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General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/7/07


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It is 11 pm the night of the party.

Sonny tells Zacchara to show himself or he will kill Johnny. Lulu begs him not to do it. Johnny warns Sonny about the consequences of killing him.

Spinelli and Nadine are following Jason and Spinelli tries to convince Jason not to go after Zacchara. Jason says he can go after Zacchara after he gets them to safety. Spinelli says he will not ďcower in safetyĒ while others are at risk.

Robin goes over the supplies they have to do Ricís surgery. Patrick tells Trevor that they can do the surgery, but Ric will die without a blood transfusion. Ric wonders if his father came to watch him die.

Carly wonders what ďheĒ is doing there. Zacchara tells her he thought it would be safer in the cave than up at the house. He helps her off the ground. He asks her if she gardens.

Lulu tells Sonny that Johnny is the only one who can stop his father, but Sonny remains insistent on luring Zacchara out by killing Johnny. Sonny tells Zacchara to come get his sonís body. Johnny tells Sonny to get Kate and Lulu out of there ďwhen he is deadĒ so that his father wonít take revenge on everybody. Kate tells Sonny that he isnít going to do it.

Zacchara talks to Carly about gardening. He says he hopes to see the gardens before the night is over. Zacchara says, ďMan plans, God laughs.Ē

Jason says he can handle it alone, but Spinelli insists that he will not wimp out. Jason tells Spinelli that it is his obligation to protect Nadine because he brought her to the party. Nadine tells Jason that even though he has experience in ďthis sort of thingĒ, but reminds him that he is only one person. She wonders if he has a problem accepting help.

Liz positions herself behind a hay bale with the gun stretched out in her arms, but then moves over to the door and opens it. She looks outside and realizes that a tree branch was hitting the barn.

Nikolas says that he is not going to wander the halls without a way to defend himself against the murder that is loose in his house. Emily says that he has never even seen Anthony Zacchara and he wonít know who he is shooting at. Nikolas tells her that she should know why he has to do it. She reminds him that he has already had one blackout during the night and tells him that he canít risk another with a gun in his hand.

Luke says that trying to get off the island by boat is suicide and Jerry says that they donít have to make room for him onboard. Jerry explains that Jax is bringing the supply boat around so they can get as many people back to the mainland as possible. Luke mentions that the storm destroyed the other boats, but Jerry says this is a larger and stronger boat. Jerry reminds them that there are armed men on the island, but Scott wants proof. Luke reminds them that Zacchara is either in the house or on the grounds hunting everyone. Jerry tells Sam to come on and forget Luke, but she says she needs to know where Lucky is first. Luke tells her that he went looking for Liz and they havenít come back yet.

Trevor tells Ric that he isnít dying. Patrick announces that he needs to start the surgery and asks Ric what his blood type is. Ric tells him and Patrick asks if anyone has the same blood type, but no one in the room does. Trevor says that he will find a donor because he isnít going to let him die as his last act of defiance. Trevor gets ready to leave and leans down and tells Ric to fight. Patrick wants to get Ric prepped for surgery. Alexis experiences another pain and insists that she can wait, but Ric canít.

Zacchara looks out at the storm. He tells Carly that the storm is going to be hell on the roses, but she is more concerned with the people trapped in the house. She asks him if he likes roses and he tells her that his wife did, but he takes care of them since she passed away. He says when they betray you that they should wither up and die. He asks her if she keeps roses and she replies that she doesnít, but she thinks they are beautiful. She asks him about his roses and he tells her about the hybrid he created for his wife. He thinks that he is boring her, but she denies it. She tells him about her mother and her roses. He asks what her sonís name is and she lies telling him itís Benjamin and she asks him if he has kids. He replies that he has a son, and his son is the reason he is there.

Sonny puts his gun down and walks away from Johnny. Lulu rushes over to Johnny and helps him up. Johnny thinks that the reason Sonny didnít shoot him is because he needs him for bait. Kate says that Sonny would never shoot him and Johnny insists that he would add that it is the exact thing his father would do.

Logan asks Coop how bad he is hurt. Coop replies that he has a headache and Logan says that he needs him to help him find Lulu. Coop tells him that it would only make things worse. Maxie tells him that Lulu made her own decision and she can find her own way back.

