GH Update Wednesday 10/31/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/31/07


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At Wyndemere at 5am, Nikolas wakes up lying on the floor with blood on his hands and face. He looks over and sees a woman’s arm and panics. 11 hours earlier, Carly and Jax are just showing up for the ball. Nikolas knocks on a door and Emily tells him to come in. She asks if they should go welcome their guests, but he has something to tell her first.

Spinelli is on the docks and Jason shows up. Spinelli starts rambling about the Metro Court hostage crisis and tells Jason that he has to accompany him to the “secret castle of doom”. Jason says he can’t go because he has too much to do. Nadine comes down the steps and Spinelli’s focus is immediately on her. Spinelli introduces Jason and Nadine. Nadine apologizes for her sister’s actions, but Jason and Spinelli assure her that she doesn’t need to. Spinelli tells Jason “the problem” is “all good”. Nadine thanks Spinelli for inviting her. As they walk down the dock, Johnny Zacchara comes out of the shadows.

Lulu and Logan arrive at the ball. Lulu says that Wyndemere looks magical. Sam and Lucky walk down the steps talking about how wonderful the place looks. Sam asks if Lucky likes to dance, he admits that he loves it. Elizabeth walks in holding a white mask and sees Lucky and Sam together.

Alexis is putting on make-up on while she stands on the docks waiting. Alexis tells Jerry not to think about crashing the party. She asks him if he likes to torment Nikolas and Jerry replies that he is there to make sure Nikolas doesn’t hurt anyone he cares about. Jerry and Alexis are talking when Skye and Ric walk down the steps.

Robin shows up and gives her invitation to the man waiting for the guests and she overhears Patrick and Leyla talking about how lovely it is there. Leyla says the place is mysterious. Leyla tells Patrick to go talk to Robin, but he says he invited her so the night is hers.

Alfred tells Alexis that her “date” is not on the guest list and she replies that it doesn’t bother him.

Johnny knocks out Scott Baldwin on the docks and takes his invitation and his mask. Then Johnny drags Scott out of the way and hides him behind a tree. Johnny puts the mask on and walks down the docks.

Kate stops to say hi to Jax and she asks him about the magazine. Carly immediately reminds Kate that the magazine was her idea and not Kate’s. Jax interrupts and says that they should discuss it when they are all back to work and not at the party, the women agree. Kate then asks about Sonny.

Trevor tells Alexis that he wants to spend some quality time with his granddaughter and then gets a phone call. The guard informs Trevor that Anthony and Johnny are both gone. The guard tells Trevor that he should shut the party down because Anthony is coming after Lulu, but Trevor thinks he can handle the party.

Nikolas tells Emily that he is afraid that his condition is going to kill him. Nikolas purposes to a surprised Emily saying that he wants to make sure he spends every day he has left with her. Emily accepts. She gives him hope for the future. He puts the ring on her finger and they share a kiss. She picks up her white mask and they then leave to greet their guests.

Scott shows up claiming that Luke knocked him out and stole his invitation. Luke pays the men to keep Scott out, but Scott claims that he is on the list.

Georgie shows up with Cooper. Maxie shows up and sees Georgie and Cooper together. Johnny bumps into Maxie and asks if he can be her escort, she agrees.

Alfred rings a bell and summons everyone to the ballroom. Nikolas welcomes everyone and makes some announcements. The first, he is making an endowment to the hospital in the name of Alan Quartermaine and the second, his engagement to Emily. Everyone congratulates them.

Nikolas asks Alexis why Jerry is in his home. Robin asks Emily if she can borrow Nikolas for a dance, and Emily tells her that he is all hers (temporarily of course).

Nikolas and Emily share the first dance while everyone watches them. Elizabeth is standing outside watching them dance and Lucky walks outside. They share a memory about dancing in their tennis shoes and jeans. Lucky asks Liz to dance with him, for old times sake. She gives him her hand and they dance. Sam walks outside and sees them dancing together.

