GH Update Tuesday 11/6/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/6/07


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It is 10 p.m. the night of the party.

Carly is running back towards the house.

Someone shoots up the boat where Jax, Sam, and Jerry are.

Liz tells Jason everything that happened.

Trevor asks Sonny what he is doing there. Sonny tells Trevor that he set up a sloppy hit and it failed. Trevor doesn’t know what Sonny is talking about. Trevor tells Sonny and Kate that Ric was stabbed with a sword. Sonny says it was Anthony Zacchara.

Logan says that he just wants to take Lulu back to the ballroom where she will be safe, but Johnny says they might not make it back to the ballroom. Logan accuses Johnny of trying to scare Lulu, but he says he is trying to save her life.

Anthony Zacchara is talking to Nadine. She keeps walking backwards as Anthony advances. She grabs the fireplace poker and tells him to get away from her. He says she is a lot of fun even though she is the wrong girl. He tells her to hurry and get out, but if she turns her back he will get her. Spinelli enters the room and tells Anthony to leave Nadine alone.

Two men with guns enter the supply ship and announce that it looks like they got all of them. Sam sits up and kicks one of them while Jerry and Jax shoot them. Jax wants to know who they are and what they are doing there.

Carly starts to sit up and then immediately lies back down when she hears footsteps. A man walks past where she is laying.

Jason wants to know why Liz was walking around by herself. She says she was looking for flashlights. She tells Jason that all the others are in the ballroom. She tells Jason that the dead guy she found was a guest that she asked to help her find flashlights and that someone stabbed him with the ice pick. Jason tells her that Anthony and Johnny Zacchara are probably both there. Jason says that Anthony Zacchara cannot know he is there. Jason tells Liz that he has to make sure she is safe and takes her by the hand.

Sonny says that Zacchara doesn’t know he is there, so he must have come to kill someone else. Sonny confronts Trevor about wanting to be in control of Zacchara’s business.

Logan says that Johnny stabbed Ric to create a smokescreen to convince everyone that there is a monster running around. Johnny tells Lulu that his father stabbed Ric while they were on the docks. Logan says that either Lulu trusts him or she doesn’t. Johnny says that he has to find a way to get her off the island and they should look for another boat. She walks over to Logan.

Nadine asks Zacchara why he wants to kill her. Zacchara explains that he is protecting his son from harm. Spinelli throws a vase at Zacchara’s head. He and Nadine run out of the room.

Kate asks Trevor if he has even seen Anthony. He says no, but he knows the signs. Trevor says he warned everyone to stay away from Anthony and Johnny. Trevor says that Ric was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Sonny thinks that Anthony stabbed the person he wanted to. Sonny wonders if Anthony Zacchara’s real target is Trevor.

Ric says he knows he is in bad shape. Alexis tells him that if he ever wants Molly to hear his side of the story, he had better live. Patrick tells Robin and Leyla that the surgery has to happen now.

Nikolas tells Luke that he and Lucky must have gotten separated. Luke says that Lucky knows Wyndemere, so he will find his own way back. Luke walks away. Emily asks Nikolas if he knows exactly when he and Lucky got separated and he admits that he doesn’t know because he had another black out.

Georgie says they should go after Spinelli, but Maxie says it’s too dangerous.

Scott says he wants to organize a search party, but Luke says that anytime someone steps out of the room they are making themselves a target. They argue and Coop knocks on the door. He comes in looking bad. He has a cut on his forehead and his clothes are dirty. Everyone wants to know what happened.

Lulu tries to convince Johnny to go back to the ballroom with her and Logan. Johnny tells Lulu that if she runs into his father to act happy to see him, talk about flowers, and remind him that Maria wouldn’t want him to kill her. Johnny then walks away. Logan thinks that Johnny is playing Lulu, but she tells him about Johnny’s father.

Carly stands up and looks around.

Sonny tells Trevor that if Zacchara is hunting for him, then Trevor should go out in the dark and let him find him. Trevor insists that Zacchara is hunting for Sonny. Trevor tries to convince Kate to go with him so that she will be safe. She tells him to burn in hell. Trevor turns and leaves the room. Sonny says that he is going to arrange his second (and final) meeting with Anthony Zacchara.

