GH Update Thursday 11/1/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/1/07


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Nikolas is unconscious at Wyndemere. He wakes up next to the body of an unidentified woman. Nikolas looks at the woman and screams.

We are taken to the Black and White Ball 11 hours earlier at Wyndemere. Nikolas is talking to Robin. Emily is dancing with Jax. Robin asks about Nikolas’ health. He claims to be fine. Robin wonders if it’s a bad time to ask Nikolas to father her child.

Lucky has broken up a fight between Liz and Sam.

Jax catches Carly on the balcony – she’s text messaging the killer.

Luke is in the study with Logan and Lulu interrupts.

Trevor tries to convince Johnny to go home. Johnny thinks his dad is at Wyndemere to kill Lulu.

Anthony is on the property by the boat launch. He’s made what appears to be a device to strangle someone.

Lulu asks if Luke is pressuring Logan to “break up” with her. Logan denies her accusation. He tells Lulu “how amazing” she is. Luke is disgusted. Scott interrupts and tells Luke to back off Logan. Lulu wonders if Luke is “trying to blackmail Logan” into giving her up.

Trevor says he can handle Anthony. Johnny pulls a gun on him as Ric watches. Johnny walks away as does Trevor.

Jerry and Alexis have a drink and chat. She wonders why he’s at the ball. Jerry kisses Alexis on the cheek then walks away.

Leyla is with Patrick. She says she’s having a “wonderful time.”

Robin fills Nikolas in on her baby plans. He says his “genes are questionable.” Robin understands. Nikolas walks away from Robin.

Lucky is trying to find out why Sam and Liz are fighting. The women argue and Lucky takes Sam’s side. Nikolas and Emily interrupt. Emily defends Liz. Nikolas gets angry and defends Lucky. Nikolas lays into Emily and yells at her. Liz breaks up their fight. Liz takes Emily and they walk away. Sam watches as Nikolas carries on. She sends Lucky off so she can speak to Nikolas. He has no memory of what just took place.

Logan says Luke can’t get between him and Lulu. Lulu feels like Luke hates Logan because of his paternity. Scott and Luke argue about their history. Lulu and Logan walk away.

Maxie finds Johnny. She watches Georgie and Coop dance.

Jerry and Skye dance. He advises her to “liquidate” her waterfront property. Jax cuts in on their dance. Jax asks Skye what Jerry “is up to.”

Johnny is preoccupied while dancing with Maxie. He walks away from her to approach Lulu. Instead, the person he approaches is Nadine.

Ric asks his dad who pulled a gun on him. Trevor tells Ric about Johnny being at the party. Trevor compares Johnny to Ric. Ric thinks Trevor is hiding something.

Anthony is outside talking to his dead wife. He says he’s “doing this” for her and for the sake of Johnny.

Nikolas is talking to Sam. She fills him in on what happened. Nikolas is upset to learn that he “went off on” Emily. He confides in Sam and says he may see a specialist in Switzerland.

Emily and Liz are in one of the bedrooms. Emily is fixing Liz’s dress. They talk about Nikolas’ condition. Emily fears that there may not be a cure for Nikolas’ illness.

Jax and Carly are together when her phone rings. She claims it’s Michael.

Patrick and Leyla share some food as Robin watches. Maxie and Georgie pull Robin aside.

Carly plans to meet the killer in the study. She looks around the room, wondering who he is.

Ric and Trevor continue to carry on. Skye interrupts and takes Ric away from Trevor.

Anthony watches Trevor. He comes down the stairs then stops in front of a suit of armor. Anthony eyes the sword on the suit of armor.

Georgie and Maxie tell Robin to stop obsessing over Patrick. Robin agrees with her cousins. She tells them she’d like to “stop missing” Patrick.

Lucky finds Sam outside on the terrace. He apologizes for Liz. Sam fears that the approaching storm will be severe. Lucky offers to take her off the island. Sam calls Lucky a “gentleman.”

Carly comes back to Jax. He’s with Kate.

Johnny keeps looking for Lulu. He ends up dancing with Nadine. Georgie finds Spinelli watching Nadine. She asks him to dance. Georgie is happy to be dancing with Spinelli. He gets distracted when he sees Lulu and Logan together. Georgie walks away.

Maxie approaches Leyla. She accuses Leyla of breaking up Patrick and Robin. Leyla turns away from Maxie. Maxie grabs Leyla by her pearl necklace and it breaks. Maxie walks away as Patrick approaches Leyla.

Ric watches Alexis and Jerry dance. Skye approaches him, feeling “neglected.”

Georgie finds Coop taking in some sites at the castle. Georgie tells Coop what a “good person” Maxie is. Coop stops to answer a text message.

Emily and Liz are still in the bedroom talking. Emily is really worried about Nikolas’ condition. Nikolas interrupts the girls. He apologizes. Liz understands. She leaves Nikolas and Emily alone. Emily thinks they should fill Lucky in on Nikolas’ condition. Nikolas tells Emily to “reconsider” his marriage proposal. Emily says she loves Nikolas no matter what. She wants him to “fight” for himself. Alfred interrupts with “alarming” news.

Spinelli watches as Nadine dances with Johnny.

Scott approaches Robin and asks about Laura’s whereabouts. Patrick interrupts and pulls Robin aside.

Ric pulls Alexis away from Jerry.

Lulu and Logan dance. Nadine cuts in, allowing Johnny to dance with Lulu. Johnny pulls Lulu aside.

Diane is in Sonny’s office as Jason comes in. She asks him if Sonny has returned from Puerto Rico. Diane starts to tell Jason about Carly’s plan to catch the killer.

Carly waits in the study. Alexis and Ric come in, arguing. Carly hides. Ric grills Alexis about her relationship with Jerry. Ric threatens to take Alexis back to court. Ric leaves the study. Alexis is fuming.

Kate is on the balcony and Trevor approaches her. He advises her to leave Wyndemere. Kate says she’s “waiting for Sonny.” Trevor leaves and someone is watching Kate.

Nikolas announces that the harbor patrol has “shut down” the harbor. Everyone must stay the night at Wyndemere.

Jerry asks Jax if he knows where Carly is.

The power goes out in the castle.

At the coffee house, Diane breaks and fills Jason in on Carly’s plan.

Alexis finally leaves the study so Carly comes out of hiding. A man walks into the study so Carly pulls out her gun. The man is Coop!

Patrick fills Robin in on Maxie’s attack on Leyla. Robin and Patrick argue.

Leyla is sitting in a chair, crying. Nikolas approaches her. He asks why she’s upset so Leyla shows him the pearls.

Logan asks Nadine about her dance partner (Johnny). Spinelli comes over to get Logan away from Nadine.

Johnny takes Lulu outside and says she has to leave the island before Anthony kills her.

Sonny is the man watching Kate on the balcony. She’s happy and surprised to see him.

Alexis is walking down the hall, trying to make a call. She sees something that makes her scream.

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