GH Update Friday 11/2/07

General Hospital Update Friday 11/2/07


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At Wyndemere, Sonny is with Kate. It’s 8:00 pm the night of the party. Kate and Sonny are alone in a bedroom, talking. She’s relieved that he’s ok. Sonny asks Kate how the party was. She kisses him.

Carly is holding a gun on Coop in the study. She’s sure Coop is the killer. He has no idea what she’s talking about.

Johnny and Lulu are outside in the rain. He says Anthony wants to kill Lulu. Johnny wants to get Lulu off the island.

Alexis is horrified to find Ric in the hallway. He’s been stabbed and is literally skewered to the wall. Lulu and Johnny come running. Lulu goes to get help.

Sam walks the halls and is stopped by Lucky. Sam wants to fix the generator. Sam says Liz treats Lucky unfairly. Liz interrupts so Sam leaves. Liz tells Lucky about Nikolas’ condition.

Nikolas tries to console Leyla. She’s upset about her broken necklace. Nikolas thinks Patrick broke the necklace. Emily is observing Nikolas and Leyla. Nikolas walks away from Leyla and Emily follows.

Logan tells Spinelli that Lulu is missing. Nadine tells them about Johnny innocently wanting to dance with Lulu.

Jax asks Jerry if he’s seen Carly. They both are worried.

Max helps Jason get a boat to take to Spoon Island.

Carly is still holding her gun on Coop. He says he’s not “a killer.” Coop says he came in the study to handle a text from the PCPD. Carly is skeptical. Carly fires the gun. She says next time she won’t miss. Coop insists he’s innocent. Maxie comes into the study.

Spinelli tells Logan to leave Nadine alone. Logan is worried about Lulu. Suddenly Lulu rushes in and yells for a doctor. She says that Ric has been stabbed.

Robin and Patrick are in a room, fighting. She tells him about her talk with her cousins. Patrick blames everything on Robin. Nikolas listens in on the fight. He walks in the room and starts a fight with Patrick. Robin tries to stop Nikolas from punching Patrick. Nikolas shoves Robin aside. Emily comes in and gets Nikolas under control.

Liz explains all about Nikolas’ condition to Lucky. Lucky thanks Liz and goes off to find his brother. Liz goes off to find some flashlights.

Leyla and Nadine tend to Ric. His condition is serious. Jax, Jerry, and Skye are there. Jerry pulls out his gun. Leyla goes to find a doctor. Johnny and Lulu watch. Trevor comes in and Johnny says, “he’s here,” referring to Anthony. Jax and Jerry take Ric to a nearby bedroom.

Sonny and Kate are still in a bedroom together. They are drinking champagne. They have no idea what’s happened. Sonny says he’s happy to be “stranded” with Kate. She wonders why he didn’t send word to her that he was ok. Sonny tells Kate he’s “supposed to be dead. Sonny says he’s been waiting for Jason to get him home safely. Kate is worried.

Carly is still holding the gun on Coop. Maxie says Coop is a good man. Carly is still convinced that Coop is the killer. Maxie stands in front of Coop. She says she’ll be his hostage if he’s guilty.

Emily explains all to Patrick. Nikolas is confused and he remembers nothing. Leyla comes in to get Robin and Patrick.

Luke asks Alfred if Tracy ever got to the party. Alfred isn’t sure either way. Spinelli fills Luke in on Ric’s condition. Luke is worried about Lulu. Luke fears the attacker is still in the house.

Johnny tells Lulu why Anthony wants her dead.

Liz wanders the rooms, looking for flashlights. Anthony is nearby.

Sam finds Lucky and says the generator has been sabotaged. Luke fills Lucky and Sam in about Ric.

Liz finds some flashlights and gives them to a staff member. Anthony stands behind the staff member as Liz walks away.

Johnny tells Lulu that Anthony killed his mother when he was young. He says Anthony pointed a gun at him and his mother got in the way. Lulu is horrified. Johnny says Anthony is obsessed with him. He tells Lulu Anthony plans to kill her.

Ric’s condition is getting worse. The doctors can’t stop the bleeding. Patrick asks Ric who stabbed him. He has no answer. Jax, Robin, and Jerry go to find a boat to get Ric off the island.

Nikolas is upset with the situation at hand. Emily is worried about the blackouts.

Carly, Coop, and Maxie are still in the study. Carly refuses to put down the gun. Someone is approaching. It’s Jax. He takes the gun from Carly. Jax tells Carly about Ric. Coop and Maxie leave the study. Jax is shocked by Carly’s behavior. She tells him the truth about the text messages.

Luke announces what has happened to the guests. He suggests they all stay together in the ballroom. Logan goes to find Lulu. Luke hopes Logan is the next victim. Scott approaches Luke.

Sam wants to stay with Lucky but he tells her to remain in the ballroom.

Spinelli is with Georgie. She nervously asks Spinelli to stay and “take care” of her. Spinelli is happy to oblige.

Kate and Sonny stay put and talk about his trip. Sonny tells Kate he didn’t even call Carly to tell her he was safe. Kate says a life with Sonny will always be unpredictable. Sonny insists he can take care of himself. He doesn’t want Kate to be upset with him. Sonny says it was Kate who made him suspect Trevor of trying to kill him. Sonny insists it was Trevor who had the car blown up.

Patrick says nothing more can be done for Ric. Skye and Alexis won’t leave Ric. Trevor watches from the door. Nikolas takes Emily and Nadine to the ballroom. They plan to get some alcohol to numb Ric’s pain. Patrick approaches Robin. She looks faint and falls into his arms.

Trevor talks to Johnny. He blames Johnny for everything that’s happened. Trevor wonders who else will die. Johnny says Anthony should have been locked up long ago.

Liz walks into a bedroom. Anthony is nearby, watching her.

Jax and Carly are still in the study. Jax is upset with Carly.

Jason races to get to the island.

Kate says Trevor “hates” Sonny. Sonny says Trevor wanted to kill him to keep Anthony’s condition a secret. Kate feels like a fool for ever trusting Trevor. She says she never admitted her true identity to Trevor. Sonny admits to making his own mistakes.

Logan finds Johnny and demands to know where Lulu is.

Liz is still walking from room to room. She opens a closet and a body falls out.

Lucky finds Lulu. He goes off to find Liz. Nikolas follows his brother. Before he goes, Nikolas apologizes to Emily. Luke stays in the ballroom with most of the guests. Anthony is in the ballroom standing near Lulu.

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