GH Update Monday 11/5/07

General Hospital Update Monday 11/5/07


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It’s 9 p.m. the night of the party. Liz is walking around looking through the rooms with a flashlight. She opens a closet door and a body falls out.

Jason is on a boat trying to get to Spoon Island.

Kate is watching what looks like a boat trying to get to the island. She and Sonny discuss his business life.

Jason finds a bomb on the boat. The timer on the bomb is at 5 minutes.

Kate realizes that there really is a boat out there. She and Sonny walk away from the window and the boat explodes.

Logan is bullying Johnny. Logan thinks that Johnny stabbed Ric.

Lulu is standing by herself and Anthony Zacchara is standing behind her, watching.

Alfred brings candles around. Spinelli tells Lulu that he was worried about her.

Luke announces to the guests that the killer could be anywhere, including in the room with them. Luke says they will all be safe if they stay there together. Sam looks at Anthony, but walks away.

Lulu is wandering around when she drops her mask. Anthony is behind her with a weapon in his hands. She stands up and walks away before he can move closer.

Lulu asks Luke about Anthony Zacchara. She wants to know if Luke would recognize him from a picture, he asks why, but someone knocks on the door before she can answer. Carly and Jax walk in. Maxie tells Georgie about what she saw in the study. Maxie defends Coop, but Georgie isn’t sure he is innocent.

Sam walks towards Anthony Zacchara, but stops and turns towards Emily. Emily tells Sam that if she wants to talk about Lucky or the fight with Liz, she isn’t interested. Sam apologizes. Emily says she is not a fan of Sam’s anymore. Sam wants to put their differences aside so they can concentrate on the maniac that is on the loose. Emily thinks she knows everyone that Nikolas invited. Sam points to where Anthony was standing, but he is gone.

Logan questions Johnny about the events of the evening. Johnny hits Logan and runs away.

Patrick is concerned about Robin because she almost passed out, but Robin insists that it is nothing and she is fine. Patrick sends Leyla to check on Ric. Patrick tells Robin that he is worried about her and he wants to know what happened. She told him that she saw Ric’s blood on her mask and thought it was hers. She felt like something happened to her or was about to.

Skye wants to know how Ric is. Leyla says the sword hit an artery so she doesn’t know how they are going to stop the bleeding. Ric is rambling about Molly, but Alexis assures him that Molly is fine. She gets him to take a drink.

Elizabeth is about to leave the room when she hears footsteps coming closer. She takes the object out of the dead man’s back. Someone starts to open the door. Liz moves closer to the door and the door opens. Coop sticks his head in listening for noises. He then closes the door and leaves. Coop stops and looks at two swords joined with candles in front of them. Liz goes back to the door and gets ready to leave again. She runs past the place that Coop was standing. One of the swords is gone.

Lucky and Nikolas are talking. Nikolas says all he was trying to do was do something for Emily that she would never forget. Lucky admits to Nikolas that Liz told him about Nikolas’ blackouts. Nikolas gets upset. Lucky questions Nikolas about Jerry’s stabbing. Lucky turns to leave and Nikolas picks up a bottle and hits Lucky with it.

Emily is looking out a window and Alfred comes up asking if there is anything he can get for her. She explains why Nikolas arranged this party for her. She tells him about the original ball. She then admits that she is terrified for him. Alfred tries to make her feel better.

Jax is telling Luke that he has the keys to the launch pad and is going to try to get Ric back to the main land to the hospital. Sam voices her concern that the launch pad might flood. They wonder how anyone could get to the island. She offers to try to get through on the launch radio.

Carly and Lulu are talking. Carly tells Lulu to listen to her father. Lulu tells Carly that Johnny said his father was there and that he is crazy. Jax then comes over and tells Carly that he isn’t leaving her behind, but he is going to try to do re-establish radio communications. He tells Lulu to listen to her dad and stay put and then he and Carly leave. Sam asks if they are ready, but Carly says she isn’t going anywhere with Sam. Sam says, “Fine by me, you stay here.” Jax tries to calm the two women down and explain that they are all trying to do the same thing here, so they need to put the animosity aside until they get off the island and he ushers them out. He gets to the door and Jerry walks in and Jax almost shoots him. He says they have a problem.

Sonny and Kate are in a room. Sonny says that no matter what she has been through, nothing will prepare her for his world. He admits that he has done the same things as Trevor.

Trevor comes back and Robin asks him about the launch. He says he couldn’t find Jax. He then goes to see his son. He turns to walk away because his son is ready for transport and Alexis calls him a selfish bastard. She says she had her own experience with a lousy father. She tells him that he is a failure. She tells him that Ric is worth a thousand of him. Ric says he thought she didn’t like him.

