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General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/30/07


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Nikolas tells Emily that they can leave as soon as the doctors give him a diagnosis. Nikolas suggests they use the trip to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives and tells her that he can’t ask her to put her career on hold, and Emily replies that she wants to go.

Jason questions Carly’s reasons for wanting him to go to the ball. Carly tells him that it would mean a lot to Emily, but Jason remains suspicious.

Johnny holds Trevor at gunpoint and tells him that when Anthony gets out, people die and he isn’t going to let that happen to Lulu. Trevor tells Johnny that he is never going to let you go.

Lulu tells Logan at Kelly’s that she wants to support Nikolas by going to the ball and Logan says he would love to take her to the ball. Outside, Anthony is watching Lulu and Logan when Liz walks by and asks him if he needs help.

Carly tells Jason that she is only trying to do something nice for him, but he doesn’t believe her. Carly tells him about the endowment to the hospital in Alan’s name and says she thought he would want to be there to honor his father. Carly tells Jason that he should be there to support Emily in case something goes wrong.

Nikolas asks Emily if she is sure she can take the time off and she says that she is only taking an extended vacation and then she will follow through with her career goals. She tells him to stop arguing because she is taking him up on the offer. They then discuss where they should go.

Ric wants to know why Luke is going through his files. Luke tries to just walk out the door, but Ric explains that breaking and entering is a crime. Luke suggests they help each other out. Luke tells Ric what is going on with Scott and the Mayor. Luke tells Ric that he is in a position to make Scott leave town.

Lulu asks Logan if he owns a tie and tails. He makes a smart remark and they laugh. She tells him where he can rent some. Anthony Zacchara says he thought he recognized the girl inside.

Trevor tells Johnny that he is smarter than this and Johnny admits that he should have killed him years before. Trevor tells Johnny that he and his father would both be in prison or dead if it weren’t for him cleaning up the messes.

Anthony tells Liz that a business associate of his has a daughter named Susan and he thought it might be her, but Liz tells him that the girl he was looking at is Lulu. Anthony admits he is totally wrong then.

Johnny tells Trevor that he isn’t afraid of dying, but Trevor is.

Anthony tells Liz that he is glad she came along because he might have embarrassed himself. He asks her name and then tells her it was nice to meet her and leaves.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Leyla to go to the ball with him. She tells him that he should ask Robin and leaves. Georgie watches as Spinelli shows off his dance moves to Nadine. Spinelli is talking to Nadine and he starts backing up and bumps into Georgie’s cart. He apologizes and asks her if she is going to the ball.

Ric tells Luke that he hasn’t heard anything to keep from having him arrested. Luke explains that he knows how Scott’s mind works and that he can set Scott up and that he can guarantee that Scott will “take the bait” and do something illegal. Ric tells Luke to bring him something more concrete.

Lulu tells Logan that if he doesn’t want to go to the ball they could just go to the movies or something, but Logan insists that he wants to take her to the ball. He leaves to go pick up a tie and tails. Liz walks in as he leaves. Liz asks Lulu if she is trying again with Logan. Liz tells Lulu that she isn’t the enemy and Lulu apologizes for being defensive about Logan. Liz tells Lulu that she is aware that Lulu knows the truth about Jason and baby Jake.

Jason wants to know what Carly thinks could go wrong at the ball. Jason tells Carly that he knows she is covering for something. He tells her that her instincts are good, but they always get her in trouble. Jax comes home while Jason and Carly are talking and asks if they are going to the ball together. Jason says he can’t he has business to do and Jax wants to know if the business has to do with Sonny’s disappearance.

Jax says the boys want to know when Sonny is coming home and Jason says he is handling it. Jason gets ready to leave and Carly says they are not done talking about the ball and he tells her he is not going. Carly tells Jax that she is still going. Carly insists that Nikolas did not kill Leticia and Jax wants to know how she is so sure.

Spinelli asks Georgie if she has a date to the ball and she tells him that she does. Georgie tells Spinelli that she has already met his date to the ball. Spinelli and Georgie try to get Nadine to relax a little bit; she says she is nervous about going to the ball. Nadine asks Georgie if she has any ideas about where she can go to by a dress. Spinelli gives Georgie a notepad and pen and she says she can write some places down.

Patrick tells Leyla why he wants to go to the ball with her.

Skye goes to see Ric and wants to know about any offers that he has received about the property Lorenzo gave her. Ric tells Skye about what happened to Sonny after the meeting with Zacchara. Ric tells her that his father is running Zacchara’s business.