Jason takes Liz to the stables and gives her a gun. He tells her that she should be safe now. He sees the bruise on her face and wants to know what happened. She tells him that Sam hit her, but Liz hit Sam first. Jason wants to know why Sam hit her. Liz explains that she confronted Sam about all of the horrible things that she had done and then she hit Sam. Liz tells Jason that Sam dared her to tell Lucky why they were fighting. Jason says when this is over he will deal with Sam. Liz tells Jason that the only thing that Sam has left to hurt him is the truth about Jake.

Carly finds her way into a cave, but soon goes back to look outside.

Jerry says he left the men on the docks and got rid of their guns. Jax wants to know why mercenaries were in Wyndemere. Sam tells Jax to take Jerry and go look for cover while she takes the boat around trying to get reception. Jax tells her that she cannot handle the boat in “this weather”, but she tells him that she has handled her own boat in worse weather. Jax says that whoever takes the boat out is risking their lives. Jerry offers to do it because he says he won’t be missed if something bad happens, but Jax tells him no.

Luke wants to know who “did this” to Coop. Coop explains that he was looking for whoever stabbed Ric and must have gotten turned around. Luke asks him why he went outside. Coop says he thought he heard gunfire and someone knocked him out. Lulu and Logan re-enter the ballroom. Luke asks her why she keeps putting her life in danger. She tells him that she had to find Johnny Zacchara because he is the only one who knows what is going on. She tells Luke what Johnny said about Ric’s stabbing.

Emily tells Nikolas that the only way to figure out if Lucky is in danger is to find out exactly when and where they got separated. He tells her that he and Lucky went into the study and the next thing he knew he was in the study alone. She wonders how much time he lost, but he isn’t sure.

Johnny is walking around the halls and rooms yielding a gun. He comes across the room where Liz found the dead guy in the closet and checks for a pulse. Johnny then pulls the guy from the room.

Nadine and Spinelli are looking for the main staircase. Anthony scares them by waiting around the corner and they go running in the opposite direction.

Jason shows Liz where the safety is. He tells her to leave it off because if she has to shoot it that is one thing she won’t have to think about. He tells her there are plenty of bullets in it. He tells her to shoot the hay bale. He wants her to know how it feels when she shoots it. She tells him not to worry about her, but he says he will anyways. They share a kiss and he tells her to lock the door behind her. She says she will be fine and tells him to be careful.

Jax says, “Heads Jerry pilots the boat, Tails I go.” Sam insists that she has more sailing experience and tells them what they should be doing. Sam tosses the coin and it comes up tails. Jax says he will take the boat around and tells Jerry to take Sam back to the house.

Carly is standing in the cave. She wipes off her forehead and hits her head on a rock.

Luke tells Scott that everyone stays put for the night and the next morning the cops will arrive on the island when no one returns home.

Nikolas says that Lucky wouldn’t just leave him and that Nikolas should be out there looking for his brother. Emily warns him that Zacchara might get to him first, but he says he is going to the sitting room first for some guns.

Luke tells Logan that if he is so sure Johnny is the killer, he should go find him. Scott says they are all going to stay put.

Johnny is looking at the clothes that were lying by the dead guy. Sonny opens the door pointing his gun at Johnny. Kate comes in and reminds them that they are on the same side, so they should not be threatening to shoot each other. Sonny tells Kate to stand outside the door. Kate says she will stand between them if she has to. Sonny puts his gun down to show good faith. Sonny wants to know what is going on and Johnny tells him about the dead guy he moved into the next room. Sonny wants to know why Anthony is there, but Johnny says it doesn’t matter because Anthony has already started killing people for fun. Sonny suggests that they work together to stop Anthony from killing anyone else. Johnny puts his gun down and Sonny puts his gun to Johnny’s throat and says they will do it his way.

Lulu is walking around and Georgie tells her that Spinelli has been gone for over an hour. Maxie tells her that Nadine is missing too. Maxie suggests that whoever is there to kill Lulu grabbed Nadine by mistake. Lulu turns and walks away.