Jerry tells them about a supply ship and they leave to search it.

Logan goes looking for Lulu. Luke thinks that they are an audience for a “take-no-prisoners business dispute.” He and Scott question Logan. Lulu asks a favor of Nadine.

Liz is walking the halls and Johnny scares her by grabbing her arm. She turns around and he says he isn’t going to hurt her.

Luke, Scott, and Logan go to talk to Spinelli. They think that Sonny and Jason are planning a mob war for that night. Luke brings up Lulu.

Lulu leaves after switching necklaces with Nadine.

Liz warns Johnny that he needs to stay away or she will stab him. He tells her that she needs to get down to the ballroom as soon as possible. She tells him about the dead man in the closet.

Logan thinks that Spinelli is stalling. Emily tells Logan that people are in danger and he is bullying Spinelli because Logan feels threatened by his friendship with Lulu. She tells him to grow up. Luke agrees with Emily. Luke tells Spinelli if he thinks of anything to find him. Luke and Spinelli leave.

Spinelli goes to “Lulu” and realizes that it is really Nadine. She tells him that Lulu was determined to do it and she wouldn’t like it if he revealed her identity to anyone. Logan walks up and watches them talk.

Alfred walks up and asks Emily if she is all right. She tells Alfred not to go looking for Nikolas. Nikolas takes a secret passageway and finds a cufflink on the floor with the letters LS on it.

Alexis asks Ric if he saw anything to tell them who stabbed him. He says he is lousy date and husband and Alexis tells him that he is a good father. Skye tells Ric that his father was there, but he went to help get the launch running. Nadine comes back in to check on Ric.

Patrick tells Robin not to think about the premonitions. Patrick tells her that she has his blessing to have her child. He turns to go check on Ric.

Sam is looking at the radio. She says someone doesn’t want them to talk to the mainland. Sam and Jerry start arguing about who is behind it. Carly says she has to get back to the house because she knows who is doing “this”.

Kate tells Sonny that it is a little late for him to try to convince her that he isn’t good for her. Kate thinks that Sonny can keep her out of his business without keeping her at arms length. She says he makes her happy and that he was also the last person who made her feel that way.

Anthony Zacchara is lurking outside a door.

Johnny sees Lulu wandering around and she admits that she wants Anthony to find her.

Carly tells Jax what Lulu told her. Jax says that Anthony Zacchara didn’t make threats against Ric and he got stabbed. Jerry leaves to try to fix something and Sam finds something he might need. Jax tries to get Carly to take it to him. Jax says his focus is on getting her home to the boys safe. Carly agrees to take it to Jerry, but when Jax turns his back to help Sam look through the rest of the stuff on the ship, she turns around and leaves the supply ship without taking it to Jerry.

Lulu thinks that they could lure him out. Johnny says that his father is crazy not stupid and all she will accomplish by using herself as bait is getting killed. Logan comes up and yells at Lulu because she keeps running off with Johnny.

Spinelli and Nadine agree that Lulu is taking a terrible risk, but Lulu has her reasons. Spinelli says she is very wise and leaves. Spinelli gets to the door, but Luke stops him. Nikolas knocks on the door and tells Emily that Coop went off somewhere and he doesn’t know where Lucky is.

Nadine gets grabbed from behind.

Leyla comes out and tells Robin that Patrick wants her. Robin apologizes for Leyla’s necklace getting broken. Alexis is holding her side and Leyla is worried about it. Alexis insists that it is just stress. Patrick tells Ric that if he doesn’t find a way to stitch him up he could bleed to death, but if he does Ric could die.

Liz is still walking around the halls. She finds her way back to the room where she found the dead guy. She starts backing away from the door and she is grabbed.

Jax and Sam are working on the radio and she says it is fragile and she thinks that if they get the boat moving it should get good reception. Jerry comes in and says he patched as much of the fuel line as he could, but he could have used more tubing. Jax tells him he sent Carly with more, but she never showed up. He realizes that she went back up to the house. Jerry tells Jax to get down.

Carly is running back towards the house and she trips over someone. She gets back up and keeps moving.

Sonny and Kate are wrapped in a blanket. Trevor walks in and Sonny asks “surprised to see me Trevor?”

Logan says that Johnny is dangerous. Johnny tries to tell Logan that his father is there, but Logan tells him to be quiet. Logan says Lulu is going back to the ballroom with him.

Liz is struggling with the person who grabbed her and he tells her not to worry. She turns around to see that it is Jason.

Nadine asks, “What’s your problem?” Anthony Zacchara realizes that he grabbed the wrong person. She said she has been getting that a lot. He realizes that she is afraid of him and that is useful. He asks her if she gardens and she says no and that she couldn’t tell a lily from an iris.

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