Scott is told that he is leaving, one-way or another. Alfred comes out to see what the problem is and Scott tells him what Luke supposedly did to him.

Alfred tells Nikolas what Scott is claiming. Luke swears he had nothing to do with it. Lulu asks if they can get through one night without a fight, for her. Nikolas allows Scott to attend the ball.

Logan mentions that Lulu told him she didn’t know how to dance, but she says her dad inspires her to fake it.

Scott tries to compliment Lulu and Logan, but they think he is up to something.

Emily offers to dance with Patrick while Robin dances with Nikolas and that they can switch partners during the dance. Robin declines saying that they have agreed to move on.

Carly is in the process of sending a text message when Jax walks up wanting to know who she is texting.

Zacchara’s guard is on the phone looking for Anthony. Jason stands up and holds a gun at the back of the guard’s head. Jason wants to know about Anthony Zacchara.

Sam continues to watch Liz and Lucky dancing. Lucky tells Liz how beautiful she is. Liz says maybe this is where they were supposed to end, dancing in the courtyard at Wyndemere since that is where they started out. Lucky turns to walk back inside and Sam moves away from the door so that Lucky will not see her. Lucky walks back inside and Sam goes outside to talk to Liz. Sam says everyone thinks she is a con, but she has nothing on Liz because she was playing Lucky like a real pro.

Carly tells Jax that she was just checking on the boys before the storm hits. Alexis walks up and asks if she can borrow Jax. Carly tells him to go dance with his best friend.

Scott tells Logan what a great girl Lulu is. Logan thanks Scott for helping him get a second chance with Lulu. Logan bumps into Maxie and she asks him if he lost Lulu already. Someone walks up to Logan and tells him his date would like to meet him in the study.

Lulu is running up the steps and Spinelli stops her confessing that he brought her there under false pretenses. Lulu turns around and Spinelli feels foolish because he thought she was Nadine. Lulu tells Spinelli that he looks nice. Lulu says that maybe they could go into the party and dance, unless that would make things worse. Spinelli says he would be honored and they dance where they are.

Anthony Zacchara walks into the party.

Logan goes to meet Lulu, but when he walks into the study, he finds Luke sitting there. Logan sits down and they talk about how he feels about being at the ball with Lulu. Logan says he wants Lulu to be happy, but Luke thinks otherwise. Logan says he is not going to give Lulu up, but Luke tells him that he will and sooner than he thinks. Just after Luke says this, Lulu walks into the study wanting to know what is going on.

Liz says that Sam stole Lucky and that Sam doesn’t even want him. Sam thinks that Liz is calling her a liar, but Liz tells Sam that she is calling her an “evil, selfish bitch”. Liz tells Sam that she already knows that Sam is aware that Jason is Jake’s father and that she has known for a while. Liz says that Sam watched while Jake was kidnapped because she couldn’t stand to let Liz have Jason’s child. Liz says that Sam doesn’t care what happens as long as Jason doesn’t get to be with Jake. Sam says it’s a fair trade, Liz got Jason’s kid and Sam got Liz’s husband. Liz slaps Sam across the face and walks away. Sam grabs Liz’s arm and punches her in the face. Lucky comes out and breaks up the fight and asks what is going on. Sam tells Liz to “go ahead, tell Lucky why we are fighting”.

Nikolas asks Robin to waltz with him and she accepts.

Zacchara’s guard tells Jason that Anthony is in Port Charles and he doesn’t know where. The guard tells Jason that if his guys didn’t kill the two handlers in the alley, then Anthony did and that means that he will kill anyone who gets in his way. Jason wants to know what Anthony wants.

Trevor tells Johnny to go home, but Johnny is too worried about finding his father.

The two men welcoming guests leave because the only people who have not arrived yet are Sonny and Tracy Quartermaine. They decide to get out of the wind. As soon as they leave, Anthony Zacchara comes out of the shadows carrying a pipe. He starts smashing the steps with it.

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