Liz explains to Lulu that Jason told her that Lulu knew the truth and that she decided to keep it a secret. Liz explains to Lulu how she felt and why she didn’t tell Lucky the truth. Lulu explains that she has been distant towards Liz because she thought Liz was being a hypocrite and Liz admits she felt the same way. Lulu tells Liz that she knows Liz never wanted to hurt Lucky or take advantage of him. Lulu asks if Liz is happier now and Liz admits that it is still too early to know. The conversation then turns to Sam and Liz immediately says that Sam is a lying tramp. Liz explains that if Lucky knew all the stuff she did about Sam, he would not be around her. Lulu wants to hear about it, but Liz stays silent because “he wants to be with her” and she doesn’t want to interfere. Lulu tells Liz that she is a wonderful mother. Liz leaves and Lulu receives a text message from Johnny that she leaves unopened.

Anthony Zacchara walks into an alley and sees two of his guards there. They say that his son is waiting to talk to him and he says to take him to Johnny. Then immediately, he pulls out a gun and shoots both of them and walks back out of the alley.

Jason comes home and sees Spinelli dancing around the living room. Jason wants to know about Spinelli’s date. When Spinelli tells Jason that he is going to the ball with Nadine, he reminds Spinelli about what Jolene did. Spinelli asks Jason if he has changed his mind about the ball and Jason says no. Spinelli offers to show Jason some dance steps.

Logan walks into Kelly’s and Luke asks him if he is looking for someone. Logan tells Luke that he cares about his daughter. Logan explains to Luke why he hates his father. Luke tells Logan that he isn’t entirely stupid. Luke asks Logan if Lulu should stay away from him.

Ric explains his plans to get Sonny and Trevor out of the way so that Skye can sell her property to whoever she chooses. Ric tells her that he is the only one in town who can help her. She wonders loudly if she should choose Ric or Luke to be her partner.

Carly explains that Nikolas is not capable of murder. Jax brings up Nikolas stabbing Jerry and Carly tells him that Jerry probably provoked Nikolas the night that Jerry got stabbed. Carly tells Jax that he doesn’t have to worry about her and that she will be fine at the ball. Carly tells Jax that Emily would postpone the ball if she was worried about anything bad happening. Jax tells Carly that she can go to the ball, but she can’t go alone. Jax tells Carly that he is going to cancel his meetings so that they can go to the ball together.

Ric tells Skye that he intends to bring in Sonny and Trevor. Skye agrees to work with Ric. He asks her to escort him to the ball to “seal the deal”. Ric gets a phone call.

Carly wants to know if Jax is really sure that he would rather be going to the ball with her than going to Paris for meetings.

Logan tells Luke that it is important for him to know that he is involved with Lulu and that there is nothing he can do about it. Luke starts to bring up the information in Logan’s file when Lulu walks in. Luke tells Lulu that he and Logan were talking about her. Lulu tells Luke that if he was threatening Logan, they will have some serious problems.

Ric arrives in the alley and asks what happened. The officer tells him that both of the victims work for Anthony Zacchara. Ric wonders if they were killed as retaliation. One of the victims’ phones starts to ring.

Trevor is worried because the handlers are not answering their phones. Johnny tells him that his father killed them and that Johnny is the only one who can stop him.

Patrick admits that he is on the rebound from Robin and that she was right. Patrick finishes telling Leyla why he wants to take her to the ball. She agrees to go with him and then gets back to work.

Carly comes downstairs very quietly and picks up her cell phone. She text messages someone saying “meet you at the ball”.

Spinelli is still dancing around and tells Jason that he would do better if Jason would help him. Jason tells him that if he tries to dance with him, he will break Spinelli’s arms. Jason goes to answer the knocking at the door. Ric asks Jason where he was an hour ago and Jason wants to know what is going on. Ric tells him that two of Zacchara’s men were found dead in an alley. Ric then asks Jason if it could be retaliation because Sonny is dead.

Logan tells Lulu that Luke thinks that he is a clone of Scott. Luke leaves and Lulu asks Logan how it went. Logan says he looks like a waiter. Lulu tells him that she has never learned how to dance. Logan tells her that she is in luck because his mother taught him how to Waltz when he was young. He explains the steps to her. They keep trying and she realizes that she is really figuring it out.

Trevor tells Johnny that Anthony will only come home if he knows that Johnny is there. Johnny asks Trevor to send someone to check on Lulu and Trevor agrees. When Trevor turns around, Johnny smashes a vase over his head and takes his wallet, keys and his gun. He then leaves.

Nikolas and Emily hope the storm will end before the ball starts. Nikolas says that the party will be ruined if it storms the next night. Emily assures him that it will be perfect as long as he is with her. Anthony Zacchara is lurking around the corner.

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