Emily tells Nikolas that he doesn’t even know what Anthony Zacchara looks like and that if he goes walking around in the dark with a gun in his hand, he could shoot someone and not remember doing it. Nikolas says it is okay and he kisses Emily. Nikolas walks over to Luke and announces that he is going to look for Lucky.

Alexis is still holding the towel on Ric’s wound. Her side starts to hurt, but when he asks about it, she says that she doesn’t like the site of blood. He says he is planning on living so he can see Molly grow up and be a success just like her mother. Ric apologizes to Alexis for everything that went wrong and all the ways he hurt her. He says he would do things differently if he had the chance, she admits she would too. Patrick comes back into the room and says he found some fishing gear. Robin tells him that she found some linens, needles, and a lighter and some other things. Patrick says that when they take the bandages off of Ric, he will start hemorrhaging and there is no way to give him blood. Skye notices that Alexis is in pain and it is getting worse and wants to know when it started. Alexis says that she doesn’t want to say anything to the doctors because she wants them to focus on Ric. Patrick tells Trevor that Ric will bleed to death if he doesn’t suture the wound with fishing line.

Emily says that she understands that Nikolas is worried about Lucky, but wandering around alone when there is a maniac on the loose isn’t going to solve anything. Luke tells Nikolas that Lucky knows Wyndemere almost as well as Nikolas does and suggests that Lucky found Liz and they are lying low, but Nikolas doesn’t believe that. Luke says he hates to see Nikolas risk his life for no reason at all.

Logan tells Scott that the only killer in the house is Johnny Zacchara. Logan suggest that he and Scott work together to take down Johnny. Logan doesn’t think that Scott is going to support him, but Scott tells him that he doesn’t want him to get into a fight that he cannot win.

Emily and Nikolas leave the room together. Lulu turns around after they leave.

Spinelli and Nadine are still wandering around looking for the staircase. She is carrying the fireplace poker and he is carrying a sword and a flashlight. Jason startles her and she almost stabs him.

Carly is lying on the ground and someone is walking around her.

Logan wants to know where Lulu is. Georgie says that she was just there, but Maxie suggests that she went after Johnny again because she is drawn to psychos.

Someone knocks at the door. When Luke asks who it is, he hears “Sam and Jerry” and opens the door. Jerry explains that they found the supply ship. Jerry announces that gunmen met them by the boat and Luke thinks his suspicions are confirmed. He announces to everyone that the Zaccharas are doing some house cleaning. Luke tells everyone that if they stay there, then it should all pass by morning. Jerry disagrees and tells Luke that anyone who can evacuate should. Luke says that no one is leaving the island.

Alexis tells Skye to go over and sit by Ric. Skye says that Ric will want to see Alexis when he wakes up, but Alexis disagrees and says that he will want to see Skye. Trevor isn’t sure that using fishing line will work. Patrick says that without the surgery, Ric has no chance. He also tells Trevor that Ric will need a blood transfusion.

Emily and Nikolas come across the sitting room and realize that someone was planning to wait out the storm in there. Nikolas starts getting guns out, but Emily stops him.

Elizabeth is going through a bag and she hears creaking and knocking. She grabs the gun and positions herself where she has a clear shot at the door.

Spinelli tells Jason that Zacchara grabbed Nadine and that he is pursuing them. Jason thinks that Zacchara found another target.

Lulu is pacing at the bottom of the staircase. Johnny walks down the stairs with Sonny right behind him pointing a gun at him. Sonny tells Lulu to get back. Sonny kicks Johnny and Kate says everyone needs to calm down. Sonny says “Anthony, either you show your face in 10 seconds or I am going to blow your son’s brains all over the floor.” Sonny turns around to look at Kate and Lulu.

Carly wakes up and tells someone that she thinks she saw a bat and then fell. The person puts their jacket around her and says she hit her head. Carly looks at the person and thanks them for helping her. Anthony Zacchara asks her what she is doing outside in the middle of a storm alone.

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