nadine that she and Jason are just friends.

Trevor says Sonny is saving Ric’s life. Kate continues to hold Sonny’s hand. Sonny says he gave Ric his blood for Kate.

Jason and Sam finally kill the gunmen. Carly is ok. She accuses Sam of helping them in order to get forgiveness from Jason. Jason makes a point of saying that he will never “forgive” Sam and she knows why.

Nikolas and AZ continue to fight as Emily watches. AZ takes a telephone cord and wraps it around Nikolas’ neck. Emily just stands and watches. AZ pushes Emily aside and she picks up a gun. She just stands there and holds the gun and yells to AZ to let Nikolas go.

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