Scott tells Luke that they might have had better chances by taking the boat. He says that Luke ruined everyoneís chance of getting off the island. Luke insists that the boat is going to be blown to bits. Luke doesnít think that the guests could get out of the house, across the grounds, and onto the dock before they get shot or ďhacked upĒ. Luke says the only way anyone is going to be safe is for them all to stay where they are until morning. Someone knocks on the door and they argue about who is going to answer it. Luke yells to find out who is at the door and Sonny replies to him. He goes to answer the door and steps outside to talk to Sonny. Luke tells Lulu to get inside and stay there. Sonny says that Kate, Lulu and Johnny all need to get in there and they go in leaving Sonny and Luke to talk in private. Luke wants details about what is going on. Sonny tells Luke about trying to use Johnny as bait. Sonny says he didnít know that Zacchara was going to the party, but he is going to end it tonight.

Emily says she knows that he wants to protect everyone, but he is in no condition to search. She claims that it is too dangerous for him and everyone else. Nikolas wants to know if Emily believes he would ever hurt Elizabeth or Lucky and she avoids the question. He wants to know if she trusts him and she replies that she does. He wants to know if she believes in him.

Liz is sitting down against a bale of hay when Jason knocks on the door. She lets Jason, Spinelli and Nadine into the barn. Jason says that Spinelli and Nadine will be staying in there with her, but Spinelli tries to convince Jason that he could help him.

Emily and Nikolas go in to see Ric. Unfortunately neither of them can be donors to Ric. Alexis is worried about operating on Ric and having him bleed more. Robin and Leyla agree that surgery is the best option. Robin tells Emily that there arenít enough gloves for everyone and she doesnít want to risk blood-to-blood contact, so Emily agrees to help with the surgery.

Luke wants to know exactly what they are up against. Sonny explains that Trevor has been running Zaccharaís business. Sonny tells Luke that Johnny admitted his father is killing people for fun. Sonny agrees that keeping everyone in one room is the best option. They agree that the boat isnít going to make it to the mainland. Sonny tells Luke to keep everyone calm and he will handle Zacchara. Luke agrees and Kate comes back outside trying to convince him not to go after Zacchara.

Tracy arrives soaked. She starts complaining about the way they treat the guests when no one greets her as she comes down the stairs. Luke tells Scott everything Sonny told him.

Logan questions Johnny and Johnny tells him to believe whatever he wants. Someone knocks on the door and this time its Trevor Lansing. They let him in and he asks everyone if they are the right blood types to donate blood to Ric. Luke says that he is out of luck and tells him to get his butt back ďout thereĒ so that he can kill him and they can all go home. Trevor opens the door and leaves. While the door is open everyone hears Tracy screaming and Luke runs towards the door.

Sonny is searching the halls and the rooms.

Zacchara tells Carly about all the things that Johnny did as a child. Zacchara asks her who she loves more, her son or her husband. He wants to know who she would pick if she had to choose between them. She explains that she loves them both differently, but she is devoted to her son. She says that kids take your love, grow up and go away. He drops the stick and grabs his coat from around her shoulders. He tells her that her husband is a very fortunate man and tells her to never betray him. He then leaves the cave.

Luke runs out to the stairs and sees Tracy laying on the bottom one yelling at Alfred to put the knife down. Tracy tells Luke that she tried waiting out the storm in the gardening shed and then came up to the house. She explains that her back hurts and that she will never walk again. She says that she is going to sue Alfred and his employer.

Spinelli tells Nadine that Jason is in charge because of his expertise. Jason tells Spinelli that he is staying with Elizabeth and Nadine. Spinelli tries to take the gun from Liz, but Jason tells him that Liz knows how to handle a gun and that Spinelli should be a look out and do everything he can to keep them safe. Spinelli agrees. Liz tells Jason to be careful. Spinelli thinks that Jason views him as a useless wimp, but Nadine reminds him that he saved her life.

Alexis is still in serious pain. Nikolas tells Emily that she needs to be there to help Patrick and that he will be alright. She tells him to be careful. He asks if Alexis or Skye want to go back to the ballroom with him, but they both say that they are going to stay for moral support. Nikolas sees that Alexis is in pain and asks her if she is alright. She claims that it is just stress and he leaves. Patrick tells Emily that they canít wait any longer and they need to prep Ric.

Carly knocks on the door to the ballroom and when she is let in she announces that she just spent a half an hour in a cave with Anthony Zacchara. Georgie asks her if she is alright and she admits that she thought she was going to die. She then asks where Jax is. Georgie tells her that Jerry and Sam said he was going to bring the boat around to the main dock. She wonders if anyone went to check on him, but Kate says they were told to stay where they were. Jax walks in the ballroom and Carly runs over to him and hugs him.

Spinelli thanks Nadine for trying to console him. Elizabeth sits against the hay bale again listening to their conversation. Elizabeth admits that Jason will do anything he can to protect people he cares about, but he is terrible at accepting help. Someone knocks on the barn door and Elizabeth quickly stands up and points the gun towards the door. Spinelli rushes over to see who it is.

Carly explains to Jax that she thought she was just talking to a guest until he started talking about his wifeís roses. Jax wants to know if Zacchara threatened him. Kate tells them that she thinks Zacchara killed his wife and that is what made him snap. Maxie tells Logan that Johnny was right about Zacchara. Nikolas comes back in the ballroom and Kate asks him if he has seen Sonny. Kate tells Carly that Sonny went to confront Anthony Zacchara. Nikolas says that he hasnít seen Sonny, but he gives them all an update on Ric. Jax tells Carly that he has to try to get Ric to the mainland, but Carly says he will never get across the harbor. Carly tells him to be careful. Jax leaves.

Jerry and Sam find their way to the room where Ric is being operated on. They announce that Jax brought the boat around to the dock and that they need to get Ric to a hospital, but Patrick says that Ric is too weak. Robin asks if either of them are the right blood type, but they arenít. Jerry looks at Alexis and asks if she is alright. She insists that she is fine and that people should be worried about Ric, not her. Jerry warns them that Anthony Zacchara isnít the only threat on the island and tells them about the armed mercenaries that are on the island.

Coop, Luke and Scott help Tracy onto a couch and she complains. Coop says that he is going to go check on the people in the ballroom. Luke and Scott start arguing and she tells them to shut up.

Johnny is walking around the house with a gun. He turns around and sees Lulu. He asks her if she wants to get herself killed, but she says all she wants is to stop the killing. She thinks that maybe they could get him to come after her again.

Carly asks Kate how long Sonny has been gone, but Kate insists that she canít say. Carly tells Kate to stay there and hope that Sonny comes back and she starts to walk away. Kate wants to know where she is going and Carly tells her that she is going to help Sonny because someone has to.

Sonny is also walking around with a gun. Trevor comes running down the stairs yelling for Sonny. Trevor tells Sonny that Ric is going to die without his help.

Johnny tells Lulu that his father isnít stupid. Lulu says she wants to stop his father. Jason comes up and says that they shouldnít be talking there because they didnít even see him coming. Lulu says it is because no one knew he was going to be there. She wants to know how he got there, but Johnny says it doesnít matter. Johnny tells Jason to get Lulu out of there and he will take care of his father. Jason says that it is too late to save Anthony Zacchara, but Johnny says he isnít going to save him; he is going to kill him.

Spinelli tells Nadine and Liz that a person dressed in all black is lying out there. He says that he canít tell who it is. Liz starts towards the door, but Spinelli tells her itís too dangerous for her to go out there and he is going to do it. She says if it is Jason she needs to check on him. Nadine suggests they all go out together. They all step outside and Spinelli rolls him over. Nadine wonders if he is dead and she goes to check for a pulse. She says that he barely has a pulse. They drag him inside.

Jerry and Sam are looking around the house. They are both armed. Sam is worried about the threat that Zacchara poses and Jerry is worried about Jax trying to get back to the mainland.

Coop tells everyone that Tracy fell down the stairs and hurt her back. He tells them that they put her in a bedroom and that Luke and Scott are taking care of her. Georgie asks Nikolas how many rooms are in the house and he says there are at least 50. The storm gets louder. Georgie realizes that Maxie is gone.

Luke explains the situation to Tracy. Tracy tells Luke that he can go chasing after Zacchara if he wants as long as he leaves a weapon and locks the door. He tells her that he doesnít have a weapon and he isnít going to let her be the next victim. Scott comes back with some brandy.

Patrick, Emily and Leyla do their best to operate on Ric. Patrick is worried they will not find a donor.

Trevor tells Sonny that Ric will bleed to death if he doesnít find a blood donor. Trevor asks Sonny what his blood type is and tells him that Ricís is A negative. Trevor tells Sonny that he is Ricís only chance to survive. Kate tells Trevor to stop badgering Sonny because she is sure that Sonny will give Ric the transfusion. Carly comes out and says, ďThe hell he is.Ē

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